Sunday, 20 January 2008

Bad Love NG - The Korean Wave

Check out this video clip of a collection of NGs while filming the drama Bad Love.

The last part is especially funny...where Kwon Sang-woo and his
samchun gets all wet. It must have been very cold as they filmed the drama in winter.

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Straight from my heart said...

im laughing my heads off when i saw KSW and his "uncle" got splash with sea water!!! this NG....

Joe said...

Oh.. funny vid.. and I think Samcheok should be Samchon. Smacheok is a name of town and Samchon is an uncle.

Orchid said...

* LOL *

thanks for spotting that mistake Joe. I am laughing at that myself.

yeah yeah...Samcheok is the name of the place. :=P

fraulein said...

I turning into a ksw addict with every episode of bad love. though i must admit the plot is quite bad

ksw can do comedy, in addition to melodramas . he can cry on cue but he can totally ' do cute ' too.

Orchid said...

hi fraulein, yeah the plot is quite manipulative. but i just love to watch Kwon Sang-woo. :-)

I agree...he can do cheeky, cute, debonair, serious, dramatic...he is one talented actor. Plus he is so handsome. * Orchid swoons *


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