Monday, 4 February 2008

Fly to the Sky in Tokyo for concert

Fly to the Sky, who recently became fodder for bad press in Beijing, held a concert in Tokyo, Japan yesterday (Feb 3).

This is the first time the duo is holding concerts for their Japanese fans. The Tokyo show was held at the Nakano Sun Plaza and about 2,500 fans turned up.

Concert cancelled: Chinese fans will not be able to
watch the duo perform live

Also, the pair has reportedly cancelled their scheduled fan meeting and mini concert in China next month. They did that in protest of the irresponsible report on the duo during their visit to Beijing on Jan 10. They were in Beijing then to attend an award ceremony.

It was alleged that the boys assaulted a fan who was waiting for their arrival at the airport. Also, the media portrayed the duo as primo uomos who refused to share a backstage room with other entertainers.

Man, one nasty article and thousands of fans suffer. Suck it up and perform, guys. See what Rain did when the Singaporean press accused him of being an uppity star; he acted all cold and aloof while talking to the press, but turned on the heat when he performed for his fans.

Source: krnloop
Pics credit: YonHapNews

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valski said...

oh yeah, hwanhee's super hot.

ladida said...

Wait. Are they serious? if so, whose silly idea was it to punish the fans for the reporters' wrongdoings? This action - reaction isn't going to help them but hurt them. Why are they letting the media play mind-control over them? Media always love dishing out dirt on celebs w/o seeking clarification first. If these boys know they acted right but can't take the beatings like a pro, then they're in the wrong profession

blinkable said...

ah FTTS I havent been getting any news on them lately until now ^^ So they decided to punish the fans instead huh? XD


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