Sunday, 17 February 2008

Song Seung-hun back in the spotlight

Korean actor Song Seung-hun
returns after his military stint

South Korean actor Song Seung-hun celebrated his return to the Korean entertainment scene after his mandatory 2-year military duty with his Japanese fans. In his first official meet-the-fans session since his release from national service in Nov 2006,
15,000 fans turned up to see their beloved actor. Song was very touched by the huge turn up and show of love and support from his fans.

Oppa, we missed you so much!
Song touched by the show of love
and support from his Japanese fans

The fan meeting was held on the 16th Feb, 4pm Japan time at the
Saitama Super Arena.

The fans were treated to images of his coming movie
Destiny or Fate (숙명). Fans were told that the movie will be released on March 20, 2008, in South Korea and this summer in Japan.

Song fires a gun with heart shaped bullets at
15,000 fans at Japan's Super Arena

32 year-old Song is confirmed to join the cast of MBC's upcoming drama "East Of Eden" (에덴의 동쪽). This 25 billion Won production is scheduled to air in Korea at the end of June, 2008. The 50-episode drama will be Song's first TV drama after 5 years! I am sure his fans will be looking forward to his return.

As for me, it will be my first time seeing Song Seung-hun in action. See...when i got K-popped! he was in military service. ;-)

Ladies & gentlemen...I'm back!

Source: Starnews
Pics credit: Starnews, Newsen

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Liz said...

Haven't seen any of his shows...yet ;-).

Azura said...

Yayyy!!! Can't wait to see him back in action :D Have watched some of his dramas.

Arin said...

yeah. I can't wait either!
Well, I'm not really a big fan of him, I've only watched two of his dramas. Autumn in My Heart & Summer Scent. However, I'm still excited for his comeback! Especially in the movie, Destiny. Nothing could be better than seeing two super actors collaborating in the same movie ;)

Orchid said...

@arin - i think they are good friends in real life too! KSW & SSH.


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