Saturday, 23 February 2008

Bad Love - Episode 15

Directed by: Kwon Gye-hong(권계홍)
Script Writer: Lee Yu Jin

Kang Yong-gi (Kwon Sang-woo)
Na In-jung (Lee Yo-won)
Lee Su-hwan (Kim Sung-su)
Kang Joo-ran (Kim Ga-yeon)
Lee Sin-yeong (Cha Yae-ryeon)
Hwang In-soo / Samchun (Kim Chang-wan)
Park Chan-suk (Pang Eun-hwi)

The plot of Bad Love is turning from bad to really bad. The sure sign of a plot that flops - when the heroine becomes so unlikable, that you find yourself rooting for the villain.

I did not think that i'd say this, but in this episode, i actually liked Lee Sin-yeong more and was rooting for her to get Kang Yong-gi's affections. At least she has life in her, which is what's missing in Na In-jung (as reader yay so aptly puts it, Na In-jung is "a corpse in oversized clothing"). At least Sin-yeong is honest about her feelings and is not afraid to go after the man she likes (despite having other agendas in the beginning). Brazen as she may be, you have to respect her for that.

Kang Yong-gi is still in love with Na In-jung despite the fact that she has rejected him many times. Scheming Lee Su-hwan introduces Lee Sin-yeong to him and hopes that the woman who looks like Yong-gi's ex-lover will make him loosen his grip on In-jung. The scheme is out in the open and Yong-gi knows about this, but he plays along and decides to stay over at Sin-yeong's apartment (at her suggestion) just to make In-jung jealous.

She's not much of a heroine: Sad In-jung eats instant
noodles while her boyfriend is next door
- spending
the night with someone else

Yong-gi sleeps over at Sin-yeong's apartment. Sin-yeong lovingly comes in the middle of the night to cover him with a blanket. Yong-gi wakes up in the middle of the night and all he can think of is In-jung.

Poor Yong-gi will get aches and pains as he sleeps
on chairs at Sin-yeong's apartment

Su-hwan's illness is getting worse and the doctors advice him to check himself into the hospital for a brain operation, but he argues that he is much needed at Daehan Construction. He reasons that he will have the operation when important matters at the company has been cleared. Hmm...not a good idea Su-hwan.

Yong-gi carries on with the charade and speaks nicely to Sin-yeong over the phone. They make plans for dinner and In-jung and Su-hwan who are both in the same elevator over-hears the conversation. In-jung is noticeably jealous and irritated, while Su-hwan is furious. Su-hwan immediately calls Sin-yeong and tells her that he wants her to stop her advances on Yong-gi! The reason? He does not want to see In-jung hurt.

Yong-gi flirts with Sin-yeong over the phone. In-jung is jealous.
Su-hwan is furious
that he is not getting any attention from both women.

Lee Su-hwan: Stop this game now! I don't want to see In-jung hurt.
Lee Sin-yeong
: I can't...i am really falling for Yong-gi. I really like him!

In-jung: I apologize for my looks like i am wearing an old sack

Lee Sin-yeong asks In-jung "Do you still like Yong-gi? If you do, i will back off". In-jung just storms out of the room and says that what happened between Yong-gi and herself is in the past. Sin-yeong is happy to hear this. There's nothing stopping her from trying to get Chairman Kang Yong-gi now!

Do you work out often Yong-gi?
You have a very muscular and taut chest.

Su-hwan walks into Yong-gi's office unannounced and he caught Sin-yeong standing close to Yong-gi with her hand on his chest. In-jung walks in seconds later, and witnesses this too. In-jung is disgusted and storms away.

Su-hwan is half amused, but he thinks of how In-jung is hurting. So he rushes off to confront In-jung and explains everything. He told her that he is the one who brought Sin-yeong into the picture, knowing full well that she looks like Yong-gi's ex. He regrets doing that because now it looks like Yong-gi is swaying.

Su-hwan tries to convince In-jung that the last thing he wanted to do was to hurt her and that he still loves her. Su-hwan further pleads that if In-jung cannot be with Yong-gi, then at least settle for him. He is very much available and he still loves her. At this point, In-jung is angry at both men
(and Orchid is angry at how absurd the plot is becoming!), and she rushes back to talk to Yong-gi.

Stop watching CNN, I want to talk to you...

In-jung walks in on Yong-gi while he is watching CNN on his laptop. He politely switches it off and turns to speak to her. She slaps him and starts to scold him for making her
so jealous. She admits that she is extremely affected by his flirtatious behavior with Sin-yeong.

It was unfortunate that Kang Joo-ran (Yong-gi's half sister) walks into his office right at this moment, and sees that her namesis In-jung is still around! She asked what is In-jung still here, but she it was at the wrong time and place. Yong-gi shouts at her to get out!

Get out Joo-ran!
Can't you see I am in the
middle of something important?

You are the only one I love, and will ever love. But I am dumb,
even after all that you have
shown and proved to me,
I still don't trust you.
Let me be alone. Let me go.

In-jung proceeds to tell Yong-gi that she loves him. He is the only one she will think of, he is the only one she will love for the rest of her life. But she cannot bear to face Joo-ran. She reasons that Yong-gi will always be thinking that she was once lovers with Su-hwan whenever they are together. She is afraid Yong-gi's love will fade - "You are after all, a man" she adds. She loves him, but she does not trust his love enough. This brings tears to Yong-gi's eyes.

Yong-gi is sad to hear In-jung's words

She walks away...breaking his heart again!

At a bar, Yong-gi pours his heartache out to Sin-yeong. He tells her why he loves In-jung so much. "She does not drain me with guilt like Jo-ann. She picked me up when i was down. She has been so hurt and broken, she makes me cry." Sin-yeong tries to get close to him to comfort him, but he pushes her away saying "You are not Na In-jung."

Yong-gi talks to Sin-yeong. At least she is there to listen.

Christian cannot bear to see his best friend Yong-gi suffering so much, meets up with In-jung and pleads with her to be gentle while letting Yong-gi go. "Please, if you must leave him, do it gently - not like this", says Christian.

As if magically In-jung listens to Christian, and becomes kind to Yong-gi. Does the woman have a heart of stone? She is not affected by Yong-gi's suffering and pleas, but when his friend asks her for this favour, she does it?

In-jung dolls herself up and goes to see
Yong-gi at his house in the mountains where
Yong-gi went to mend his broken heart

After that, you see what i call an "absurd dream sequence". In-jung puts on make-up and gets dressed to go meet Yong-gi at his bachelor bungalow in the mountains. Yong-gi wakes up to breathe the fresh mountain air.

Is this a dream?

In comes In-jung and says "Have you been waiting long for me?" Yong-gi is pleased to see In-jung and they embrace. Everything is in sepia tones. Is it a dream or real? The audience does not know.

Episode 15 ends with In-jung in Yong-gi's embrace

What do you think? Was it all a dream?

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Arin said...

yes, i agree.
the plot is getting worse n worse.
I really don't understand In-jung.
I think her face expression is really bad, lol. That's one of the reasons why we hate her so much, isn't it? Anyway, I missed the first half of the show, and didn't know that Su-hwan needed a surgery. I think it will really get serious later. Oh yeah, and like what you've said, Sin-yeong might be annoying sometimes, but at least she's fighting for it. Oh, and there's always a good side in a certain villain ;)

Haha. Talking about rooting for the villain, I've experienced that for so many times already. In my case, the plot isn't to be blamed, maybe. Cos there's a lot in my list of dramas! haha.

fraulein said...

U know – I was afraid to say this - the plot & heroine are starting to reek because I was afraid to offend people here. I am glad someone shares that view.

The ending of ep 15 is not a dream because I've seen ep 16. Yes I am a lil crazy, couldn’t sleep one night (or should I say morning) and caught it. Ep 16 gets more ridiculous.

Not a great deal happens in ep 15 in terms of plot devt, there’s the usual melancholic moping by Yong-gi and In-jung (separately), especially Yong-gi, but Joo-ran seems to have mellowed considerably and does not appear as highly strung as before.

About Yong-gi sleeping over - I never found Joanne or Sinyeong pretty but in that scene where she puts a blanket over oppa, I thought she looked rather human and pretty. Maybe she shld let her hair down instead of bunning it up ajumma-style, hee hee.

About Sin Yeong saying "Do you still like Yong-gi? If you do, i will back off". – will she really do that ? Puh-lease, she won't let go until her claws come off

LOL at the part where Suhwan makes himself available, I believe the exact subtitles of Injung’s words were “ Yong gi is ridiculous, you are frightening”. How true.

LOL too at “ bachelor bungalow” – ingenious!

Christian's suggestion is preposterous but I dun care. I want them to be together again, even if it’s for a short while. I am sick of their games and them being apart but hurting like mad.

Orchid said...

Fraulein, where do you watch those episodes ahead of time in the middle of the night? On KBS World?

Did anyone notice that Kang Yong-gi reads English newspaper and watches CNN. I wonder if KSW can read and understand the paper he was holding or was it just for show.

fraulein said...

Yup, on KBS World, they run them at 3am on tue n wed mornings. But i've only done it twice ; P

fraulein said...

LOL as a business leader /chairman, he's expected to read english.
Haha, I dont think he can. Sadly.

Liz said...

A dream? It's a nightmare.

Liz said...

Yeah, what's with the sepia-toned sequence? Maybe Yong-gi is dreaming...or it could also be In-jung dreaming.

I hope in today's episode, In-jung will awaken from her stupor and go for's getting tiring. Another five more episodes? Oh man.

yay said...

thanks again for the recap.

I really appreciate your summaries more now a days because watching this drama is starting to be painful.

* oh thanks for mentioning me also hahaha *

I don't know whether to sympathize with In-Jung or to blame her for her misery.

In the beginning of this drama, she was likable and I 'wept' for her when she had it rough. The In-Jung NOW is too heavy [too intense] -- almost unhumanlike.

yay said...

I also wanted to add TOO DARK. She's no longer realistic.

張如意 said...

I now understand why YongGi's ex-girl friend killed herself. She had a personality disorder. I also understand why he hated his father so much. It has nothing to do with Joanne's death, but to do with his father not protecting his mother even he loved her very much.

Orchid said...

@張如意 Thanks for the insights.


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