Thursday, 21 February 2008

Chitchat beauty Jamilla to debut as singer

Uzbek model Jamilla/ Djamilya is set to launch her career as a singer in Korea! Her digital single drops on Feb 25 and will be played at some online music site, I don’t know which one.

Songbird?: We'll find out soon enough

Jamilla, who will be singing in Korean, will be filming the music video for the track on Feb 23.

Apparently, Jamilla mentioned that it is her dream to be a singer in Korea during the Nov 27 broadcast (in Korea) of popular talk show Chitchat of Beautiful Ladies. It looks like her dream is coming true.

There are also plans for Jamilla to perform onstage and the lady is practising hard to showcase her beauty and sensuality…and yeah, OK, her voice.

If you don’t already know, Jamilla gained popularity after appearing on the KBS talk show Chitchat of Beautiful Ladies. Koreans went ballistic over her and many opportunities came knocking at her door.

Hot shots: Jamilla's sexy photos

She got to meet her favourite Hallyu star Kwon Sang-woo, sexy photos of Jamilla have saturated Korean cyberspace, and she was even flown to Malaysia to strike poses at one of our beautiful beaches.

Now that she’s about to debut as a singer, I wonder what will be next for Jamilla. Maybe she’ll follow in the footsteps of another Chitchat beauty Eva and land a role in a drama series…or movie.

Source: MyDaily
Pics credit: MyDaily & Newsen

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kpop-rubba said...

oh gosh I am guessing this is gonna be a disaster hehe but best of luck regardless!

Anonymous said...

Well this was to be expected... I hope some type of scandal or sex tape will ruin her..hehehe. I have a feeling the single will be like bubbly liquid disco-pop where she sings so soft. Any bets? >=)

Anonymous said...

what ? Hyori-wannabe ?

Well, I'm looking forward to see what this chick can do ?

Anonymous said...


oh my gosh...can she sing??
has anyone heard her?? im really curious how she sings cos her talking voice is so hideously squeaky...guess we'll see soon! eeewwwww

Chitchatfan said...

alamak, habislah dia nyanyi.

agasshi said...

haha i agree with anonymous #1. she's gonna sing softly.
and anonymous #3--you don't have to sing well to be a pop-star. you just have to kinda sorta carry a tune. it's mostly about how you look--and jamilla's case, it's ALL about how she looks!


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