Saturday, 19 January 2008

Watching Korean drama Bad Love on VeohTV

K-popped! is currently in the midst of watching Kwon Sang-woo's latest drama Bad Love / Cruel Love. You will be able to read the drama synopsis after we've seen the episodes. We are watching it on Astro's KBS World, every Mondays and Tuesdays @ 9pm. We are very blessed to get good English subtitles along with the drama.

Many have expressed disappointment that they can't follow because the drama is not screened on cable TV where they are at. Sometimes, my friends miss the particular episode, and they are not satisfied with just the recaps and drama stills.

Well, you can now watch entire episodes on VeohTV. No subtitles though. Here's what you have to do:

  1. Go to and do a search for Bad Love episodes.
    Here's the direct link if you want.

  2. Sign-up as a user and download the VeohTV player (if you do not sign-up and download the player, you will only get to watch a 5 minute teaser trailer)

  3. Install the player and the entire episode at your leisure

The VeohTV player. You can select to view it full screen as well!

Bad Love ratings, rants and behind-the-scenes

Bad Love episode re-caps!
Bad Love - Episode 1
Bad Love - Episode 2
Bad Love - Episode 3
Bad Love - Episode 4
Bad Love - Episode 5
Bad Love - Episode 6
Bad Love - Episode 7
Bad Love - Episode 8
Bad Love - Episode 9
Bad Love - Episode 10
Bad Love - Episode 11
Bad Love - Episode 12
Bad Love - Episode 13
Bad Love - Episode 14
Bad Love - Episode 15
Bad Love - Episode 16
Bad Love - Episode 17
Bad Love - Episode 18
Bad Love - Episode 19
Bad Love - Final Episode

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Anonymous said...

Veoh has spyware!!!

Gail T. said...

please let your friends know to avoid Bad Love videos hardsubbed with WITHS2's english subtitles. the group has taken a stance against people using their subtitles in streaming sites such as veoh. they had even stopped releasing their subs to stress their point. so, if they want to watch bad love with WITHS2 subs, they'll have to find the raws and play the softsubs using a different player.

Anony, Veoh has spyware? eeek.

marcel said...

i heard about this controversy surrounding WITH S2's fansubs.. i'm not very familiar with the issue.. are they being used without permission by networks, or are they considered illegal?

Anonymous said...

Yes... WITH S2 subtitles are not be to hardsubbed. I am one of the members. Raw files are available at soompi or idol-unlimited. Otherwise, try clubbox. As gail t. has mentioned, the raw files and our soft subs can played on any media player supported by vobsub (subtitle).

Anonymous said...

all the episodes are available with subs on mysoju


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