Saturday, 16 February 2008

Wonder Girls heads to New York!

Wonder Girls left Korea's Incheon airport for the Big Apple on the 16th February (that's today!). They will be shooting their MTV series "Wonder Girls MTV Season 3" while in New York. How exciting for the girls.

Wonder Girls travel in style...

Barely out of school (both Ahn
So-hee and Sun-mi are 16 and just graduated from middle school while Park Ye-eun, 19, graduated from high school recently) Wonder Girls heads to the land of the free to entertain fans there. They will be joining their mentor JY Park on stage as he kicks off his US tour at the WaMu Theater, Madison Square Garden on Feb 29. Later, they will perform at Los Angeles Wiltern Theater on March 8.

New York, we come!

There are pictures of cutie So-hee's graduation photos all over the Internet. She looks so young and innocent, without a trace of make-up in those photos. Then as if magically, she transforms herself back into So-hee the popstar at Incheon airport, wearing a very fashionable buttoned down beige jacket and designer sunglasses.

Left: Sohee the school girl
Right: Sohee the popstar

Prior to leaving for the States, the girls attended an official ceremony which looks a lot like a polling campaign (can anyone tell us what it was)? For this occasion, the girls left their shorts and miniskirts at home, and donned formal black suits instead.

Wonder Girls at an official function

Anyone planning to go for JYP's concert in NY or LA?

Pics credit: Yonhap, Newsen, MyDaily

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Anonymous said...

now they're becoming more famous..i'm happy for them..but i'm still not their fan..i think they're still lacking on "something" that can't make me like them..well, at least they'll gain more fans there..

Chelsea said...

i intended to go to their concert in nyc, but the cheapest tickets are $40 in the 300 section seats. there's no point since i won't be able to see them. so i'm going to new york city a lot in the next few weeks to go find them and show them my tell me dance. hahaha.

Anonymous said...

they all look so good in their outftis
it's FREEZING over in Korea right now. I would die.
I would go to NY to see them
but.. the weather is too damn freezing over there
maybe this summer when i'm in korea.

Belle said...

i am planning on hunting them down when they come here in LA. they are having a concert at USC.. and i go to ucla.. so my chances are great! hehe. if you have any info let me know ok? then ill give you my pictures. ^^

Clammy said...

I thought they were just doing the Wiltern over here in L.A.

Anonymous said...

wow they look so sophisticated! Perfect style for NYC!

roth said...

damnn...only if I have the time and money to fly to NYC real quick -_-

Anonymous said...

I will go Japan end of this month, next month will be in Korea...

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Chianz said...

^^ Wonder Girls were lookin great... Star should dress like a Star,ahhaha... I loved their outfit lotz,it looked awesome n stylish... Korean always good in dressing! Korean's style are great!

Anonymous said...

hi everyone
I have an extra Wonder Girls Concert Ticket in New York City.
3rd row from the front in the middle, so it's really good seat.
It's priced at $150, but I will sell it for $120.
If you are interested, e-mail me at

Anonymous said...

I heard that all of the Wonder Girls are studying English right now in a language school in Manhattan called EmbassyCES!

Anonymous said...

That is true.
You can see they say here... learn English at New York Embassy CES.
And did photo fashion shoot in times square at weekend I heard.
I wanna hear them speak English now.
New York must be very excited.


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