Thursday, 28 February 2008

K-popped! Around the World

Whenever we travel, we get very excited when we discover Korean influences in the simplest form. For example, we were so excited to discover that Pizza Hut in Bali, Indonesia served bulgogi-flavoured pizza.

When we walk around Petaling Jaya or Kuala Lumpur (in Malaysia) we are always on the lookout for Korean stuff too! Sometimes, we hunt down Korean-related things, such as that 'lil excursion we had to Koreatown in Ampang, Malaysia!

Join our K-popped! Around the World Project

Now, we're curious about Korean influences in your neck of the woods. If you know of any K-influences that would pique the interest of fellow
K-popped! buddies, snap a photo of it and upload it to the K-popped! Fan page / K-popped! Group Photo Album on Facebook. Please add a caption or short description of the photo.

Here's how to join the
K-popped! Around the World Project:
  • Send in a photo (must be original) of something or someone K-popped! in your area (A picture that depicts any Korean influence in your town / city)

  • Include a short description & tell us the location or at least country the picture was taken

  • Upload it to our K-popped! Fan page album OR K-popped! Group Photo Album on Facebook

  • Please upload NOT MORE THAN 10 pics per person, per trip, so you make room for others to share their photos!

  • Selected photos might be used in our blog entries so please include your name so we could give proper credit. You may use a pseudonym if you wish.

  • Instead of a photo, you may submit a video clip. Just upload it to the videos section on Facebook.

In the spirit of our K-popped! site, we encourage involvement and sharing from our readers. We love to hear from all of you K-popped! people. So send in as many photos as you want and if we think your photo is extra special, we might just reward you with a surprise gift!

Drop a note in the Facebook discussion thread to let us know you've submitted a photo/video.

View photos submitted to K-popped! Around the World

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Remadi said...

I didn't realize you guys were on Facebook. (Nevermind the button on your website saying 'Join us on Facebook') *goes to join on Facebook*

Orchid said...

Hi remadi, yes! we are on Facebook. Please join our group! See ya.

Gail T. said...

ok, this is the strongest temptation so far for me to join facebook. argh. if i see enough k-popped! instances in my area (and there is a sizable korean community near me) and capture enough with my camera... i just might join facebook. eek.

Orchid said...

hi Gail, we'd love to see pictures of Korean influences in your community!

On Facebook, you could also meet and share with others who share the same passion on all things Korean. =)

jehan said...

i first fell in love with the korean culture when i was in high school, our school is run by korean nuns and they post pictures of korea on our billboards. then when i went home to our province for a vacation, there's this Flower Festival we celebrate every February, i saw the participation of the Korean community in the street parade== the korean women were all in their very very beautiful Hanboks carrying their flag. the men were dressed in their traditional costume where they play drums and other musical instruments.. the people lining the streets couldnt contains their ""ooohs""" and """aahs"" at the beautiful participation of the korean community. anyway, ill try to get pictures of their influences in our city. there's this korean restaurant we frequent and the waiters say we are the only locals entering their restaurant, hehehe....

Liz said...

hello jehan, that's fantastic. Where are you from, by the way?

jehan said...

halu liz! im from baguio city, philippines. most koreans staying in the philippines prefer to stay here because they claim we have the same terrain, and of course, the weather is cool. it's the coldest city in the philippines. the number of koreans staying here is rapidly increasing. they especially come here during their school breaks for english tutorials. my cousin is among the english language teachers and she enjoys their company a lot...

Liz said...

Mabuhai jehan!It's cooler in Baguio city? I've not been to the Philippines before. Thanks for sharing that...interesting. :-)

Anonymous said...

the most korean thing in my town are the dry cleaners... ¦¬/

jehan said...

mabuhay liz! sorry wasnt able to check my favorite sites for the weekend... yes, baguio city is 8-13 degrees C cooler than manila. well, it's the summer capital of the philippines. during the cold months we experience 5-17 degrees C temperature and 19-24 degrees C temperature during summer... though personally, i can say our politics is really bad (coz it's all over the news) Filipinos are really good and friendly. Philippines i think is one of the favorite destinations of Korean tourists. The cast of Jumong even came here when they finished the series.. i hope you can come here sometime... i also want to visit your country soon. my older sister has been there and she really loves your country..

deeintheus said...

I just joined Facebook so that I could post pics on K-popped around the world.


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