Sunday, 10 February 2008

Stars in uncomfortable dresses

Many a times you would notice that celebrities are victims of fashion. They wear clothes that they are hardly comfortable in. Check out these examples...

Kim Hye-soo : Argh i wish this
shirt of a dress was longer...

Kim Hyo-jin : Are my nipples showing?

Lee Yeong-eun : Err i apologize, my dress
is too short. I feel uncomfortable.

Lee Ji-hyeon: I am standing like so because
i am afraid my dress would fall apart.

Lee Yo-won might look comfortable in that dress,
but I'm uncomfortable because it makes the
gorgeous Bad Love star look like an old schoolmarm.

Pic credits: Osen

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Liz said...

Lee Yo-won's dress: it looks like her petticoat is showing.

who? said...

not just uncomfortable, i think it looks....un-pretty. man.
but to be honest, so far i think the most ugliest dress i've seen is the white dress/clown trousers worn by coffee prince star Yoon EunHye. i thought it was a pretty looking dress, until she started walking. *fall from chair*

ladida said...

awwhh, these ladies don't look half as bad as Bai Ling at the Grammys this past wkend


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