Wednesday, 6 February 2008

Listen to Bad Love OST

Check out the songs on Korean drama - Bad Love OST (KBS TV Drama).

Here's a (blind leading the blind) guide to listening to the songs below. Just double-click on the track you want to listen to. I don't have the complete song list, but most of the songs are nice.

Track #2 is the awesome title track. Who's the singer? Anyone know?

Both track #6 and #9 are the same song. Listen to Kwon Sang-woo sing on track #6. (I think that's him). Track #9 is the original singer.

Track #10 is also very nice. Do you have a favourite?

Here's a list of the songs in CD 1 of the Bad Love sound track. Translation courtesy of Joe Gimm.

Bad Love OST - CD 1

01. Prologue 못된 사랑
02. 가슴이 늘퍼
03. 말없이 울더라도
04. 그리움도 사랑 같아서
05. 그대는 바랍
06. 내 가슴이 하는 말 (Original Version)
07. 중독
08. 천상의 왈츠
09. 내 가슴이 하는 말 (Original Version)
10. 내 사랑이 야

01. Bad Love Prologue
02. Sad Heart
03. When I cry with no words
04. Missing you is like loving you
05. You are the wind
06. What my heart says
07. Addiction
08. Waltz in heaven

09. What my heart says (same as No.6)
10. It's my love

Orchid suggests that you listen to the Bad Love Soundtrack while reading our drama recaps.

Get the Bad Love OST!


Anonymous said...

Tei is an awesome singer. Check him out on K-variety shows like X-man & Love Letter on Youtube.

Liz said...

Oh my gosh, I so love Tei's voice. I found this YouTube video and it has subtitles for the song so you know what he's singing about.

Tei, sing to me!

Anonymous said...

Yup #6 is def kwon sang woo.. He has a lisp!

Orchid said...

못된 사랑 OST
(Bad Love OST)

(Lyrics to the chorus)

매일 가슴이 슬퍼
매일 눈물이 흘러
우리 추억들이 넉넉하게 남아서
너를 지울 수가 없어
미워할 수가 없어
내게 다시 한번 돌아와 제발
나를 사랑해 줄래

Everyday my heart is sad
Everyday my tears will fall
Our memories are left so plentiful
I can't forget you
I can't hate you
Please come back to me
Will you love me once again?

munchkinsmom said...

This is where Tei actually sang it live to an award show.

It is also another YouTube video - Heart is sad - Tei

fraulein said...

Yes! I love Sad Heart by Tei.

The timing of this post is great because I wanted to ask what was the title of the other song sung by a female singer... unfortunately, i cannot even find the link. Maybe next time it appears on the series I will point out which scene and someone who knows can help me ; )

I dont mind investing in the OST but I usu get disappointed because it will usu leave out one or two important tracks.

fraulein said...

OOOHHHH... Thanks K-popped ! the track i am talking about is number 3 !! Anyone knows the title and singer ? Is it availableon the OST ?

Are all the 10 songs featured here on the OST ?

Gong Xi Fa Cai

fraulein said...

I like tracks 1, 2, 3, 5, 6 and 9

Can anyone please tell me if they can be found on the OST on yesasia?

Thanks in advance

Orchid said...

Hi Fraulein, you sound really excited about the Bad Love OST. We are too! We like it a lot. I was trying to get the titles of all the 10 tracks, found it on one or two sites, but i am not 100% sure it is right. Plus it's all in Korean. Hence did not post it up. Need to get someone's help to identify the track & singer correctly.

We also wanted to purchase the OST at YesAsia. It comes in 2 CDs. But to get free shipping, we need to add in another item...we couldn't find anything we we dropped the idea - for now. ;-)

Orchid said...

fraulein: All the tracks posted on this entry - in the player comes from the Bad Love OST. We are benefiting from someone sharing it on IMEEM.

fraulein said...

Hi orchid,

if only we live in the same ctry, we could order 2 copies and enjoy the free shipping. I wouldnt mind owning my own copy

Thanks for answering my question = )

Orchid said...

yeah fraulein...we could do that. but i am here and you are there. ;-)

fraulein said...

Hey k-popped trio,

If u manage to come across the listing (song title and artiste) of the OST in english, could you please post it on the blog ?

Thanks in advance.

How's ur new year so far ? ; )

ksw said...

I like #6 very much.

Orchid said...

Hi Fraulein, the listing of the songs titles in English are up - as you requested. Asked a friend to help translate. But i could not get the artist names.

fraulein said...

hi orchid,

thank you very much, you're a great help ; )

yay said...

i really like tracks 2,3,4, & 10.

track 4 is so calming.. lol
the girl who's singing reminds me of the singer of Perhaps Love (goong).

i wish i knew what they're saying.
off to find lyrics! haha

Clammy said...

I've been listening to the ost at work on my ipod! It's great!

Liz said...

Where did you download the tracks from Clammy? From iTunes? Or did you rip it from the OST CD?

Clammy said...

Liz Niether, I got it via a torrent. Do you want it? Contact me on facebook.

Orchid said...

Clammy...since we know you listen to the OST...i am you watch the drama?

The ost is really nice. I can't get sick of the songs (especially 2, 6, 10) no matter how many times i listen!

Clammy said...

Orchid Actually I haven't even started the drama yet! I've been kind of busy and in my spare time to watch anything I've been trying to catch up on watching all the academy award movie screeners before the Oscars. I tend to save the dramas for extended periods of boredom because it's REALLY REALLY hard to watch just ONE episode at a time!

Liz said...

Clammy, yes, me want! I'm sick of listening to Rain on my MP3 player.

I have sent you a message.

fraulein said...

LOL, thought i was the only one playing rain songs to death on me ipod

Orchid said...

I take back whatever i said about KSW singing. If track #6 is actually Kwon Sang-woo singing...then i think he can sing. After listening to it many times, i like it. But i am not 100% sure that's him. Anyone can comment?

Liz said... are not alone ;-)

Anonymous said...

i love all the songs most especially #4 so relaxing! :D i've been listening to the OST during my free time sometimes even at work! haha tnx to my ipod! :D

btw, i've watched the whole drama.. and i love the ending! thank God it's not bad or tragic ending! hahaha...

Anonymous said...

i mean thank God it's not SAD or tragic ending! hahaha...

Anonymous said...

No.7 song is the best of all. Despite all the lusts, lies, adulteries, suicides etc which are not Asian cultures, Yonggi and Injung are the best. Their faces are similar and so, in reality, they are great couple. I wish so for my brother and sister to get married to each other like ...

farah said...

where can u download the bad love ost???

Anonymous said...

OMG!! I sososo love addicted! The song is frickin nice~ makes me wanna cry. I know ironic cuz it's not those sentimental types. But in the drama, whenever they come to parts where yong gi and in jung have to seperate bcuz their love is forbidden, the song plays and that's just making me cry buckets! haha. thanks for the titles.

Anonymous said...

oh! I mean addiction. =D

Anonymous said...

Track #6 is not by KSW, it is sung by someone called Chi Min

Anonymous said...

Outstanding tracks - tks a zillion for sharing it!!!!

I Love KSW said...

That's not Kwon Sang Woo track number 6.
I know his very well and that's not him.
He can't really sing too X)

salvagia said...

yes, track #6 is sung by Chi Min/Lee Wo Sang isnt it? the tite is..?
The Words My Heart Is Saying
i got the lyric from
love OST.. i've watched until teh end haha XD


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