Thursday, 17 January 2008

Ya Shim Man Man (야심만만) ends its run

The highly popular celebrity talk show SBS Ya Shim Man Man came to an end on the 14th January 2008 after five years of broadcast.

Its first episode was aired in February 2003 and has received lots of love and appreciation from fans. A total of 1,782 days of recording the talk show, 706 Korean celebrity guests and 2,742,827 questions were invented to entertain all you guys watching the show.

Good-bye Ya Shim Man Man: the talk show aired
its last episode on 14 January 2008

Ya Shim Man Man which has been highly popular in the past, has been getting low ratings lately with competition from newer talk shows like KBS'
Chit Chat with Beauties and MBC's Infinity Challenge.

It's sad to hear Ya Shim Man Man end. I used to view a lot of YouTube clips of this talk show to get to know the hallyu stars. Hopefully SBS will think up a new concept and come up with an improved talk show soon! :-)

Are you sad to see Ya Shim Man Man end?

Source and pics credit: Newsen

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kpop_rub said...

and I was soooo looking forward to DBSK appearing on the show for more juicy confessions in the promotions for their upcoming 4th Korean album
;___; looks like it won't be happening...

Liz said...

Oh that is sad news. The stars on the show are so candid and relaxed :-).

Anonymous said...

yup, this is indeed one sad news..ysmm is one of the hottest talk show bcoz when celebrities come they will somehow tell their secret or their it has sad..i don't really like the show chat with the beauties..nwayz, hope they will create a better show after this..

penny said...

aww i'll surely miss this show the show was one of the best korean shows , besides the old xman..they're so funny and they get the celebs to really open up about their personal and professional life..not to mention high pressured air blowing in celebs' faces were funny too

Anonymous said...

its not really ending for good..there going on a year hiatus and returning with a better format and its gonna still be called ya shim man man so im still not totally sad about that :)

Dottie said...

OMG, this is soooooo sad! Everything I've ever loved is gone! X-man, Love Letter and now YASHIMANMAN! Where can I jump off from?!

ladida said...

I luv YSMM. I used to watch it a lot on YT. Well, i'm glad to hear they're just taking a break. I don't want to see the hosts w/o jobs.


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