Wednesday, 6 February 2008

Korean stars wish you a Happy New Year

Girl group LPG. Have not heard of them before, but put them first
because their pic has the New Year wish on top ;-).

Korean stars – and an Uzbek who is enjoying her 15 minutes of fame – are all decked out in the traditional (and very colourful) hanbok to wish all and sundry a very happy New Year! Enjoy the pictures :-).

The hanboks are beautiful.

Sonyeoshidae a.k.a Girls' Generation (minus one). To tell you the truth,
I don't know who's missing. But aww, they are cho cute!

Long time no see, guys of SS501!

Uzbek beauty Djamilya is looking a little goofy here

Girls who attempt to be sexy. Jewelry looking so much
more classy all-covered up

Cutie-pie princess Joo

Singer Sung Euni

Former Miss Korea 2006 contestant
and singer, Sunha

Pics credit: Newsen & Hankooki

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Jee said...

Happy Chinese New Year!

blinkable said...

I have no idea why but SS501 reminded me of this XD

Anonymous said...

That Uzbek girl only looks good with her clothes off. She's ugly otherwise.

noV said...

for the Girls' Generation pics... Sunny is not there...

noV said...

fyi... LPG is a Trot group... LPG = Long Pretty Girls... they've been in the Kpop scene for almost 3years now...

Liz said...

Thank for the info nov. Ah, a trot group, not really my kind of music ;-).

ladida said...

"That Uzbek girl only looks good with her clothes off" ...hehehe, that's funny
Happy Lunar New Year!

Anonymous said... looks "sopan" with the hanbok..seriously, they look like a slut during performances..mcm mau muntah je tgk one more time performance!


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