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Bad Love - Episode 16

Now this episode wasn't as painful as the previous one. I agree with reader Fraulein, it's nice to see Na In-jung happy together with Kang Yong-gi. There are so many obstacles that keep these two lovers apart. Whenever they are together, circumstances just aren't on their side. Okay, now on to the episode recap.

Yes, the scenes in sepia (in episode 15) was a dream. It was Kang Yong-gi (Kwon Sang-woo) dreaming that the problems between Na In-jung (Lee Yo-won) and him, would just disappear and she would come to him, and they would live happily ever after.

Darn, it's only a dream!

Back to reality...In-Jung visits Yong-gi at his bachelor bungalow in the mountains to tell him that she wants to be nice and rekindle their romance until they really have to part ways in spring (she's taking Christian's advice, to leave Yong-gi gently).

In-jung approaches Yong-gi with a proposition

At first, the passionate and emotional Yong-gi is against this idea. To him it is preposterous and he screams at her to leave. He kicks her out and In-jung is left outside his doorstep. Suddenly she is attacked by vicious stomach pains and Yong-gi, upon discovering her plight, carries the half unconscious In-Jung inside so that she could rest.

In-Jung suffers from acute stomach pains due to stress

While she sleeps, Yong-gi reconsiders In-jung's idea and you see him drive off to a church where he prays. He prays that he will have the strength to leave her when the time comes. He prays that he will have a heart of stone with In-jung and not get too attached. He prays that there will be no bitterness or hatred between them when all this is over.

Yong-gi prays for strength

Yong-gi then heads back to In-jung and tells her okay, they will soothe each other and spend good times together before breaking up for good. He makes her promise that she will not shed any tears or have a heavy heart during these precious last days together before spring. She agrees.

Yong-gi and In-Jung promise to forget their troubles and
be happy
together until springtime, when they have to part

Lee Sin-yeong is unhappy to see Yong-gi going back to In-jung

After making up, Yong-gi and In-jung spend most of their waking hours together. Yong-gi takes her to another house of his in the city. It is his workshop and
the house is filled with his paintings. They call it their "secret spot". Both lovebirds spend time cleaning up the place and they enjoy the time spent together.

Yong-gi shows In-jung his paintings at their secret hideaway

In the meantime, Lee Su-hwan's (Kim Sung-su) health deteriorates but he refuses to go for brain surgery. He is plagued by severe headaches which are happening more and more frequently. Instead of concentrating on curing his terminal disease, the selfless Su-hwan thinks more of his beloved In-jung. He wants to repair the damage Kang Joo-ran (then his wife) caused In-jung.

Five years ago, in anger, Joo-ran slashed In-jung's wrist, causing her nerves to be severed and making it impossible for In-jung to play the cello. Su-hwan found a reputable neurosurgeon who can operate on In-jung's damaged nerves and if successful, she might be able to play the cello again.

Su-hwan wanted to tell the good news to In-jung, but discovers that In-jung and Yong-gi are together again. He decides to tell Yong-gi instead, and asks Yong-gi to bring In-jung to the hospital for a consultation.

Su-hwan suffers from serious migraine attacks

After Su-hwan and Yong-gi talk, the former suffers a serious migraine attack and is brought to the hospital in an ambulance. Yong-gi finds out about Su-hwan's illness. Su-hwan begs Yong-gi not to tell anyone especially In-jung.

Word got out to Joo-ran that Yong-gi is seeing In-jung again. Joo-ran goes insane and the drama queen claims that she cannot bear the thought of her younger brother seeing the woman who caused her so much pain and who ruined her life.

Miso gazes sadly at her alcoholic mom

At home, she drinks and her daughter Miso sees that her mother is distressed because of a woman named In-Jung. Through Joo-ran and Miso's reaction, we get a glimpse of how difficult things would be should Yong-gi and In-jung stay together.

Uncle Yong-gi...who is this woman In-Jung?
She makes my mother cry and drink. I don't like her.

Joo-ran is so distressed that she goes back to her bad habit of stealing. Yong-gi had to bail her out from the police station one night.

While Yong-gi was busy dealing with Joo-ran's case, In-jung waits for Yong-gi at their "secret spot" and cooks curry noodles. As Yong-gi delt with his family matters, In-jung who did not know what was happening waits patiently for her boyfriend. She waits till late and finally decides to walk to the bus stop - the spot where they have agreed to part ways each night.

In-jung watches the buses pass by

My favourite scene in the epidose is when In-jung stands at the edge of the sidewalk as the buses go by. One by one, the green buses go by, but she does not get on. She waits. She recalls the promises they made to each other. She waits...then finally Yong-gi appears and calls out her name. She turns to him and they smile at each other. So sweet.

She recalls the promises they made to each other

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Arin said...

phewh. was waiting for this one ;)
I might be the only one here but I am really feeling sorry for Su-Hwan up to the point that I might stop watching this series after him dying. Okay, that was just plainly exaggerating cos who would want to stop when this drama is coming to and end real soon. haha. But yeah, he suffered enough. It's not fair for him either if you ask me.

However, seeing the happy In-jung and Yong-gi lighten up my mood a little bit, lol. It's good to see this couple all lovey-dovey again.

fraulein said...

I CANNOT BELIEVE Yong-gi agreed to go along with the absurd plan !! Make beautiful memories to have a clean break? How is that even possible? If you accumulate more good memories, wouldn’t it be harder to let go?

I notice that in-jung tells only her samchun about the plan, because it seems only he, no one else understands

I have an ill boding feeling that in-jung’s stomach pains are more than stress related…..sorry if I sound like a party pooper.

About Miso’s pain, it shows how Yong-gi’s relationship with In-jung takes it toll on other people.

My oh my, In-jung has come a long way, she can now look Suhwah in the eye and sit down /have drinks with him. Hey, that’s not a bad thing right ?
Orchid, I gather from the tone of this recap that you’re quite pro-Suhwah? ; )

As for Yong-gi being able to keep secrets (as Suhwah said), that makes him more attractive, doesn’t it ? And his tenderness towards In-jung to way too much to take and too good to be true.

Overall, it’s good to see In-jung and Yong-gi smiling instead of looking sullen most of the time.

Agree with Arin, it's nice to see them lovey dovey again ; )

fraulein said...

Thanks for the recap !

meiruo_chan said...

sometimes this drama plot doesn't makes sense. Well, I already finish watching. To re-watch might be not.

yay said...

thanks for the recap!

I might actually watch this one without skipping ahead ;)

Orchid said...

Usually korean dramas end at episode 16. This one has like 4 extra! Just watched episode 17 last night. Whoa 3 more to go. I wonder what will happen next. Will Su-hwan die? How to appease Joo-ran? If it were up to her, she would not let her brother Yong-gi be with In-jung. Not ever! Sigh...

Orchid said...

@fraulein: i am not pro-suhwan. i'm pro Yong-gi all the way. ;-)


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