Thursday, 28 February 2008

Kwon Sang-woo wants Takeshi Kaneshiro

Not in an amorous way, of course, because 오빠 (oppa) isn’t the extremely happy sort (read: gay)...I hope!

The top Hallyu actor admires Takeshi Kaneshiro and would love to work with the Japanese-Taiwanese heartthrob.

Crowd puller: Kwon Sang-woo (left) wants to work with Takeshi Kaneshiro.
He predicts that their movie will be a box-office hit

Sang-woo sshi’s plea to the actor: “I’m a huge fan of yours. We must do a movie together.”

The Bad Love star was quoted by the Japanese press saying, “I’ve watched all his movies. Takeshi Kaneshiro is an extremely talented actor, with good looks and attitude to boot. I bet a movie with him would be a box-office hit.”

Certainly, 오빠. No doubt about it :-).

If these two talented actors were to make a movie together, I'd definitely go watch it. Wouldn't you?

Source: Galaxie (Feb 1 – 14, 2008 issue)
Pic credit: JoyNews

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Anonymous said...

Oh my god, I don't know if my heart could stand it if both of these beautiful men were in a movie together. I'd definitely watch it and hopefully make it all the way through without dying of excitement from my lustful thoughts.


Liz said...

ha ha ha ha ha Wanda, that's funny!

Anonymous said...

Well, you know, it was Kwon Sang-woo who was the cause of me becoming hooked on all things Korean. From the moment I saw him in Stairway to Heaven I was his slave. And my love for him led me to Jang Dong-gun and Bae Yong-jun and So Ji-Sub and the two Bins (Hyun and Won) and Jung Woo-sung and Rain and Jo In-Seung and Lee Seo-jin and the list goes on and on and on. And now I've just sort of fallen in love with all of South Korea and its bounty of oh so beautiful men. I HAVE to live there. I'd willingly give up my Canadian citizenship to be next to all those gorgeous creatures.

I know, I'm a bit obsessed. I can't help it. THEY'RE ALL SO BEAUTIFUL.


Linda said...

Wanda...not all korean men in south korea are oh so beautiful...just the ones on TV..the ones we find very difficult to meet and keep! lol

Shay said...

Takeshi Kaneshiro is a great veteran actor! I'd wanna see this movie :)

Orchid said...

hi Wanda, you are cute and i know what you mean about having BOTH Kwon Sang-woo and Takeshi Kaneshiro in one movie! Hot! But like what Linda said, not all Korean men are good looking.

ksw said...

kwon sang woo oppa, bogo-ship-po.

fraulein said...

I know what u mean, Wanda. I feel you.

I was introduced to the world of k dramas via Hyun Bin (my lovely samsoon). Someone told me to check Rain out so I could snap out of my Hyun Bin craze. Little did she know Rain would turn out to be my biggest K-obsession. Then, I discovered Kwon Sang-woo, then
Se7en and now Eric Mun.

HAha, LOL at your comment " two bins"

That said, KSW and Rain are my faves = )

Orchid said...

Who's Eric Mun? Is he Korean?

Hyun Bin really won me over in My Lovely Samsoon. But i didn't quite like him in Snow Queen. His movie A Millionaire's First Love was mediocre. Then now, he's been awfully quiet.

Fraulein, if KSW and Rain are your faves, then you are visiting the right blog! ;-)

Orchid said...

@fraulein, how did you discover Kwon Sang-woo? Which drama or movie?

cymm said...

I'm another KSW fan, and like Anonymous, it was also Stairway to Heaven, that did it for me. Boy... these men are gorgeous!! *swoons*

Arin said...

Orhid, Eric Mun is a member of the group, Shinhwa. And yeah, he's also quite a good actor. Super Rookies, Phoenix & Que Sera Sera are some of the dramas that he acted in. Btw, he lived in US too last time. hehee.

I discovered KSW through Love, so Divine. It was a good movie! While STH was the first drama of him that I watched. He's truly a good looking actor, ne? ;)

Orchid said...

@arin: ne! :-) Also, thanks - abt Eric Mun.

fraulein said...

Orchid - Yeah, I know. I came here for KSW and Rain updates every few days.

Yes, Hyun Bin has been awfully quiet. I liked him in MLSS, not so much in A Millionaire's first love or Snow Queen. Wonder what new project he's involved in ?Anyone knows ?

I got to know abt KSW only thru Bad Love - yeah, very late, I know. I also checked out Almost Love when you mentioned it on this blog a while back. Funnily, a colleague had a pic of KSW from his Stairway to Heaven as her wallpaper for yrs and I never knew him. She said he was cute n I thought she was just going "yadda yadda yadda... " Now I believe her ; )

Maybe it's the styling and attire that make him look so suave in Bad Love.

ladida said...

if they ultimately agree to team up for a movie, it would be on my list of must-see films..2 hotties!! YUM! :P
Oh Fraulein, u must watch 'Stairway to Heaven'. You'll fall in love w/him all over again

Anonymous said...

@Linda, of course not ALL Korean men are good looking but not only the ones on tv are--- I know everytime I go to Ktown there is plenty of sexy kboy eyecandy!! Dang some tall ones too. I love listening to them speak *swoon*
haha totally off topic
On the subject of Takeshi Kaneshiro, I can't help but feel he's overrated. My mom thinks he looks like the Asian Antonio Banderas LOL

blinkable said...

I think this post has just become my fave K-popped post so far *LOL* Jus seeing both pics side by side gives me goosebumps! ;)

wawa said...

i'll be the 1st want to queue to buy the cinema ticket! hahaha... takeshi is 2 hot 2 resist! kekeke... Sang Woo is way 2 cute!

Anonymous said...

lots of korean actors and actresses had surgical help to look so beautiful.

Anonymous said...

I want to see the two actors in a gay movie. I know Kwon Sang Woo would love that.


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