Sunday, 24 February 2008

TRIVIA: Singing Edward Scissorhands

Who is the singing Korean Edward Scissorhands in the picture below?

He was performing at a charity concert for kids suffering from leukemia this weekend.

Updated: 25 Feb

The Korean singer's name is Lee Seung Hwan (이승환). He is 43 years-old, but looks much younger than his actual age.

Lee Seung Hwan when he's not
dressed up as Edward Scissorhands

This vertically challenged singer thinks he's hot and sexy too.

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Liz said...

Poor kids, they must be traumatised. I dunno who this crazy-haired man is. A Johnny Depp wannabe?

varms said...

Um... MC Mong?

Anonymous said...

Heheheheh....I just snorted a laugh...ahahahahah. I choked even more when I read it was for children event. That's awesome.

Belle said...

is it be?
but it could be Moon Hee Jun?
noooo idea. ^^

eunice said...

haha for me it kinda looks like moon hee jun..erm VARMS, i dont think its mc mong..juz my opinion no offence^^

ting said...

you know, my first thought was that it was moon hee jun as well. haha! please tell us the answer, please. :D

Orchid said...

ting...thanks for your comment. actually i nearly forgot about this...The answer is up! Are any of you his fan?

Anonymous said...

well at least Johnny Depp will be proud :D although i pity the kids, i sorta pity their parents' more; imagine hw they'll act around the hse more. wonder if the ppl organising the event really looked into what he was going to do for the performance.

Liz said...

Ha ha ha he's hilarious.

blinkable said...

I first saw him in this performance on The Love Letter with Yoon Dohyun
Thought what a way to perform but he's good ;) You can totally feel the energy!


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