Thursday, 21 February 2008

Beaches of South Korea

Today is Chap Goh Meh, the last day of the Lunar New Year, and I’m back in 0º Beijing. But before leaving Malaysia and right after having fun and good food with Liz and Orchid back home in Kuala Lumpur, I made a quick trip to Redang, one of Malaysia’s many beautiful islands that dot the peninsula, for some fun in the sun.

I just love the salty sea breeze between my toes.

Well, okay, there’s nothing K-popped in Redang besides the odd Korean tourist or two, but it led me to wonder about what the beaches are like in South Korea. Perhaps the Trio could fit it into our itinerary if we were to visit Hallyuland (*nudge*wink* right Liz and Orchid?)?

Haeundae Beach (해운대 해수욕장)
South Korea’s most popular beach attracting hundreds of thousands of people every year to its shores during the summer months. Located in Busan, you can view the first sunrise of the year (if you like that sorta thing) on Haeundae on January 1st. The beach is also famous for many cultural events and festivals held throughout the year.

Er… that’s not exactly my idea of fun. I think I’ll skip Haeundae.

More info: Tour2Korea: Haeundae Beach

Beaches of Gangwon-do Province
Three well-known beaches in this area are Sokcho, Naksan and Gyeongpo beach. Enjoy ocean fishing, indulge in the freshest sashimi or set up a campsite on Sokcho, celebrate Haemaji (sunrise festival) with your friends on Naksan’s white sandy beach, or get cultural and attend the Annual Ocean Art Festival on Gyeongpo.

L-R: Sokcho, Naksan & Gyeongpo

More info: Gangneung City: Gyeongpo Beach, Gangwon Province

Beaches of Chungcheongnam-do

Two beaches of note in this area are the Daecheon beach and Muchangpo beach on the western coast of South Korea. For family fun, you can spend the day Daecheon’s 3.5km beach of white sand where the kids can frolic in the shallow waters while you enjoy the calm waves. But if you want something special, head to Muchangpo where you can experience ‘The Miracle of Moses’. Twice a month a path opens into the sea for a few hours each day during the time of the spring tides. Beachcombers may come across sea snails and octopuses stranded on this open path.

Muchangpo. Play Moses and part the seas.

More Info: Viva Boryeong

Byeonsan Beach
Located in the Jeollabuk-do province on the western coast, Byeonsan is where the hallyu drama, Daejanggeum (Jewel in the Palace) was filmed. The waters at Byeongsan is warm and calm. Take a dip while enjoying the breathtaking scenery, and perhaps imagine Jang Geum preparing a traditional Korean Royal Court banquet in your honour.

More info: nau Korea Byeongsan Beach Tour Info

Beaches of Taean-gun

Located 174km south-west of Seoul, the peninsula of Taean-gun is home to 30 different beaches with the most popular being Padori, Kkotji, Mongsanpo, Mallipo, Hagampo and Yeonpo.

Taean-gun boasts a national park and is known for its crystal clear waters, lush flora and wildlife. Unfortunately, Mallipo, Taean-gun’s most prized beach, was devastated by an oil-spill late last year.

More Info: Welcome to Taean

Jungmun Beach
On the south-eastern coast of Jeju island lies Jungmun beach. The beach is popular amongst local filmmakers, as many movies, dramas and commercials have been shot here. Come during the summer when the Beach Film Festival is held or enjoy water sports.

More info: Jeju Eco

*Phew* Well, these are just a sampling of South Korea’s many beaches. Check out the links below to further your research.

Tour2Korea: 12 Beaches Worth Visiting in the Summer
Invil: Theme Sightseeing Listing

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Liz said...

Yay, I absolutely love the sun, sea and sand too!

Ah Redang...the water is beautiful isn't it? I love Redang.

I guess we can slip in a three or four day seaside rendezvous when we go to Korea...considering the season and whether we have enough $$$ left ;-).

Or else, we could wash dishes at some restaurant for extra cash :-P Ha ha...

Anonymous said...

i had no clue beaches were so popular in Korea
Muchangpo is amazing! I wanna go just to witness the parting of the sea!!

Clammy said...

Granted, since I live in Los Angeles, California, a short 20 minutes from the famed beaches of Malibu, Manhattan Beach, Venice, Santa Monica Beach and etc, I'm a little spoiled when it comes to cold water beaches. Even so, my memories of Korean beaches when I was a kid were a bit weird. I remember very salty water and low tides that went out sooo far that you could walk hundreds of yards out and see the left over sea life (crabs and such) in rolling wet sand. I remember super packed beaches with lots of things to rent and tent buildings with arcades and places to eat everywhere. The only normal resort type beaches that I actually have memories of are on Jeju Island. Of course, this was like a decade and a half and back.

ladida said...

i know it's winter in Korea right now, but what's the current temps in Malaysia? How far away is Redang from KL? ..white sand, tiki huts, lounging on a beach chair, holding a glass of Malaysian signature cocktail (there is one, right?), playing "sitting on the dock of the bay" on my ipod...sound soooo good!! all week the sky's been overcast and its been raining over here :(
What's it like in LA now, Clammy?
And just like Kpop-rubba, i want to see the miracle of Moses too! :)

meiruo_chan said...

Wohoo, Liz, when did you go to Redang? I've been there quite a couple of times. Well since my job requires it.

Ladida : It took 8 hours to reach Terengganu from KL and 1h30m to reach Redang by boat. But of course the scenery is the best. The crystal clear water is superb, you can even sea the corals and colorful fishes swimming around.
But the best is to diving in Redang.

I want to see the amazing Moses too! I've seen quite of beaches features in K-Drama. My cousin went to Jeju island last summer but she said it's not like what she'd seen on TV. But Korea is best when autumn. Love the streets with the colorful Maple leaves.

Rooster said...

Liz: Yea, the water in Redang was crystal! I think sometimes we Malaysians forget how lucky we are to have so many island paradises. One day I'd like to go to Sipadan, the island off of Sabah. They say only serious scuba enthusiasts are allowed there so the reef is unspoiled. Haha, looks like I'll need to get a diving license.

Liz said...

Yeah, the Moses Miracle beach sounds awesome! We should try to get there :-) Hee hee...

Clammy, I've been to Santa Monica before and had a glimpse of Venice beach from a distance.

However, I went there during winter? And it was cold so we just walked along the pier and beach. Saw some people fishing at the pier and there was some war memorial going on at the beach.

Ladida, I think Malaysia's signature "cocktail" is coconut water. Drink it straight from the coconut has a cooling effect. :-P

The weather in Terengganu, where Redang is, is around 30 degree celsius. Nice and warm. :-)

Meiruo_chan, you go to Redang for work? I went there about 2 years ago, if I'm not mistaken. Loved the crystal clear waters and the fish were awesome. I don't have a scuba diving license, so we just snorkelled. Man the fish were awesome...oh, I said that already :-P

Orchid said...

@Ladida: In Malaysia, it's summer all year round! Hot and sunny most of the time...except during rainy seasons when it rains. Temperature is 27 - 32 degrees C. (not sure what it is in Fahrenheit).

Getting from KL to Redang - i think Rooster can give a more accurate account as i went there 2 years ago. Can't remember exactly.

Map of Malaysia - Pulau Redang

Redang Island is located off the coast of the state of Terengganu. While KL is on the west side of peninsular M'sia, Terengganu is on the east.

1) Fly to Kuala Terengganu from KL (45 mins)
2) Take van to Merang jetty (1 hour?). The resort usually provides this pick-up service.
3) Take speed boat to Redang (1 hour)


You can just fly by Berjaya Air direct to the Berjaya Resort on Redang!! Berjaya Resort has a private beach. Rooster, you stayed there right?

Redang was the best snorkeling i've ever experienced thus far. Swimming among the fish. The water is clear blue/turquoise. So very cool!

@Rooster: I love that pic of your toes and the sea! So cute!

Rooster said...

Meiruo: Woah... 8 hours??? Does it really take that long? That's like driving to Thailand. I flew there from Kuala Lumpur, it took 50mins. I nearly got seasick during the 1 1/2 hr boat ride though. Haha.

And what a great job! Going to Redang for work? Heee!

ladida: The season to visit islands on the east coast of Malaysia is between February and October. The islands are closed to tourists between Nov-Jan during the monsoon season. Unfortunately no M'sian drink concoctions... but you could have a Singapore Sling. ;)

Rooster said...

Orchid: Yea, I stayed at Berjaya. And since I went during the low season, the beach was practically empty!

Liz said...

Oooh sweet. Your very own private beach! How nice :-)

fraulein said...

Hi ladies of K-popped,

will u be posting the ep 15 (last tue) recap of bad love ?

Fraulein = )

Clammy said...

ladida It's raining right now, but it's been switching back between warm and cold on a daily basis. L.A. weather is weird sometimes.

liz Yeah, we have great beaches but it's still cold water. In the winter you will see surfers but not too many people at the beach sunning. However, there is still always people around, whether to run, walk around, or actually go in the water. I used to run venice and santa monica every saturday early morning and there were always surfers, roller bladers, runners, and bikers around. I was just scuba diving off the coast here 2 weeks ago (in a dry suit though). When I used to surf, if it was the winter, we wear wetsuits, usually 3mm to 5mm wetsuits. When we scuba dive out here, we wear 7mm wetsuits year round.

Orchid said...

Dear Fraulein...oh yes we will be posting episode 15 of Bad Love! :-) Wait ya...coming soon.

You miss KSW already? ;-)

Oppa...where are you?

I heard he is in Thailand - shooting CFs.

meiruo_chan said...

That 8 hours if you drive from KL. If you fly from KL then only 45 minutes. I've been to Berjaya. Nice resort. But quite expensive. I went to Telok Kalong part. Berjaya is private beach. If you like to be in crowded then Long Beach part is the best in Redang.

fraulein said...

Hi Orchid,

Yeah, i saw it, thanks ; )

varms said...

Wow, I haven't been to Redang yet and I'm studying in K. Terengganu... I'm planning to take my scuba license there hopefully... I've only been to P. Perhentian and P. Kapas so far... Sipadan is gorgeous! My cousin took her license there and it costed her about 5K for the whole package. But P. Layang-Layang is said to be the best place in M'sia for coral reefs...

Arin said...

how sad, i live in K.Terengganu too but have never been to any of its beautiful islands. pathetic.
I would like to step both my feet on the sand of Redang Island though. lol. Rooster, I heard from my cousin a lot of Koreans go to Redang! haha.
Herm, and that makes me wonder, has any Korean 기수 came here for a photoshoot or something. hehe.
KSW should come!! haha.

p/s: suddenly, i see a lot of k-pop fans from Terengganu these days. meiruo_chan, which part of terengganu r u from?

Orchid said...

@Arin, you should take a weekend off and go to one of the islands nearby. KT is so near those islands! But it's true, the closer you are the less chances you will go there.

There's Pulau Kapas, Redang, Lang Tengah...

i've been to Kapas & Redang. I've heard that Lang Tengah is very nice too!

@varms: Where is Layang Layang?

ladida said...

whaaa!! 9+hrs from KL. Okedokee, then. I'll have to fly there if I plan on visiting Malaysia one of these days. Thanks, Meiruo_chan. Thanks girls.
It sounds to me like everyone knows how to swim. I feel so envious; i can't swim :( I
can snorkel, ride on a jetski/waverunner, etc. But scuba? I doubt it; i'll drown for sure. I remember my 1st (last) scuba lesson when i was down in Cozumel. It was a safe, fun course - a free ~15-20 session in the swimming pool; plus, my instructor was very, very hot!! Believe me. I was more than happy to let him suit me up in the floaty vest with the tank on them. :-> But as soon as he strapped me in, the cumbersome tank immediately knocked me off balance. With the heavy tank on my back & in kneeling position, i was practically glued to the bottom of the pool. My heart skipped a beat but thank god I have the regulator in my mouth. At the end of my lesson, he told me that after 1 or 2 more practices i should be ready to become scuba certified. While he was telling me that, my head was saying: i'm not hearing u but you're really gorgeous ;P


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