Wednesday, 13 February 2008

Bi to focus on movies in 2008

Yes, it’s a back-to-back Energizer Bunny post! Apologies to non-fans.

Movie star?: Rain signs on as the lead in Ninja Assassin

So what are Rain’s plans for the near future?

“I want to focus on movies this year,” Rain, whose real name is Jung Ji-hoon, told reporters during a press conference (PC) at the Lotte Hotel Grandballroom, Seoul earlier today (Feb 13).

Plans revealed: Bi tells reporters about his plans. John Mass (right), executive
vice president of WMA, looks on...fondly, if I may add. :-P

Under a deal announced at the PC, the William Morris Agency (WMA) said that it aims to build a career for the Korean sensation in Hollywood movies as well as market his albums globally.

Rain’s Hollywood debut will be in a supporting role in the Wachowski brothers’ Speed Racer, which is scheduled for release in May.

Deal: 'Oh come here and gimme a hug, my future money maker, you.'

John Mass, executive vice president of WMA said: “We think we're just ideally suited for an artist like Rain ... because he is a singer, actor and dancer.”

Rain’s management’s company, J-Tune Entertainment, said that the 26-year-old will team up with the Wachowski brothers again for another movie, tentatively entitled Ninja Assassin.

Grateful star: 'Thank you for your support and please
continue to support me.'

In another news alert received by K-popped!, it is reported that Rain will play the lead in the flick, which will be produced by Joel Silver and the Wachowski brothers, best known for The Matrix series of movies.

“I’m excited to be working with the Wachowski brothers again,” Rain said of the duo.

Update Feb 14:

Rain on Ninja Assassin

"It's such a huge opportunity that I feel like I'm dreaming. I'm not only working out to lose weight and training to build the perfect body, I'm also studying English hard."

"You'll see Korean characters (Hangeul) appear in some scenes in the movie," Rain added. "That's because I lobbied and sometimes pressured the producers to feature the Korean language."

Source: Reuters & Digital Chosunilbo
Pics credit: Newsen

Bi looking like Bae Yong-joon

Rain and his Holllywood fling:
Speed Racer in Malaysia cinemas on May 8
Bi to record theme song for Kung Fu Panda

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Arin said...

phewh, k-pop seems to be very, erm. ironic? coincidental? haha.
no no, what i really mean is that, erm, everyone is reported to debut in US this year. Se7en's album is coming out soon, BoA too!
BoA is least expected for me since there wasn't any hint from SM at all.

anyway, back to Rain.
i wish this guy best of luck!
debuting through movies is one wise action. but at the same time, i would like to hear his music too. huhu.

kiwi_seoul said...

oh my gawsh!!!

how cool!! his very own movie!!!
i hope he does well this year, looks promising already!
oh and i think he looks so hot right now! love those long locks!

Orchid said...

i am very glad to hear that Rain has been given a lead role in a Hollywood movie! he must have impressed them while filming Speed Racer.

Bi Hwaiting!

fraulein said...

He looks so different.. kinda like a girl!!

I want the suave Bi back !

fraulein said...

I think this announcemet may spark criticism from anti fans. He seems to have put the english album on hold.

ladida said...

haha, Fraulein. He does look a bit feminine w/that curly hairstyle. But hey, he still has a beautiful face; it's noticeably thinner. I read that he slimmed down to transform into a lean, 'ninja' physique.

Anonymous said...

the movie sounds interesting, but Rain's hair is very unflattering o__o

Liz said...

Entry updated with some quotes from Rain.

fraulein said...

Yes, Ladida, his face is still great to look at ; )


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