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Bad Love - Episode 18

It took Na In-jung (Lee Yo-won) a lot of courage to go and meet Su-hwan at the hospital, only to find him gone. Kang Yong-gi (Kwon Sang-woo) on the other hand is against the idea of In-jung meeting Su-hwan. Yong-gi does not like seeing In-jung being blamed for her past mistake. He does not want her feeling guilty anymore.

Although suffering from a serious terminal illness,
Lee Su-hwan (Kim Sung-su) did not die but runs away and hides. He refuses the surgery that could save his life.

The dying Su-hwan wanders around aimlessly.
Come to think of it,
he does not have
a home to go to...poor guy.

Kang Joo-ran calls Na In-jung up and threatens her. If In-jung cannot convince Su-hwan to agree to the surgery, she will be guilty of Su-hwan's death.

Kang Yong-gi meets Samchun in what seems like ages and they drink soju together. The fatherly Samchun advices Yong-gi to let In-jung finish any unfinished business with the dying Su-hwan.

Samchun and Yong-gi meet after a long time.
They talk and drink soju together.

The unrelentless Joo-ran corners Yong-gi in his room and asks him to get In-jung to convince Su-hwan to go for the operation.

Get out of my room!

Su-hwan visits his father-in-law's grave and poured out his heart to the man he once respected and wanted to win approval from. His father-in-law's voice whispers back and asks Su-hwan to let go (of In-jung i assume). Su-hwan collapses after that and has to be rushed to the hospital.

I am a sad man...i am dying all alone

Yong-gi visits Su-hwan at the hospital and tries to convince the latter to go for the much needed surgery that will buy Su-hwan some time. Su-hwan refuses, but instead asks Yong-gi to take him night fishing.

Su-hwan, don't be stubborn and go for the surgery

Yong-gi comforts a troubled In-jung

Like a naughty kid Su-hwan refuses surgery
but wants to go night
fishing instead

That night, Yong-gi picks Su-hwan up from the hospital and they go fishing as promised. Once enemies, both men spend time together bonding and having a heart-to-heart talk. They talk about Yong-gi's father - how Su-hwan tried to be the son he never really had in Yong-gi but failed.

Su-hwan makes Yong-gi promise not to leave In-jung

They catch fish

They go back to Yong-gi's bachelor bungalow (which happens to be near their fishing spot) and Yong-gi prepares hot soup for dinner.

Yong-gi tries to get Su-hwan to go for the operation again...

Su-hwan drinks more soju than he's allowed while Yong-gi tries to convince him to go for the surgery again. Yong-gi reasons that Su-hwan needs to teach him the ropes on how to run
Daehan Construction. Su-hwan did not take the bait and refuses.

Su-hwan takes a nap while Yong-gi goes out for some fresh air and to gather his thoughts. Su-hwan dreams of In-jung and wakes up just as Yong-gi walks into his room to check on him.

Are you all right?
Su-hwan: It has been a long time since I had such a wonderful dream but it is a dream I have to let go.
Yong-gi: Do you want to see her?

Do you want to see her?

Without a word, Yong-gi then walks out of the room and goes to pick In-jung up.

After his nap, Su-hwan is wide a wake and is waiting for In-jung at Yong-gi's bachelor bungalow. Yong-gi waits in the car as In-jung steps into the living room to see Su-hwan.

Su-hwan and In-jung settle "unfinished business"

They talk and settle unfinished business. Su-hwan admits that what they had wasn't love and implies that he will finally let her go now. While In-jung tells Su-hwan that the only way she knew how to ease the pain was to hate him. From now on, she will not hate him anymore. They decide to bury their past once and for all.

In-jung then urges Su-hwan to go for the surgery.

"Give your mother time to adjust to the news of your illness."
"Give your (ex)wife time to forgive you."
"Give yourself time to stop feeling guilty."

With those words, In-jung convinced Su-hwan to go for the surgery.

Yong-gi has somehow won the approval of Stepmother and Joo-ran by handling the situation tactfully and finally making Su-hwan go for the surgery. Episode 18 ends as Su-hwan is being wheeled into the operating theatre.

Su-hwan being wheeled into the operating theater.
Will he survive?

Bad Love - Episode 19

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fraulein said...

Just finished ep 19 on KBS World which left me on tenterhooks -
I dont think things will end well for YG and IJ.... practically bawled my eyes out

what's worse, i think there has been a scheduling mistake. The tv guide for broadcaster here in Singapore is showing the new Single Dad in Love at 3am tomorrow morning .... what's gonna happen to ep 20????

In ep 18, how come Suhwan and Juran only have thank yous to say to each other?

I thought Suhwan would die here but he keeps hanging on.

Others may disagree but ep 18 was quite a bore - there was no major development to move the plot - nothing changes or improves, nothing gets better or worse.

Haiz, and why is Sinyeong scheming when she's in deep trouble herself?
Ok, so she will be redeemed later

For me, I found YG's gesture the best thing that took place in this ep- he is gracious enough to allow IJ to meet SH.

Orchid said...

@fraulein I feel Su-hwan's death is prolonged in this episode. I was going like...when is he going to die already! :-) But it looks like they want to make him the "hero" a bit by clearing up all his past mistakes before passing on. Plus Yong-gi is beginning to act like the head of the family and taking responsibility for things and trying to keep his family together, while taking care of his own needs and In-jung. Yong-gi is growing up! :-)

fraulein said...


Yeah, I agree with you. They prolonged Suhwan's role to make him more heroic and Yong-gi is definitely stepping up and growing up. Nice recap as usual !


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