Sunday, 10 February 2008

JYP's new boyband not 13 members after all?

You know that bit about Park Jin-young forming a boyband with 13 members? Well, the latest news is, it won't be a 13-member group.

As of now, we don't know how many boys will be eliminated through the reality series documenting the formation of the group. However, there will be an online poll at where viewers can vote for their fav(s). The upcoming episodes will announce how many boys will be given the boot.

Practice makes perfect: Master Park (left) gets the boys to
sing like there's no tomorrow

From the third episode onwards (aired on Feb 8 in Korea), the series will show the boys undergo training. The first and second episodes were dedicated to introducing all 13 members.

So far, the boys have been trained by Master Park Chang Joon, who is a top Pansori (a form of Korean opera) singer. They learned breathing and singing techniques.

Master Park said that the boys needed to learn how to take deep breaths so they would be able to sing while dancing. To do that, he got the boys to climb a mountain while singing!

Initially, the boys complained that it was too hard, but they said they felt a difference in their singing after undergoing the exercise.

Later, Master Park gave the boys a surprise task and picked three "winners" among them.

You know what, I'm kind of relieved it won't be a 13-member group. Can't wait to find out the final number of members in the group.

Source & Pic credit: Osen with translations by Joe Gimm

JYP's 13-member boyband gets own reality series

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who? said...

JYP's planning to create his own SuJu, then?
Let's see... SM has DBSK while JYP has WonderGirls for the 5-member group. as for the more-than-10-member-group, SM has SNSD and SuJu. seems like JYP's gonna try n challenge that as well?

still, i'm pretty glad it aint 13. one Super Junior is enough.

ladida said...

somehow JYP reminds of the Korean version of P. Diddy.

Orchid said...

hey Ladida...yes now that you mentioned it. P. Diddy had this reality show where he trains an all-girl group. They stay in an apartment decorated in bright pink and red. I think the colour was meant to agitate them and cause more arguments which make better TV!

Forgot what the show is called.

Liz said...

Oh I remembered that show, it was called Making the Band! It was pretty entertaining, but I didn't remember the walls being bright pink and all that. Too engrossed with the drama going on. :-)

Anonymous said...

ladida thanks for putting it into perspective for me *haha* So it was P. Diddy ..from the 1st time I saw JYP I had this nagging feeling on the familiarity XD


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