Tuesday, 5 February 2008

Bad Love - Episode 11

In this episode, we get to hear Kwon Sang-woo sing! Yeah, he sings his heart out at the karaoke plus, you hear him singing "Erases of the heart" in the background during the scene where he visits his arty farty home and tears up his picture with In-jung. This is the track that did not make in into the Bad Love OST. So what do you think? Can KSW sing? Hmmm...i think oppa should stick to his day job. ;-)

Episode 11 opens with the dramatic scene at Samcheok beach. Kang Joo-ran came to further show her disgust towards Na In-jung (Lee Yo-won) and her husband, the adulterer who started the mess in the first place rushed over - to defend In-jung.

Lee Su-hwan (Kim Sung-su) raises his hand to his wife.
"Don't you dare hit In-jung again... or i'll beat you i swear!"

He stops Joo-ran from causing bodily harm to In-jung and raised his hand to threaten to hit his estranged wife. In-jung is so fed-up of the never-ending abuse and embarrassment because of something that happened more than 5-years ago, that she asks Joo-ran if she kneels before her, would this end once and for all? Lee Su-hwan cannot bear this, and offers to kneel to apologize instead!

Na In-jung is fed up of this family. She walks away from
Joo-ran who wrecked
her career, Su-hwan who loved
her and left her,
Yong-gi who still loves her.

Kang Yong-gi (Kwon Sang-woo) joins the company and more drama ensues. In the end, Su-hwan bows in apology to both Joo-ran and Yong-gi.

Su-hwan's moment of truth - in apology,
he genuflects before his wife Joo-ran for not loving her as he ought
to and to Yong-gi
for causing so much pain when he was with In-jung.

The photo Yong-gi tears up...

While he is back in the sea-side town of Samcheok, Yong-gi visits his old house. He tears up a photo with him and In-jung in it and he sits on the "red see-saw love bench" he made for In-jung. [Here you will hear Kwon Sang-woo singing in the background.]

Yong-gi reminisce his relationship
In-jung and nurses his broken heart

Poor Yong-gi, despite putting up a brave front to his Stepmother and family, he is really heart-broken and finds comfort and a listening ear in his friend Christian. Yong-gi tells Christian that since he was young, everyone whom he truly loved has left him - his mother, his first girlfriend who committed suicide, his abeoji (who passed away recently) and now, Na In-jung.

What do Korean men do when they are sad? They drink
like crazy and sing their hearts out
at the noraebang (karoake).
Yong-gi sings while Christian looks on.

Yong-gi: My heart hurts so much i feel like it's gonna explode!
Why do all those whom i love leave me?

Christian then asked Yong-gi if his father was a good or bad man? Yong-gi said, "I will answer this...he was a father who loved me."

"I hated my father for leaving my mother.
I hated my father for not supporting
what i wanted to do.
But most of all, i hated his hypocrisy.
Ironically, now i am turning out to be exactly like him."

Su-hwan has the urge to meet with In-jung again, but In-jung says that there's nothing left to talk about and she would rather not see him again. Su-hwan has another one of his "attacks" after the meeting. The man is suffering from a serious illness.

Su-hwan & In-jung's favourite meeting place -
at the Samcheok docks

The next day, Yong-gi, who is Chairman of
Daehan Construction attends to business matters. His company will be building a resort in the beautiful sea-side town of Samcheok. The catch is, they would need to demolish the market and an old folks home there called "House of Hope". It is at this "House of Hope" that In-jung frequents to cheer the occupants and help out in whatever way she can. It is a sort of therapy to help her forget her painful past and move on.

A complication has cropped up and the landowner has run off with the compensation money that Daehan Construction paid. As a result, the villagers (who own stalls at the market) and caretaker of the "House of Hope" are the victims.

Despite the complication, Yong-gi makes an executive
to carry on with the demolition work.
He will not re-compensate the villagers.

Yong-gi meets up with Assemblyman Kim who gave the permit to demolish the old settlements in Samcheok for development of the proposed resort. It seems that Su-hwan made some "special" arrangements with this politician to get the permit. Yong-gi makes it clear that he is not going to carry on the "special" relationship. The Assemblyman is not happy at all.

Yong-gi does things his way and refuses to
bribe his way to get Assemblyman Kim's favour

While in Samcheok, Yong-gi decides to visit the House of Hope - which his company will demolish soon. He meet's In-jung there and they have a brief chat. Before, at the dramatic beach scene, Yong-gi told In-jung that he does not know what to do with her yet. But now, he has decided...he intends to keep her close, to keep seeing her.

Yong-gi: I've decided to keep seeing you.
I want you next to me - so you can see what kind
of man you've made me become.

Finally, Su-hwan and Joo-ran gets a divorce

The villagers of Samcheok put up a protest against the development work for the new Blue Sky resort project. Samchun and In-jung are caught between the protest and knowing that Yong-gi heads Daehan Construction.

Yong-gi reads in the morning papers about the villagers'
protest on his construction project

Yong-gi heads to Samcheok and spots In-jung marching with the villagers. Yong-gi then says if In-jung would come to Seoul to work at his construction company, he would call off the demolition work. All she has to do is call him.

It's a game of love: Do as i say, and i will call off the
demolition. Your precious
"House of Hope" will be safe.

Upon hearing of the trouble Daehan Construction is in, Stepmother is concerned and has a chat with Yong-gi. She is worried of the plummeting share prices and that Yong-gi will run the business to the ground.

Yong-gi tells his Stepmother, "If the business goes under,
i'll just close down the company. But don't worry,
you and Joo-ran will be well taken care off."

Yong-gi waits all night for In-jung to call.

Dawn approaches and the stubborn In-jung has not called. This will be the day of the demolition. Yong-gi dispatches a crane to tear down the House of Hope. In-jung runs and positions herself in front of the crane. Thus ends episode 11 of Bad Love.

Yong-gi observes as In-jung protects the
"House of Hope" with her life

Will In-jung cave in? Or will Yong-gi?

Find out in the next episode...

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Liz said...

Wow, suddenly so many things are happening in this episode. Great recap, Orchid!

Arin said...

grrr, why does Su-hwan need to have that evil plan?
it ruins my whole sympathy for him.
and he's going to help that Jo-anne look-a-like to get Yong-gi?

and ahh, and now Yong-gi is playing hard to get towards In-jung. this will never end, the drama >_<

thanks for the review, orchid =)

Anonymous said...

I hope she gets hit with the crane, she is causing a lot of needless drama between brothers.


Orchid said...

Arin : yeah just as you thought Su-hwan has a semblance of decency, he goes and plot an evil plan.

~ A : Sometimes In-jung can be very irritating. :-|

meiruo_chan said...

I like the cap of Su-Hwan and Joo-ran with the big red DIVORCED word.

Orchid said...

meiruo_chan, i think these two should have divorced long ago... Poor Miso, conveniently chucked away at the ski resort when not needed in the plot. :-P

Love2Read said...

I am still on the fence on rather I will watch this or not but your breakdown is definitely helpfull.

Thanks for the work you put into it

Anonymous said...

this is the episode where i kinda feel sorry for joran...dang girl, u shud kick his a$$ long time ago..suhwan r total eeeviiilll..

Arin said...

anonymous who kinda feel sorry for jooran, haha. i know!
and that is so obvious in episode 12.
will wait for that review to comment further ;)
seriously, su-hwan, why are u doing this? >_<

Orchid said...

anonymous...su-hwan gets EVEN MORE evil in episode 12 (just like Arin says).

Episode 12 recap coming soon.

Love2Read: Kwon Sang-woo is reason enough to watch the drama! ;-)

meiruo_chan said...

Actually I don't hate Joo-Ran that much. I think she's to be pitied. We can't blame her 100% for her behavior. She end up like that because of her upbringing with that kind of parent and also Soo-hwan behavior towards her did give a big impact. She did what she did because she felt insecure and helpless.

fraulein said...

Yeah, Liz i agree. a lot of development in this episode.

behind samchun's apparent nonchalance, his character is quite wise, for example he tells unni not to worry about Injung who'll get her life back on track when the time is right.

LOL at Miso being chucked at the ski resort!

I stand by what i said earlier - injung brought this upon herself, if she had persisted and stuck to yong-gi, they could be very happy together now.

If i could name this episode Friends fashion, this would be " The One where Yong-gi cannot decide whether to love or hate "
Ep 12 develops this theme further....oooh.

Orchid said...

Yong-gi loves In-jung. But he purposely makes her think that he hates her. After all the man has to have some pride - she threw him by the curb (why do they use that expression?).

In episode 12, he said something like "I have resolved to hate you, but it always fizzles away (the hate)". So sweet...he can't seem to hate her.

In-jung walks around like a zombie most of the time. I hope she will snap out of it and put some life back into her disposition. C'mon girl - get a grip!

fraulein said...


Yes, that perspective does seem to make sense, i just never thought of it that way. I thought In-jung's betrayal caused him to turn bitter.

Haha, she does walk around like a zombie most of the time.

I regret the time i searched u tube for a song from the series and stumbled onto a spoiler. Now i think i know the end.* BIG SIGH *


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