Saturday, 9 February 2008

K-popped! Trio is in the mood for love

Hubba hubba! Ladies and gentlemen, it's the season of lurve and the K-popped! Trio is ready for some romance!

We've done away with our cheongsams and are all set to play Cupid -- ok, more like be a victim of Cupid -- this Valentine's season!

Now: K-popped! Trio is in the mood for lurve *muaks*

Rooster, who loves food, is on the verge of a full-blown sugar high as she indulges in chocolates and sweets. Look at her, she's one happy (and delirious ;-)) camper indeed!

Orchid, who is as pretty as a flower, is all dolled up and smells like a bouquet of roses. Any takers out there? Sang-woo oppa, don't keep a lady waiting! Call her already :-).

Meanwhile, I'm aiming my very potent (cough, cough) Cupid arrows at Rain, but seem to be missing the mark all! the! time! Can somebody puh-leese help me? ;-)

Apart from Valentine's Day, we will also be celebrating the Chinese version of Valentine's Day called Chap Goh Meh.

The term is from the Hokkien dialect and refers to the 15th day of the 1st month, which is the occasion of the 1st full moon of the New Year.

It also represents the final day of the Lunar New Year period. This year, Chap Goh Meh falls on Feb 21!

Before: All-dressed up for the Lunar New Year!

Uh-huh, it's double the romance for us Malaysians, thank you very much! ;-)

While Valentine's Day is all about flowers, chocolates, love notes and gifts, Chap Goh Meh is about young, unmarried women gathering to toss tangerines into the sea/river/lake in hopes that their future spouse will pick it up!

Yeah, so make sure you write your phone number on the tangerine real big, with a waterproof marker. Apparently, this custom originated from Penang, Malaysia!

Finally, beloved readers, the K-popped! Trio would like to say 사랑해요 to all of you!

Please, steal some chocs and sweets from Rooster before she starts to bounce off the walls, stop and smell the flowers Orchid has put out and last but not least, mind the flying arrows, I have bad aim ;-).

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Clammy said...

In Korea (and Japan), the girls ask the guys, or give gifts to the guys on Valentines day. One month later we have something called White day where the guy then gives gifts to the girl. One month after that, we have black day where the couple in question (or just groups of friends) go eat Jjajjangmyeon (noodles with black bean sauce. I joke the Jjajjangmyeon is either what korean people think is chinese food or what chinese people think is korean food because we only get it at korean-chinese restaurants).

Clammy said...

On Nov 11 we have pepero day (11/11 looks like pepero sticks) where couples give each other pepero candy or you give it to the people you like. It's more inline with traditional valentines day but focusing on pepero.

There are other days for pretty much every month that have gotten made up but I don't know them all nor do I remember them.

kpop_rub said...

OOOO this is soooo adorable!!!!
Eventhough I rarely have a Valentine it's gotta be one of my favorite Holidays.. My mom always buys me flowers and candies and I eat ALOT and dream of all those wonderful Korean boys

--ooo Black day sounds awesome, I have never had those black bean noodles but they look soooooo delicious I want!

Cio said...

lols we dont have a lot of those celebrations here in the philippines... were pretty much all basic stuff :p

Clammy said...

kpop_rub Anytime you see on a korean drama or movie people ordering take out and they come with a bowl of noodles with dark sauce with a plastic wrap covering and usually fried mandoo (dumplings), that's jjajangmyun. It's soooo good, I crave it all the time.

Orchid said...

The pepero manufacturers must be pretty happy about Pepero Day! Their sales will skyrocket! My fave is the almond bits in choc covered pepero sticks. I can only find those type of rocky sticks by Pepero (Korean brand).

clammy yeah i remember seeing those dark take-out noodles in Sang-doo...she was eating it while waiting for Sang-doo to come home. Looks yummy. It comes with some kimchi too.

Clammy said...

Orchid Much like Hallmark and Valentines Day, I'm sure Lotte had a HUGE hand in making pepero day popular in Korea!

Liz said...

Oooh, Pepero Sticks day sounds cool. How about we come up with a K-popped! Day? Hee hee, what day should it fall on?

Jessie B said...

Happy Lunar New Year K-popped! I just read on Popseoul about this movie called 'Lovers for 6 years' starring Kim Ha Neul of My Private Tutor(with Sang Woo oppa ;)fame topping the box office in Korea. It looks like the perfect Valentine's Day movie. I really miss a good romantic movie since 'The Classic' or 'A Moment to Remember'. Let's hope it comes to S'pore/M'sia soon! Meanwhile, looking fwd to more good stuff from u gals! Fighting :)!

ladida said...

interesting, interesting comments :)
Liz. if it's any consolation, i've tried to channel these messages of love telepathically to Rain on countless occasions but to no avail. Now, I just sit back & pray for a miracle to happen ;P
Orchid, a group of my friends used to joke that Valentine's day is just another Hallmark holiday. So is Sweetest Day.
Chap goh meh: what is its literal translation? I really like the tradition idea; it sounds fun. But seriously, do the ladies put down their # on the tangerines? Boy, it's almost like setting yourself up on a blind date! Soo, have you girls ever participated in this fun tradition? If you have, can you share your dating experiences?
Clammy, I really like your traditions too. Keeping the romantic notions alive for 3 long months sounds romantically dreamy & cute. So, a girl makes the first move but then she has to wait a whole month to find out if she ends up being part of the rejects? hehehe..sounds awfully cruel but then hey, she can stop searching for the answer ;P

Orchid said...

Chap goh meh: what is its literal translation?

chap goh = 15
meh = night

Literal translation is 15th Night

It happens on the fifteenth night after the Lunar New Year.

Anonymous said...


Liz said...

Hi ladida, no we have not participated in the tradition. We kind of read about it and laugh about it with friends. Hee hee, we are bad like that. :-P

blinkable said...

Love the new layout! So cute the cupid touch!

JaeJoong's Pepero anyone?? ;)

Oh yea the throwing of Mandarin orange with you contacts on it..ppl have been telling me there's this guy at Titiwangsa's lake who will gather all the oranges using a net and choose to his likings O_o Scary huh? XD Lucky I never wana try this sorta thing *LOL*

Thanks to clammy for the extra infos. I didnt kno abt the black day.

Isnt Jjajjangmyeon like dried noodles we have e.g., wantan dried noodles or panmee dried noodles?? In cantonese its called kwon loe mee not?? Sori I dont know Chinese so pardon me for the bad romanization *haha*

Happy Valentine's Day and Happy Chap Goh Mei!!

ladida said...

aahhh! "chap ngoh meh" Thks, Orchid. Now I can properly pronounce the phrase in my native language :)
aww, Liz, I was waiting to be entertained w/your great/funny story (similar to Blinkable's) ;P
As for the girls w/the tangerines, just stick w/the candy hearts saying or motto: Hugs. Kiss me. Be mine. ;P

Clammy said...

blinkable JjaJjangmyun isn't dried noodles. It's just regular thick noodles (no idea how it's made, I'm not a cook!) in a black bean sauce. There's actually a packaged kind, which is not as good at all but sometimes it'll do, called Chacharoni. The best is with JjaJjangmyun and yakki Mandoo (fried dumpling) with radish and onions. Actually, that's pretty much the ONLY way to eat it.

Anonymous said...

clammy so far I have only seen Jjajjangmyeon on TV T_T so yea looks like the type of mee I mentioned *haha* yakki Mandoo (aka fried wantan for us) also what would go together with the black sauce (sori I only know how to eat, I dont know anything on food and their ingredients O_o) dried noodles I was trying to explain. *shrugs*


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