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Bad Love - Episode 13

This is one heck of an irritating episode. Lee Su-hwan and Lee Sin-yeong's plan to trap Kang Yong-gi begins... and to make matters worse, Na In-jung is completely clueless, and seems to be giving Yong-gi a hard time. When he needs her support and love the most, she keeps thinking about herself and pushes him away. * Wake up woman! *

Episode 13 picks up where episode 12 left off. Kang Yong-gi (Kwon Sang-woo) is shocked to lay eyes on a woman who looks exactly like his deceased ex-girlfriend, Kim Jo-ann.

Yong-gi is shocked to meet Lee Sin-yeong

After the unexpected meeting, poor Yong-gi is reminded of his painful past relationship with Kim Jo-ann. After trying to forget her, meeting the Jo-ann look-a-like brings back memories of her. He is distressed and he can't sleep at night. Yong-gi needs to talk to a friend. He calls Christian, but his trusted friend is away on business.

Meanwhile, Joo-ran wants to end her relationship with Mr Yun and pays him off.

Joo Ran: Take this money and leave. Bye bye Mr Yun...

Nightmares...poor Yong-gi can't sleep. He is troubled by
seeing someone who looks like his ex-girlfriend.

Yong-gi wakes up in the middle of the night, haunted by the same Kim Jo-ann dream. He misses Na In-jung (Lee Yo-won). He misses her more than ever at this point and drives to see her. He rings her doorbell in the dead of the night and she comes close to the door, but does not open it.

Yong-gi longs to see In-jung...he rings her doorbell
in the middle of the night.

She only opens after he's gone and peeks through
the crack to see him walking away.
(Silly woman).

The next day, Lee Sin-yeong purposely moves into the apartment building Na In-jung is currently residing. She wants to get closer to In-jung and of course indirectly to Yong-gi.

Stalker Sin-yeong: Oh you are in apartment 108?
I'm moving into 109. We are neighbours!

Yong-gi had a sleepless night and he still misses In-jung. The following morning he calls her out and brings her to the location he intends to rebuild the "House of Hope" (old folks home) and shows her the plans. In-jung is really happy about that for a moment, then continues to show him her sour face and resumes her zombie-like movements in order to turn him off. In-jung is still hoping that Yong-gi will forget her and move on.

In-jung's countenance immediately lights up
she sees the plans for the new "House of Hope".

Meanwhile, Samchun (Mr Hwang) and Chansuk set up a fish (seafood) restaurant in Seoul.

Samchun and Chansuk keep themselves
by starting a Korean seafood restaurant business

They are really cute together and are constantly arguing. Chansuk wants handsome waiters for her restaurant to attract customers. But Samchun argues that what they need is hard working men!

The sign says - "Employee's wanted, only
men need apply" (or something along those lines)

Back from their day-trip, In-jung couldn't wait to get out of the car but Yong-gi pleads for her to stay and keep him company for awhile. He is still in distress.

Can't you tug at my heartstrings for a bit?
Can't you stay with me tonight?
I am afraid i will get those nightmares again.
I need you.

Does she stay with him?

In-jung goes up to her apartment and sees her new neighbour and Chansuk in a tussle. Chansuk wasn't happy that Sin-yeong was driving nails into her wall at this hour of the night. Sin-yeong twisted her way into In-jung's good graces and they ended up chatting and drinking wine together, while Yong-gi waits for In-jung downstairs. He calls her, but she refuses to answer.

Drinking with the enemy: Sly Sin-yeong has silly In-jung
wrapped around her little finger. Sin-yeong obtains
from In-jung by asking questions about her love life.

Does she go to him?

In the end, In-jung just stares with half longing eyes at Yong-gi as he waits for her. But she does not go to him.

Silly woman - don't you know your enemy is trying
to steal your boyfriend away from you?

The next day, Lee Su-hwan (Kim Sung-su) starts his first day of work at Daehan Constructions after being called back to save the company from a dire situation.

The Daehan Team

On the first day itself they have an important meeting to discuss the future of Daehan Construction. At the meeting, Yong-gi is forced to make a difficult decision. To follow Su-hwan's way, continue to pay Assemblyman Kim under-table money to get his favours, or find another way out - which might just fail and mean the end of Daehan Construction.

Face off: Yong-gi faces a tough decision -
play dirty and go with Su-hwan or
Daehan Construction into the ground?

Yong-gi feels claustrophobic as he is being cornered into making a decision he does not want to. He rushes off to the rooftop to get some fresh air. Sly Sin-yeong follows him and sneakily locks the rooftop door behind her as she approaches Yong-gi.

Yong-gi is not happy to see her and proceeds to leave after a brief talk. But the door is locked!

Sneaky woman locks herself on the rooftop with Yong-gi

Coerced by Yong-gi's new driver and comic relief, In-jung goes up to the rooftop to comfort Yong-gi.

Furious that Sin-yeong locked them in, Yong-gi grabs hold of her arm. That's when he notices her suicide scar. Yong-gi is perplexed. Is this the same woman i used to love? Is this really Kim Jo-ann? Ahhh...sly Lee Sin-yeong is pleased.

Are you my love Kim Jo-ann?

In-jung observes all this...

Just when you thought all this is too much, while Yong-gi is in a confused state, Sin-yeong takes the opportunity to kiss Yong-gi!

Forced kiss: Sin-yeong kisses a confused Yong-gi.
Woi hands off my man!!!
(err...i mean that's probably what In-jung must be
thinking as she sees all this ;-)

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bubblez said...

i bliame all of this on In-jung..if she talked to him..this wouldnt had hapened..i swaer to god..alll the things thier going trougth they better have a good happy ending..

yay said...

Na In Jung needs to get her brain cells back!

She looks so sad and pathetic these past few episodes.
She's starting to irritate

ksw said...

I agree with yay. Na In Jung looks so pathetic if I were Yonggi I would leave her. I can't stand her these days. She is so irritating.

jannenata said...

During the drama I never stop cursing that woman, man she is so irritating but when at the kissing scene ‘ah go to hell’, and I thought Injung disserved it, before this yonggi always chase her and she end up ignore it so let we just put injung in yonggi shoes.

Liz said...

Man, I want to pummel In-jung into a pulp after reading this recap.

I'm so glad I missed this episode. Getting a pedicure was more fun than sitting through the drama. Mwah ha ha ha ha....

Anonymous said...

In the last pic Yong Gi looks so sad he has to kiss that bad mouth girl he looks as if he is about to cry. ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

fraulein said...

I'd like to call this ep " The One where Yong-gi is torn between past and Present "

The serial is so bad but the melodrama keeps me hooked like a guilty pleasure - imagine those four ppl working in the same place? Anyone shares my thoughts ?
And I dun like yong-gi's kari-pop hairstyle and injung's half dead walks.
Why doesnt injung seem to know sinyeong looks to joanne ? She was taken aback when Suhwan told her.

I'm mighty pleased that Yonggi doesnt take to Sinyeong.. i am hoping he NEVER !!! Why oh why doesn't he sense the scheming - the moving in next door, showing up in front of him at an opportune time, the scar, etc... Red flags, yong-gi ??

Whatha slimey b**** sinyeong - stealing ur unni's BF under her nose ?

Just one more question - does sinyeong do any real work apart from scheming and walking around ?

Oh, and I like the itsy tiny part where the grateful injung unconsciously lapses into "my yonggi" and covers up with "it's a slip of the tongue"

Right at the end - i had a funny feeling wldnt respond to the kiss...

Arin said...

this episode irritates me a lot!!
i was 'what the hell?' all the way.
Su-Hwan is finally getting on my nerves, what more for that Sin Yeong girl! grrr grrr.

sheesh. i need to calm down. haha
I really pity Yong Gi in this episode. he seemed so confused, and hurt! In Jung, please! wake up!

overall, a stressful episode! huhu.


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