Wednesday, 6 February 2008

Haha in hospital

Boy, the entertainment industry in Korea is really taxing. Not too long ago we heard about Big Bang's G-dragon and T.O.P. admitted to the hospital due to fatigue. Now, funnyman, host of Music Bank and Infinity Challenge Haha collapsed due to over-work on the afternoon of 4th February.

29 year-old Haha was immediately sent to the hospital for treatment and to rest.

Due to his collapse, Haha - also a DJ could not host his Ten Ten Club music show at 10pm, 5th Feb. Good thing he has friends like DJs BMK, Han Kyun Il and MC Mong to cover for him.

Get well soon Haha. You need to regain your strength for military duty soon.

Source & pic credit: StarNews

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Anonymous said...

I love Haha. Get well soon. He is so funny and even looks funny on the hospital bed. Don't work so hard.

ladida said...

he's cool. hope he gets well soon

blinkable said...

why are they taking pic of him sick and sleeping on the hospital bed? O_o Get some rest HaHa. Hwaiting!


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