Tuesday, 22 January 2008

TVXQ meet fans with a heavy heart

I have been reading the forums and found out that the Dong Bang Shin Ki boys (TVXQ) met their fans in Seoul on 20th January. It has been a long time since they've had one of these fan meetings.

On the way to the meeting, the car/van which was ferrying Hero Jae-joong and Max Chang-min met with an accident. It was a minor accident, and Hero and Max suffered no injuries. After a quick check-up at the hospital, they were rushed to join the other three TVXQ members at the fan meeting.

There are not many pictures of the Seoul 2008 fan meeting as security was very strict. Anyway, fans reported that the boys did not smile much and looked sad.

Maybe they were a little bit shaken because of the accident.

Xiah Jun-soo and leader U-know Yunho
making their way to the fan meeting

Micky Yoo-chun with gigantic plastic
glasses and Max Chang-min

Blonde and beautiful Hero

TVXQ recently released "Purple Line" - a single for their Japanese market.

Pics credit: As seen on pic & soompi forums

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kpop_rub said...

They never come to Korea and when they do they look sad???
I know those boys have ALOT of issues they surpress in the name of pop stardom! They're usually so happy to be in Korea... When they're in front of Cassiopeia they are glowing in a way they don't anywhere else! I thought they'd be happy to be home! *sigh* I want them to be happy... I wonder what it would take for that to happen!
I don't think the accident is what had them so sad.. I can see that they have issues with management and their company and they're prolly frustrated over something that us fans are clueless about!

Arin said...

I think, Korean fans might have crossed the line sometimes,
but when it comes to how much their love for dbsk is, no other fans can beat that. idk, that's what i personally think.

herm. i think they were happy but maybe shocked and tired at the same time.
you know, with their hectic schedule >_<.

p/s: can't wait to get my hands on 'T'. xD and will be broke soon. haih.

Anonymous said...

maybe it's only the fans imagination that dbsk didn't smile as much since they haven't met woth dbsk quite a long time..idk..or probably dbsk is juz tired..poor them..they have a really tight schedule..and the accident didn't help em either..hope they can have a nice vacation..and i wish for them to be happy..:D
dbsk hwaiting!!!

Anonymous said...

sometimes korean fans can really overeactin n too crazy 'bout their fav idol... I do agree with the other fans from all around the Asia... they will even hurt the other fans n even their fav idol... just like last time U-Know drank the poison drink... Korean fans should control their own way of lovin n supoort their idol... They do think that they are really special bczo they r korean n so the idol should be like suppose to care 'bout them more... Well if only they thk like that they were totally wrong...

Dottie said...

Kpop rub~ I totally agree with you that there is something else brewing in the boys. Stardom is slowly eating away at them and it's taking more than just a toll on their health and well-being. Granted that fans are fanatics and selfish; I concur that they're always happy to be back in Seoul so this is truly a transgression for the guys. How sad... And how much longer will they stay in the madness before someone snaps?

blinkable said...

Hi Dottie! *waves*

Oh a post on the DongBang boys is a must comment for me ^^ For me, they are just a bunch of enormously tired young men. Ppl get tired sometimes no matter how excited they are to be doing what they are doing (and we know this IS what the boys really wanted i.e. to make music, perform and meet all their fans).

I totally agree that as fans bcoz we care for the artistes we support, we tend to get very sensitive and start seeing things that may not necessary be the truth.

So yea calm down and dont go worrying yourself to death and just continue supporting them (like buy originals since they work their hard ass off for all these stuff; buy even one and I can guarantee they will be happy to hear you have supported them)and whatever happens, we take it as ONE (just like what YooChun said before XD) <333

Cant wait for them to be back in korea and shake the Korean waves V^^V TVXQ hwaiting!!


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