Friday, 1 February 2008

Chae Yeon & Andy heat up stage

Happy together: Aww, look at that goofy grin on Chae Yeon,
she's so happy to be on stage with Andy

Andy of popular K-pop boyband Shinhwa and Chae Yeon paired up for cable music channel Mnet during the live broadcast of M Countdown on Jan 31.

Wink, wink: 'Yeah, I'm with sexy, who are ya with?'

Duo: 'Just the two of us, we can make it if we try,
just the two of and I ;-)'

Twenty seven-year-old Andy released his 1st solo album entitled Andy the First New Dream recently and have been doing the promotional rounds for it.

Chae Yeon lends her voice to the album in a duet entitled Timing.

Extensions: Goodness gracious Chae Yeon, I can see your
hair extensions from all the way in Malaysia!

Hairy problem: Chae Yeon adjusts her hair extensions and...hey,
is that dancer trying to cop a feel right there? :-P

Emcees: After all that prancing around, the pair decide to host the show

Source & Pics credit: Hankooki & Newsen

Andy's New Dream

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-liza- said...

omooo... this is my first time here as i'm not aware the existing of this blog... and i really adore ur passionate about korean culture.. well me too!!!

i love andy since 2004 and yes i am very passionate fan of shinhwa... i already ordered his album and guess what? i order 2 copies!! i love his performance but i dont really like chae yeon, since x-man..

but i do thankful to chae yeon as she willing to put aside her schedule for andy's performance...

Liz said...

Welcome -liza-, nice to see you here :-).

ladida said...

Chae yeon is cute (minus the bad hair extension). She kind of reminds me of Hyori when looking @ these pics.

jenn said...

is it me or chae yeon got fat?

Anonymous said...

andy hould have chosen someone with a better voice to sing with him. chae yeon's live singing does nothing for this song.

blinkable said...

jenn you are not alone O_o She seems to have gain weight! XD

To -liza-, 2 copies of Andy's??! Andy loves you soo much *haha* I cant wait for Shinhwa's!!!!! *glomp*

Anonymous said...

andy is so adorable as always but chae yeon is soooo wrong for this song! i would've loved to see bae seul gi with andy! she has a stronger voice!

Anonymous said...

Okay, first of all, people need to stop being so go* da**ed bit**y to Chae Yeon because
a) you don't know if the extensions were her choice or not
and b) you don't even know what her personality is really like because um..helloo..everything is planned ahead of time?
Second of all, she's not fat. That's like, all muscle because she dances so much and while we're talking about her performances, she doesn't choose what she wears or how she does her hair or whatever when she's on stage. Her management company does.
So if everyone's done being all f'ing judgemental and if they're done making snarky annoying comments about her, then maybe she could actually focus on her music instead of worrying about her gay aniti-fans.


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