Saturday, 23 February 2008

Rain is Samsung Anycall's man

Rain (Jung Ji-hoon) has been appointed Samsung Anycall's Beijing Olympic mascot image ambassador.

Korean world star Rain is Samsung Anycall's
Image Ambassador for the 2008 Beijing Olympics

Rain at the Samsung Anycall Press Conference in Beijing.
The Chinese ladies admire him while he says a couple of words.

What are the Energizer Bunny’s responsibilities as image ambassador? Rain will sing the Samsung Anycall Olympic theme song and appear in the music video (MV) as well.

Samsung has also introduced the “Rain Phone”. Although there has been countless celebrities promoting Samsung Anycall phones in the past, this is the first time Samsung has named a phone after an artist. What an honour for Bi.

Rain Phone: First time ever - Samsung Anycall
names a phone after an artist.

Samsung hopes to increase sales of this phone, especially during the Olympic season.
Samsung’s philosophy – “never stop dreaming, never give up, keep pursuing your dreams ‘till they come true” can be reflected in Rain’s own pursuit of his dreams. This is why he has been chosen to represent the mega company at one of the world’s most prestigious sporting events.

Rain and Liu Xuan (Samsung CEO, China) at the
Samsung Anycall Rain Press Conference

The “Rain Phone” (Samsung music handphone SGH-F258) is available in China and Hong Kong. Samsung plans to release other products in this series later.

The Rain Phone's main selling point -
is that it's catered for the music enthusiast.
Do you want one?

By the way, what’s happening to Samsung Anycall’s Anyband? Won’t they be part of the Olympics promotion too?

Pics credit: As stated on pic, found on Soompi Forum (Rain's official thread)
Source: PChome (translation: jjbug@rain-malaysia, posted on soompi by: dada@rainhk)

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Anonymous said...

I WANT THE RAIN PHONE!! Why does my country have to be like 10 yrs behind the rest of the industrialized world in technology *pouts*

I think anyband is just too busy or something. It's alot of people to get in 1 place at once :-P

AThinker said...

for some reason this guy just completely UNDERWHELM me.

fraulein said...

In the 2nd pic, the emcee on the right looks like she's totally in awe of him.

Anonymous said...

She looks like Jennifer Aniston. The one staring at Bi.

Liz said...

I would love a Samsung Rain Phone :-)....

Anonymous said...

are mikes really heavy in korea? why does this fag use to hands to hold it?

Clammy said...

It's a cultural thing, a sign of being polite. Why is it that you think microphone is spelled with a "ke" and you can't spell or tell the difference between to and two?

ladida said...

haha..:) high five for Clammy
I want a Rain phone too but can I get one w/an upgrade? say, Rain as my personal voicemail greeter:
"hello, this is Rain. U have reached MY girl "ladida". So sorry. she's not available as she's too busy attending to me. Saranghaeyo, ladida...However, if u will leave ur message i just MIGHT get her to call u back. Thank u. Have a Rain-tastic day!!"

oh, btw, check this out. He looks so hot! so fresh!

fraulein said...


U're funny ! ; )

Orchid said...

@Ladida...i want THAT phone too! What a great marketing idea!! Samsung should hire you. :-)


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