Wednesday, 13 February 2008

Bad Love shooting ends, KSW embarks on CF world tour

Korean drama Bad Love (못된사랑) has finished filming. Shooting ended on February 11, 2008.

Korean actor Kwon Sang-woo on the set of Bad Love.
Filming ended 11 Feb, 2008.

So what's next on lead actor Kwon Sang-woo's agenda?

Kwon who has been spending nearly three months shooting the drama will be concentrating on filming CFs (commercial film) for the products he endorses. Filming of the various CFs will take him on a tour around the world. His schedule will begin from Guam to Thailand then to Australia and even USA! (What, no Malaysia? Only the other day Liz was wishing..."maybe we could bump into KSW filming another CF here!")

He will be traveling for one whole month and will return to South Korea in time for the premiere of his new movie "Destiny".

Travel safe Sang-woo sshi.

Source: Starnews/credit TY KSW

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Liz said...

Guam? Thailand? Australia? Oppa, why not Malaysia? 왜? 왜?

Anonymous said...

^ When I saw the title heading, my exact thought! XD

Anonymous said...

When did Kwon Sang Woo came in Australia? Goosh!!! I'd miss it! I wish he comes back and please let his fans know.Waaaaaaaaaaaaaah!


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