Saturday, 9 February 2008

Lee Hyori and Rain come up tops in body swap survey

If you could swap your body with a Korean celebrity, who would it be?

A body swap survey was conducted in Korea in conjunction with the release of the film The Devil's Game. The movie is about two men who swap bodies after a bet (with the Devil, perhaps?).

Sizzlin': Searing hot Lee Hyori

Sexy singers Lee Hyori and the Energizer Bunny topped the poll, garnering a whopping 98.93% of the votes!

Twenty nine-year-old Hyori has charmed many with her sexy smiles, beauty, smokin' hot body and friendly personality.

Smokin': Walking inferno, Rain

Twenty six-year-old Rain, who has legions of female fans, is tall, sculpted and has a cute face (ha ha).

The survey, which was conducted for a week from Jan 21 onwards, was targeted at Netizens.

The stars were paired up like so (pic below): Rain & Lee Hyori, Kwon Sang-woo & Kim Ah-joong, Song Seung-heon & Han Chae-young, Gong Yoo & Yoon Eun-hye.

Source: Daum Media with translations at HanCinema
Pics credit: StarNews & HanCinema

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ladida said...

ooohhh, this is tough. I luv Rain & his hawt, sexy bod! But I'm afraid of what might eventually happen: Rain (me) caught fondling himself behind the wheels, in the public restrooms, at a bar, restaurant, etc. I can't imagine the level of scandals I'll put him through after that one day swap. I def. don't want to put in that terrible crisis, but I'm afraid I won't be able to control myself.
Soooo, let me walk in Bill Gates' shoes, or Hillary Clinton for a day. Hmm, maybe Oprah too :)

Anonymous said...

awesome choice! i'd swap with sexy hyori any day!

Anonymous said...

umm.why would they pair them up? that's ridiculous. what if you want rain's body as a man but not hyori's as a female?? they should have done them separately. i think eunhye has a better body then hyori-taller, too. isn't hyori like 75% plastic anyways?? rain's body is too prone to becoming fat...hehe. he likes food too much.

Pully said...

hyori has short legs. I want to switch with EunHye's body. I like her skinny figure and those long legs

blinkable said...

Yea LHY's bod is hot *haha* I wouldnt mind swapping my body for hers *fingers crossed* XD

Anonymous said...

hyori is hot hot hot! eun hye's body is nothing compared to hyori's sexy one!

Anonymous said...

hyori is super hot!!!

I must have that body if i was to give a chance to swap body with anyone!!!

oh god with that kind of body i could imaging how many lesbian girl I can get.


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