Sunday, 24 February 2008

Ko San’s kimchi mission

Spaceman: Ko San, Korea's 1st astronaut will not
be leaving home without kimchi

Korea's national dish kimchi, along with hunky Korean cosmonaut Ko San, is set to blast off into outer space on April 8!

The 32-year-old computer science engineer, who beat 36,000 contestants for a spot on board the Russian–made Soyuz rocket, will be carrying the beloved Korean dish with him.

Korea’s first astronaut plans to share the specially-made kimchi with fellow spacemen onboard the International Space Station. He will be preparing a Korean dinner on April 12 to celebrate the 47th anniversary of the day Soviet cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin became the first human in space.

Much research went into Space Kimchi to make it bacteria-free.

Space food: Want to try something that's just out of this world? Try Space Kimchi!

On Earth, kimchi is teeming with harmless microbes and lactic acid bacteria as it helps with fermentation. However, scientists fear that the microbes could turn dangerous in space as cosmic rays and other radiation might cause them to mutate.

The challenge was to produce bacteria-free kimchi. The Korean Atomic Energy Research Institute worked on the project since 2003. The result? Space Kimchi, which retains the original taste, but without the bacteria. Also, the pungent smell of the dish is reduced by “one-third or by half.”

Kimchi is set to go where it has never gone before – to infinity and beyond!

Source: The New York Times & K-popped! reader Remadi
Pics credit: The New York Times & Spacefacts

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Anonymous said...

what is up with these hott astronauts? First that smokin hott one from Malaysian and now this cutie pie Korean! Dang I should go visit NASA...

Liz said...

Hello kpop-rubba :-), the cosmonauts aren't at NASA.

The program is at the Russia space training academy thingy. I think the Korean astronaut is on the same program as the Malaysian one.

If so, he will be blasting off from Kazakhstan :-).

kpop_rub said...

yes i know... but in the US we have nasa which I should be visiting since there seems to be such attractive men in space ^_~

Orchid said...

@kpop-rubba Why don't you sign up for a space program? ;-)

Clammy said...

I think it's only arouind 20 million dollars to ride along a russian space flight! HA HA Or you can wait a few years and pay 2 or 3 million for a few days when Virgin get's their space station and tourism thing going!

Rooster said...

Haha, this is like SpaceRam! The Ramen instant noodle made for that Japanese astronaut back then.

Click here for story!

ladida said...

Now that's cool! 1st Korean astronaut in a space mission. With his good looks & brains, he's bound to become a superstar ;P I wish him Godspeed
hmm..2 mil space tourism package? I think I have 4 ways to get on board:
a)start playing the lotto (what r my odds of winning the jackpot? 1:80mil? )
b)start putting pressure on Rain to marry me..Rain, I'm yours TRULY!.. But 1st, I need to figure out the best way to meet him/get closer to him
c)plan a great heist. Ocean's style. But I need my 11 accomplices. Any volunteers?
d)become a space flight attendant. Will i meet the height & weight requirement? how many years of education? (i'm really lazy)


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