Friday, 1 February 2008

Maxim February '08 cover girl: Lee Hyun-ji (이현지)

Oh! It's that time of the month again! Bring oOooN the sexy ladies!

But what it this?!?

Like, Oh. My. Gawd. Is this like, some, Forever 21 catalogue?


Dubbed Pocket Girl, Lee Hyun-ji is a regular on X-Man, a celebrity variety show hosted by funny man MC Yoo. She also played Eru's girlfriend (thanks Belle) in his Mtv for White Snow. That's all I know about this chick. Check out her videos below.

Lee Hyun-ji dances to an old tune on X-Man

Watch Lee Hyun-ji and Eru frolick in the snow

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Belle said...

wow. isnt maxim like a men's magazine? she is wearing toomany clothes. hehe.

anyways, some corrections hehe. its Eru, not Sung Si Kyung.. and its New X-Man and not Xman (i guess it doesnt really matter).

Liz said...

Man that piano is ruined isn't it? Covered in snow and all that.

The 1st vid was farny! U-know and Hero was in there as well right? What happened to the rest of TVXQ?

ladida said...

yea, those poses might work on a teen vogue mag. Maxim usu. have scantily clad models & actresses pose in ever seductive, come-hither positions

blinkable said...

The New X-Man posted here is the Episode5 one I think. Artistes (other than JaeHo) included Sung Shi Kyung, Andy, Se7en, MCMong, HaHa and Park Myung Soo (I cant remember the rest names XD). I love watching New X-Man. Not all members will appear together in a variety show tho sometimes during the dancing perf, the rest will appear like in Ep.1, the rest of 4 appeared to help YunHo in dancing Balloons ~ kiyopdah <33


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