Thursday, 17 January 2008

Song Kang-ho bags Best Actor award

The Host star Song Kang-ho bagged the FIPRESCI Best Actor award for his work in Secret Sunshine (밀얀 = Milyang) at the 19th annual Palm Springs International Film awards recently.

Milyang stars and award-winning talents, Song (left) and Jeon.

The festival, which was held in California from Jan 1 to 14, announced the winners on Sunday (Jan 13). Song did not attend the ceremony due to other work commitments.

Winners' list

The FIPRESCI (Fédération de la Press Cinématographique Internationale) award winners were determined by a special jury of international critics.

Other South Korean movies that participated in the festival were Breath (2007), Dasepo Naughty Girls (2006) and No Regret (2006).

South Korean flicks that participated

Secret Sunshine, which also stars Jeon Do-yeon, revolves around a woman coping with tragedy in her life as she tries to reinvent it. Jeon has bagged a whopping 7 trophies for her portrayal of the protagonist! Meanwhile, Song plays a stalker/guardian character in the flick. Man, K-popped! really wants a copy of the movie.

Song can next be seen in the Korean spaghetti Western, The Good, the Bad and the Weird. The flick also stars Jung Woo-sung and Lee Byung-hun.

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Milyang shines at 6th South Korea Film Awards

Jeon Do-yeon's an influential woman

Source & screencaptures: Palm Springs International Film Society

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PrincelyLuna said...

YAAAay, congratulations to Song Kang Ho for winning the award. i think this is his first international win rite? well, he absolutely deserves the recognition for being such a wonderful and talented actor. i've seen all the movies except Kim Ki Duk's Breath. i don't really dig Dasepo but Secret Sunshine and No Regret are great. i wonder, in what category did No Regret participate?!

meiruo_chan said...

that is so true, secret sunshine and no regret are really great movies. I have a copy of secret sunshine. somebody want it?

it really makes me feel dizzy coz i cried a lot.

Liz said...

hi Princelyluna No Regret was just one of the movies shown during the festival.

Meiruo_chan about that movie: You nak pinjam kami, beri kami secara percuma atau kena beli? ;-)

rubie said...

Great update & info to see at Kpopped, Congrats to Song Kang Ho especially! An awesome actor, indeed.

Princelyluna, SKH had already been recognized internationally. He won Best Actor award in Deuville for 'JSA' in 2001 and last year, he's Best Actor at the Asian Film Awards in Hong Kong for 'The Host' and this year he's been nominated again at AFA for 'Secret Sunshine'.. after collecting a string of Best Actor awards in Korea last year.

He's just getting better and better. ^^

PrincelyLuna said...

rubie, thanks for the info on SKH's previous international wins. i didn't know that he had also internationally won an award for his acting in JSA which is the first movie of his (and Lee Byung Hun's) that i saw. well, in fact JSA is the first Korean movie that i saw (and that's because of my crush on Lee Byung Hun after watching him in Beautiful Life!!). thanks to JSA, i am now a certified Korean (and Japanese) movies addict!!


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