Saturday, 19 January 2008

F.T. Island to perform live in Malaysia

Boyband F.T. Island is making their way to Malaysia in March!

The quintet will be performing live at the Sunway Lagoon Amphitheatre on March 30, 2008.

The boys will also be holding a meet-the-fans session on March 29, 2008 at Cineleisure Damansara. They will be autographing their repackaged album entitled The Refreshment, which will be released in Malaysia sometime in February.

Made up of teenagers, Five Treasure Island (F.T. Island) is a rock band that plays their own instruments. It comprises leader of the group Choi Jong-hun (17, guitarist), Lee Hong-gi (17, lead vocalist), Oh Won-bin (17, guitarist/vocalist), Lee Jae-jin (16, bassist) and Choi Min-hwan (15, drummer).

F.T. Island is being brought into Malaysia by C.I. Entertainment.

I've heard their songs and watched their performance but have never been quite bowled over by them. Watch the YouTube video above for a taste of F.T. Island.

Source: Siti Arina &
C.I Entertainment
Pics credit: Newsen

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kristina said...

I wish they'd come to Canada.
NO ONE ever comes to Canada.

meiruo_chan said...

oh, it's good they are coming here. i have their album and still can't get enough listening to them. actually in my personal view they are very talented enough rather than the new artiste popping out last year (sushi, wonder girls, etc). no offense, but i do really like their music a lot. they are cute but too much like a girl is not appealing to me.

oly_chan said...

i definitely go 2 their concert!!!!
cannot wait!!!

Anonymous said...

I must make sure my foot steps on the venues on those days!

kpop_rub said...

wow lucky Malaysian fans! I'm not crazy about their music but they sure are cute!

arinkorin said...

ohhh, this is a must go!
i like them, cause they differ from the dancing groups which is uncountable in Korea now. O_O
hahahhaha. something different to look out for. ALL-LIVE CONCERT MAN! haha. and and,
yeah, don't underestimate them just because they're cute. kekekke.

p/s: haha. LOL, it was me who sent the email. ;D

dewey said...

Whoa, FT Island in Malaysia! Great! Can't believe they value Msian market that much, as the case with Suju concert. So sad that I wouldn't be at home and have to miss both concerts

Anonymous said...

OMG, can't believe they're coming to Malaysia..i will definitely go to see them..LOVE their music and they're soooooo deym cute 2..

Anonymous said...


Linda said...

Regardless if the music is rock or pop, i notice they all sing and sound the same. This is no rock band, but they're cute looking. =)

marcel said...

i really like f.t. island's track "i saw love" on the insoon is pretty ost

Anonymous said...

WOw K-popped gals..

this is indeed a really good news.
Hmm..Ft Island is coming to Malaysia huh.?? Thats cool. C.I Entertainment is bringing them in? DO you have any idea who they are? ARe they new here? was wondering tho..

vrosemarie said...

I wish I could go but I don't like traveling alone... I love FT Island's Sarangalhee and I Saw Love... :) They actually play instruments... That's hot.

meiruo_chan said...

I think that might be a birthday present to jung-hoon and won-bin since their birthday is in March. I'm going to Genting Highlands on 30th March. Aish....but yes they can sing live. And very good at that. I like their tracks, Majung, Sarangalhee and Neo-eol-ddae-kkaji. Keep playing that songs since July, 2007. Hehe...

arinkorin said...

yeah, you're right.
not really a rock band.
but it's just the playing instruments thing that really differ them.
Wikipedia refers them as 'A South Korean instrumental band'. haha xD
ohh, haha. if you wanna see the rock side of them, might want to watch this: FT Island - Basketcase
but that's not really rock rite? haha. but they did perform Limpbizkit's song during their concert. haha. and that's rock right?

yeah. Wonbin's birthday is the nearest though. 26th March ^^

im excited! ^^

Anonymous said...

OMG !!!!!!!!!!
FT Island is comin !!!!!
I luv them sooooo damn much !!!!
Cant wait 2 go...
I definitely won't miss it..

P/S: Hani!!! x sbr gler!!!

spongebob said...

*faints* awesome, the Korean wave is crashing into Malaysia!Bi, then DBSK(and again),SuJu, and now FT Island!!!Cant wait to see who else comes!!*jumps*

Anonymous said...

Hahaha birthday presents aside, I heard that this time there would be lots of interesting things planned for FT so I guess we just have to watch out for news on their website.

yup CI Ent. are new~ =)

Arin said...

the C.I Entertainment website is already updated with the concert info (seating plan, fan packages, contests etc)

it's quite affordable, i mean the concert ticket.

but i give up on the fan package >_<

Cassopiea said...

well... I had de feeling that C.I. Entertainment are followin the way SM Town provide TVXQ to all M'sia fans... ^^ anyway,F.T Island's members all r really cute n pwetty so is no doubt for all de gals to take a time to enjoy their live concert in M'sia... yipee* although I donno them well but I might wanna go to their concert to meet them if I can... Cause Nowadays many Koreans ady moved to M'sia n so in Asia-M'sia considered a important market to the Korea... ^^ welcome to M'sia ya boys...

Mimiejay said...

i'm an unlucky Malaysian..i'm stuck here in Sabah..and i really want to see dongsaeng, JaeJin shi..he's so adorable in Unstoppable Wedding sitcom on KBS World..

i'm not into FTI just JaeJin..but FTI songs are nice but i dislike Hongki's voice!

Anonymous said...

is the concert canceled!?i hear it is!!!!

Anonymous said...

the concert was canceled.
way to ruin my sunday.
i was so looking forward to it! arghhhh.


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