Wednesday, 13 February 2008

Han Ji-hye's new movie 허밍

If you are a fan of Korean beauty Han Ji-hye, you will be pleased to know that she will be returning to the big screen with the movie Humming (허밍). Han's last movie was with her ex-boyfriend Lee Dong-gun, My Boyfriend is Type-B.

In the romance tearjerker,
Han Ji-hye teams up with Lee Chun-hee. They were promoting the movie at a press conference in Seoul today.

Han Ji-hye, Park Tae-yeong (director) and co-star
Lee Chun-hee talk about their new movie

Han Ji-hye is currently in the KBS drama
Likable or Not with Kim Ji-seok.

Han Ji-hye - hwaiting!

The movie will be released 13 March 2008.

Han Ji-hye and Lee Chun-hee in Humming.
This will be Han Ji-hye's first movie after a 4 year hiatus.

Source & pics credit: StarNews

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ladida said...

Han ji-hye must be size 0! that tank dress looks almost too baggy on her

lemonade lagoon said...

I want that MARC JACOBS dress she's wearing!!! ^^

ksw said...

@Lemonade Lagoon it's a Marc Jacobs dress? I thought it was from Namdaemun market
!!? Okay, guess I don't know nuthin' about high fashion. Anyway it looks like something that can be bought at the market.

Joe said...

size maybe it's true

lemonade lagoon said...


lolz. it is marc jacobs but it doesn't seem to fit her right... i like the girl and all but maybe she chose the wrong dress (or size!) hahaha. she made high fashion look like street market. ouch! ;)


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