Sunday, 30 March 2008

Cancellation of FT Island concert in Malaysia

Fans in yellow (FT Island's official colour) hanging around the entrance
to the concert venue

It is 6.30pm on Sunday (March 30) and the atmosphere outside Sunway Lagoon’s Elephant Walk Entrance is somber.

The concert ushers report for duty but discover that the show has been cancelled

Many fans are shocked and in disbelief that the FT Island 1st Live in Malaysia concert has been cancelled.

Fans want the show to go on!

Some fans got wind of the cancellation at around 4pm, just three and a half hours before the curtain rises!

Fans are still hanging around the entrance to the concert venue, praying that the situation will change. They are hoping that the F.T. Island boys will miraculously show-up.

Fans linger outside the entrance to the concert venue in
hopes that the boys will turn up

“We are here because we are hoping things will change. Maybe they could just appear and lip sync or something…anything,” says Nur Aliyah who is here with 5 of her friends namely Amelia, Aqilah, Farah, Nur Aliyah (yes, they share the same name) and Mimi.

Aliyah (the 1st one) adds: “We only ever get to see them on the Internet and this was our chance to see them in the flesh! We are very disappointed.

"We are Malaysians, we live here…can you imagine how the fans from other countries must feel? They come all the way from Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia….We want to know why this happened?”

Disappointed fan

However, the girls strongly believe that FT Island is not at fault. Word on the grapevine is that the FT Island management and local organisers C.I. Entertainment had a fallout and the boys’ management is preventing them from performing.

It is said that the management is extremely dissatisfied with the arrangements made by the local organisers. They are unhappy with the hotel (Grand Millenium) and venues of the events (Izzi Restaurant for the PC, and Party House for the Global Fan Meet/ Birthday Party).

Korean Press reporter talks to the fans

Amelia says, “We are understanding fans. We don’t want to mogok (protest) or anything like that. Also, we don’t want FT Island to be blamed for this. We know it is not their fault.”

Unofficial story

The only C.I. Entertainment rep at the concert venue refuses to comment on the situation. However, the person divulges that the FT Island boys are still in Malaysia, but the concert is cancelled. The person politely asks K-popped! to wait for the official press release.

Strong support for Min-hwan (drummer) and Jong-hun (lead guitarist)

Strictly hearsay, fans inform K-popped! that C.I. Entertainment had pleaded with FT Island’s management from 8am to 2.30pm today (March 30) to continue with the concert.

When the Korean management still refused to give in to their plea, the local organisers attempted to dupe the manager to appear at the concert venue to explain things to the fans.

They lied that they were taking the person to the airport, but the manager discovered their ruse and jumped out of the car.

Red, yellow and blue -- that's how the fans felt, BLUE.
It drizzled a little on this sad day

Again, we stress that this is hearsay. Neither C.I Entertainment nor the Korean management has commented on the situation.

From across the border

An FT Island fan from Singapore, who wants to remain anonymous, says she is extremely disappointed. She only discovered about the concert cancellation when she arrived at the venue.

Disgruntled Indonesian fans

“We would like to know the reason behind it. They (FT Island) are already here and the concert venue has been set up. Why cancel? After all, they are only here for one concert.”

The Singaporean fan is part of the group that bought the fan package, which includes the Global Fan Meet/ Birthday Party with the FT Island boys yesterday (March 29). She informs K-popped! that yesterday’s event was almost cancelled as well.

'Give us FT Island, not our money back!' (A Singapore fan represents with a flag)

“The Global Fan Meet was almost cancelled. We waited for about 6 hours before FT Island turned up. They finally managed to persuade the boys to show up at the last minute. This delayed the fan meeting and autograph session later in the afternoon.”

Fans from Thailand were even here! The FT Island boys will be
performing in Thailand soon. The shirt says it all

K-popped! is saddened by how things turned out, especially for the fans who have been anticipating the concert. Below is a video of the fans calling for the concert to go on.

The nightmarish PC:
FT Island press conference in Malaysia
F.T.Island in Malaysia

Plans for the concert that never was:
Tickets to F.T. Island concert at TicketCharge
F.T. Island spotted in Penang
Ticket prices to F.T. Island's concert
F.T. Island to perform live in Malaysia


Anonymous said...

That is complete crap!
Being involved in corporate organization myself, I know what's involved, and it sounds like this is completely unprofessional, amongst other things.
It's unfortunate for the overseas fans who ventured to Malaysia for this.
What a huge, huge blunder!

Anonymous said...

oh god...
this is so bad...
i know everyone is dissapointed but i guess it's not wat the boys wanted as well,
they mus feel real awful...
i hope they launch the press conference soon to clear this big mess up

Aesthetic said...

this is unprofessional of CI. well CI sucks. you've let down the hopes of fans who came all the way from other countries.

ugh, i'll be waiting for the reasons. do update more please.

Anonymous said...

One thing that I forgot to add to my first post was that I don't understand why FT Island's management and CI Entertainment weren't able to hash out the details of things like the venues before hand. Usually, the two parties should work together and APPROVE these sorts of things ahead of time.
Again, I feel sorry for the Malaysians fans, but I feel even worse for those that traveled from other countries.

Anonymous said...

I must comment and say that trying to trick the manager into coming to the venue (if they did do that) was completely unprofessional and rather childish. They should've learned after the mistakes they made before. I'm so depressed. This will certainly give the manager and FTI a horrible impression of Malaysia. There must be some way to let them know that this was CI's doing and that another company (e.g. the one that planned DBSKs, Bi's) could do much better. I'm very disappointed. After this I'm quite sure they won't be back for a long time, if ever.

Anonymous said...

I agree that it was very unprofessional of CI to trick the manager. It is childish, really. I actually have a friend who's a representative of one of the fan communities and I know how much she and the other prepared for this. I really feel sorry for the Malaysian fans, but I feel sorry to the fans who aren't from Malaysia even more. They sacrificed their money and resources just to see FT Island. It would have been better if they just let FT Island perform then they'd go resolve conflicts backstage. Just an idea.

I really hope all the organizers from both parties involved learn from this.

FT Island, we still love you no matter what!!! <3

Orchid said...

Maybe it isn't entirely CI Entertainment's fault. I just read that FT Island concert in Kwangju was canceled recently too! The reasons seem to be similar. Could it be that FT Island's management is difficult to work with?

Johan said...

I'm one of the many who got back from Sunway after what went down. I have my own personal reasons to be really pissed off, but I feel really sorry for FTI themselves. They must've really wanted to perform badly for their adoring friends, but politics had to play its part and this pile of bull was unleashed against us.

-VoNNe- said...

this is reali nt wat most ppl expected of this day,
i was looking forward to digging details out of frens tat wen to the concert,
who would hav thought it would be cancelled,
if the rumoured reasons of y the concert is cancelled then i tink it's jus quite lame.
but anyways,
we can't judge anything now until the press conference has been released and we know exactly why the concert was cancelled

lila said...

I think you're on to something, Orchid. I was looking at some other press releases about FTI, and some insiders seem to have similar complaints about the group's management. But who knows at this point?

Anonymous said...

Am I the only one who don't think it's CI's fault? I heard the news of cancellationin KwangJu before with similar reason, just a few days in advance. FTI's company betten not cancel the concert in Thailand, or we'll know who to blame. Seriously, the venue in Thailand is small, but a good one.

Chunnie's Minnie said...

Oh this is bad..
AND embarassing~
This is FTi's 1st time here and this is the impression Malaysia leaves them.. WTH..
I was supposed to be their but i din make it for some reasons.. i dunno.. should i thank my lucky star?
For an event to be successful BOTH local organiser and the boys' management should work it out together.. not making the fans who have been waiting for this for sooooo long to leave in dissappointment. I heard that the PC yesterday was a disaster also? X.x

Fans need good reason. And i mean good.

Anonymous said...

For me, I think both of them also should take the responsible for tis mistake..
Both of them should came out 2 explain wat r actually happen..
Actually im 1 of the fans who going the concert 2day but i din c anything b4 i have leave there..
Only a notice at the entrance saying tat the concert r cancel!!
Tats really shock!!
I feel sad 2 all to fans who come far away~~
Hope can c the good explaination from them 2molo~~

who? said...

oh crap... press conference was a near disaster, and i feared something like this would happen. i think the koreans were put off by CI's unprofessional management.

i pity the non-malaysian fans and of coz the boys themselves. someone told me hongki looked displeased at the PC. damn CI's making them come here for nothing then?

i'm in total disbelief. this leaves a TERRIBLE impression of malaysia towards the korean artists. n Super Junior's coming for their asian tour.

...but again, there's the kwangju incident. so it might not be entirely CI's fault as well... poor boys...

i say do a frickin press conference. dont make fans get any ideas. clear the mess up. i still hope they 'miraculously' appear someday too, hehe

noV said...

it's not what the boys want... it's not what C.I wants... it's not what the managers want... it's nobodies fault ok? so, please stop accusing anyone when u don't even know the truth yet...

Anonymous said...

Are they giving out refunds for this concert?

Seems like FT management is the one who broke the contract. If they were not happy at all with the arrangements, they should not have sign a contract with CI. If anything CI should have made a presentation to FT management before presenting the contract. If you don't know what you're getting, don't sign and take money beforehand.

Anonymous said...

i got super shocked and upset when they told me it got cancelled.
we malaysian primadonnas deserve to know the reason why after waiting for so long!!! ARGH

Anonymous said...

got the news from the security there,the rumour said it was the artistes's fault..i tried not to think it was honggi's..cos he was moody all the time...

and the CI explained to the us,fans,after that..but still,the reason was not a reason,unacceptable~...


iciviuja said...

Oh my....
I thought I could get some good news about the concert but instead i was really shocked reading the title of the post... cancelled? How can they just simply cancel things like that? Of course we can't really blame anyone in this matter but without any good explaination just made it worse, no?
And about CI tricking the manager, yes it was a childish act, but i think they really couldn't find a better way for the manager to go to the venue and explain things for the fans. And the manager too, he's just running away from his responsibility. Can't he think for the fans a little bit? These are those who've been supporting the band outside their country. So give them some good reasons!
I hope FT Island still have faith to come here again.. they must be really pissed off of this matter.

Anonymous said...

Completely unprofessional.

They can offer their money back for the tickets but what about the plane tickets, transportation all that money it took to get those fans there. Canceling hours before the show is ridiculous.

olychan said...

i very dissapointed!!
i'm from indonesia!!!
when i sending the bois back minhwan is not good mood~~ but when he
check in he smile at us~~
FT-i is athlete i think!!!
they ran very fast!!!
hongki is make a ponytail~~
jonghun is very handsome todae~~~
just relaized tat jaejin is very thin~~
wonbin is super duper SEXY!!!

i will still love u guys!!! so HWAITINGG!! and dun make us dissapointed again!!

nicole *ci enter bos* also come to the airport and "SHE SMILE AND LAUGH??*
i just dunno~~
so when in concert place she just faked?? her just showing upset and guilty face!!
that 1 she just faked!!!

Anonymous said...

It is becoming increasingly evident that KPOP stars are poorly managed and many are "prima donnas", forgetting about their fan base and a disappointment to the international music industry as a whole.

I recall another popular prima donna star (i.e., Bi) whose difficulties with management and local organizers caused an abrubt concert cancellation similar to the one in Malaysia. The US press was relentless against KPOP after the debacle.

Carolina said...

Oh my!!....that's really bad!!...the fans must be devastated!!
But also have in mind that what might have happened wasn't the boys fault...but it's just a guess though...
I'm from Chile, and i'm also a huge fan of i never expect them to come...but if i had the possibility to travel and see them and they cancel the show i know i would feel just like everyone that went to see them....
Just wait for the press release...maybe there's a good explanation...cuz if they cancelled another concert...there's gotta be a good reason, right?

soohyun said...

this must suck for the fans.
awww i feel bad for fans from diff. countries. :(

soohyun said...

this must suck for the fans.
awww i feel bad for fans from diff. countries. :(

soohyun said...

this must suck for the fans.
awww i feel bad for fans from diff. countries. :(

Anonymous said...

yes, it could be the CI's fault, and yes they are indeed unprofessional, but what they're doing was to be RESPONSIBLE to the fans who made all the way here to watch the concert.

no matter how bad CI has organized, the manager should have put their internal conflict aside and perform the concert as usual? this is entirely unprofessional as well, especially to those who came frm other countries.

besides, it isn't smart to let the fans find out about their internal conflicts. that's again unprofessional. and is that why they've yet to explain the reason the concert is canceled?

jacA said...

"Sunway Lagoon is only the venue."

looks like sunway didn't want to get involved in this happening xD

Anonymous said...

i'm not in a good mood right now.
FT ISLAND was late for almost 5 hours at fans-meeting.
does anyone hear any apologize from them??
ok, i'm going to write in malay.
i heard the reason that organizer bagi sbb cancel the concert is FT ISLAND sicks(lima2??)
if sakit pon, they not sakit tenat or something.(alasan yg xmunasabah)
even TVXQ yg sakit pon, sggup tahan atas pentas demi fans. Cassiopeia mesti tau yang yunho always tahan sakit and truskan perform. and FT ISLAND?? wth.
management yg slah, menyusahkan peminat.
diorg lambat tp i didnt hear any apologize from them (or my pendengaran yg rosak).
i tought i'm gonna get their autograph, but i only can get one autograph. luckily i got my fav member autograph.
tp kesian coz some fans xnak member yg diorg xminat, tp kne pakse jugak.
lepas tu, i reached there at 10a.m, and they came at 4p.m something la.
dah la dtg lambat, pastu bleh plak abiskan fans-meeting dengan awal.
ade yg xdpt autograph lg tu.
rmai yg beli sbb nak autograph.
tp management yg BODOH!!

Anonymous said...

seriously i don't think it's CI's u think they're stupid enough to just let this happened???i don't think so...this is the 2nd incident after the kwangju..leaving in the middle of the night without a press conference is actually fishy & unprofessional...i dont think malaysia leaves a bad impression on them, THEY left bad impression on malaysians...just my personal thought tho..hahah what matters now is getting my refund back~~~~

Anonymous said...

i'm one of the fans who went both days of the signing session and also for the concert that had nvr held. it's frustratin to see the boys reach late and there are some info saying that the boys having lunch in StarHill bout 2 sumtin...aren't dey suppose to be in Cineleisure? we were cramped, scolded, fightin screamin each other due to the congested venue..the worst is tat der r sum fans who didnt got their autograph..then the boys rep i tink could be the mngr, she's damn rude kept pull and push ppl to hurried them off the stage. the cancelation of the concert was informed late and i rely felt the korea and local management rely should reveal the truth and stop blaming each other..we, the fans had spend 48 hours for nothing in the end, only felt dissapointed and frustrating. there are lotsa version of the stories that invovle every sides including the artist. i felt so sory for the overseas fans who carry their hope and spend so much cash and disapointment they would bring back home. i try my best not to blame on the boys, i'm sory to all the ft.island fans but definetely der must be an apologize from the boys or their management.

chea said...

It was very dissapointing. I waited till 11 and in the end, no concrete explanation was given.

Anonymous said...

i'm started not to trust FT ISLAND anymore. After all the things that happen, i choose to leave FT ISLAND. Because of them, my friends hate me, my money already finished (rm500), but i didnt satisfied at all, i got scolded by my parents, i'm crying the whole day because of the concert.
I dont want to support FT ISLAND anymore.
I really hate them now.
They supposed be punctual, try not to be late.
And sicks is not a good reason to finished fan meeting early and cancelled the concert.
They not so famous like TVXQ, BOA and others. They just a new artists who wanna make a big name like TVXQ. TVXQ really have a packed schedule, but they still do their concert because they didnt want to let down their fans.
Now, i totally respect TVXQ. They really care about their fans.
FT ISLAND.. sorry.. i'm not like u guys anymore after what happen.
GOODBYE FT ISLAND!! i'm not gonna missing you!! never!
to FT ISLAND fans(PRiMADONNA), i'm so sorry..

Anonymous said...

CI sucks!
i wanna claim my concert ticket back.

Anonymous said...

i'm one of the fans who went both days of the signing session and also for the concert that had nvr held. it's frustratin to see the boys reach late and there are some info saying that the boys having lunch in StarHill bout 2 sumtin...aren't dey suppose to be in Cineleisure? we were cramped, scolded, fightin screamin each other due to the congested venue..the worst is tat der r sum fans who didnt got their autograph..then the boys rep i tink could be the mngr, she's damn rude kept pull and push ppl to hurried them off the stage. the cancelation of the concert was informed late and i rely felt the korea and local management rely should reveal the truth n stop blaming each other. we, the fans had spend 48 hours for nothing in the end, only felt dissapointed and frustrating cz there are lotsa version of the stories that invovle every side including the artist. i felt so sory for the overseas fans who carry their hope, spend so much cash and only disapointment ushered them home. there is an info saying that the stage is already ready 4 days b4 the concert and their sound engineer was there to check the sound system. i try my best not to blame on the boys s i'm one of ft.island fans but definitely der must be an apologize from the boys or their management.

Anonymous said...

"then the boys rep i tink could be the mngr, she's damn rude kept pull and push ppl to hurried them off the stage"
she was just the translator

varms said...

I hope there's a very good explanation for this in the press conference because canceling the concert just three and a half hours before is no joke. This will not leave a good impression on their fans... Just stick to Suju and TVXQ, people!

angel said...

i need to know the true reason.
what happen?
why they leaving malaysia suddenly last night?
where's apologize statement?
if i didnt hear anything in this weeks, i'm not gonna keep quiet.

Anonymous said...

CI is horrible!!!!!
lack of experience
give us an explanation!!!
a really good one PLEASE!!!

heather said...

how come korean organizers keep changing something even after contracts have been signed. even if people keep putting the blame on the malaysian organizers i see a kind of business trend with korean: they keep changing and changing things. anybody who's in their right mind should have inspected the venue/etc. before agreeing to anything. that's part of planning. but obviously koreans don't know how to plan. not only did the US Peace Concert got cancelled because they changed the number of staffs that needed sponsored flights to the US; the DBSK concert tickets have soared high because they changed something with the stage setup (yeah right) and blamed the rise in ticket prices to increase in production coast. what a balooney.. korean are obviously NOT good businessmen. did they think international fans are stupid??????

alice-imeem said...

i'm totally agree with u.
stick to TVXQ and SUJU.

Anonymous said...

^^^ i say BOYCOTT KPOP ARTISTS!!!!!!

korean lovers said...

just stop to support korean.
That's it.
Let they know how international fans feel.


anyone want to buy FT ISLAND repackage album with minhwan autograph?
just let me know ok.
post here.

kpop is dead said...

maybe this should give you an idea how korean businessmen work:

Anonymous said...

i agree!!!they maybe think the international fans are stupid...bigger US bands have made concerts here...this is actually my 1st time ever going to a korean's band concert and it's cancelled???it's surely left a bad impression on kpop...haih~~~

Anonymous said...

and u called u guys a fan..juz bcoz something stupid like this happen, u guys want to stop supporting them..that's pathetic..i spend RM800++ for everything, i'm not rich, i even wait almost 6 hours for the fan meeting and i didn't even get their signature but i'm not blaming ft island, bcoz i'm a fan who loves them dearly, and not juz a person who said i love them but when something like this happen suddenly i'm not their fan anymore..coz that's sad..juz bcoz CI is stupid doesn't mean i have 2 stop supporting them..and to the idiot ppl who ask us to stop loving kpop, GO AWAY..u're juz a stupid person who tried to take advantage of this situation..and what ever race u are, u sucked..

Anonymous said...

My dear immature friends, we cannot push all the blame to the other party. It is both parties, Malaysia's management company (CI Entertainment) and Korea's that cause this havock. If you were to blame the Kpop and the Koreans, please include the Malayians and the management company here. FT Island is totally not involved in this, and therefore, if you want to hate them. Please show your grudges only against the both parties, the management companies.

Anonymous said...

so FTI management isn't happy with the arrangements...i'd like to know why? are these venues crappy? is the "grand millenium" a roach-infested sh*thole? is the "party house" not 5-star either? if these places are sh*tty...i can understand why these boys' management might feel slighted but if not...sounds like a bunch of primadonnas!

Anonymous said...

The organizer gave us the same excuse as what they told the rests for the cancellation concert in Kwangju, an "unavoidable circumstances".

meiruo_chan said...

u know...reading all the comments here left me with a question like, what is going to happen to SUJU concert that is to be held in Malaysia, soon? Is it the same thing going on again or are Malaysians going to boycott K-POP artist concert here in the future?


Anonymous said...

u call yourselves supporters and fans?because of this, you stop supporting?how'd think ft island really wanted this..obviously one expected this to happen.especially not the fans and the boys.please continue to support them,their music has depth and great meaning and emotion.unlike some bubblegum pop that the industry is churning up these days

Anonymous said...

All I can said is FT.Island wasn't that lucky enough cause C.I Entertainment are totally sucks and most important is all de fans are real pity. Maybe just like others viewer of k-popped mentioned,M'sian supplies were also having a fight with C.I so I guess this disaster will only happened due to their own conflict! Fans and the boys were innocent enough n forced to suffered so much...

Anonymous said...

C.I is the crappiest entertainment company ever.
imagine FIRST event that they did, is a total failure, i don't blame the ft island's company, koreans put ALOT of importance on the word 'RESPECT'.

and did C.I manage to give them that?
the answer is NO. they failed. and failed Very BADLY.

the autograph session starts at 1.30pm, they only started setting up the stage at 1 something... isn't they plain RUDE of them. don't give us those crappy excuses such as busy or etc.. NO USE. if you take up this event, you have to be reponsible enough to make sure everything runs smoothly for the singers. instead everything from the autograph session, the concert stage and everything is so LAST MINUTE and so unglam!!!

C.I , hello this is FT ISLAND, not some not famous singers from nowhere.. C.I really make their company name like SHIT alr.

seriously, companies like Kpop Kingdom can do much much better ok.. see Rain and TVXQ's concert, its so smooth... unlike ft island.. all thanks to C.I the CRAPPIEST and unprofessional company..

they seriously should CLOSE their lousy ent company and go home eat shit..

if u guys think what i'm saying is mean, THINK of the fans, that come from all over asia, just for the boys.. they too have plan alot for this concert, but have C.I plan alot? BULLSHIT!! their PLANNER and organisers are simply LOUSY. so unprofessional.. and worst still, is a big fat LIAR.. esp the one call NICOLE, the director.. she use to work under Kpop Kingdom but somehow 'betrayed' them and go set up her own company, with her experience she should not have any excuse of behaving so childishly as well as being so unprofessional.. lying means they do not respect the boy's company..

seriously if i'm the boy's manager i would rather pay more and find someone as professional as Yuri, (the director of kpop kingdom) she is much much more professional as she always manage to deliver the fans with the coolest concert ever.. and she make good negotiations too.. unlike C.I..

really throw our malaysian's face..

just to let outsiders know, C.I is the only sucky ent company in malaysia, the others are not like them.. no matter how bad their mistake is, i doubt it can be half as screwed up as the mistake C.I made...

and, just to let you guys know, this is not the boy's management fault, its all C.I's unprofessionalism's fault.. they lied, they delayed everything and they failed in delivering everything... first event already screwed up until so badly..

Anonymous said...

Korea and M'sia will soon havin a war man... this is so ridiculous! How could this happened! Unbelievable... Fans satisfied so much for wat? F.T Island having a fight with C.I ? or C.I having a fight with M'sia organization? Oh Man,the fans were hurted enough and suffered so much!I guess even though they postpone their concert,half of de fans might already absent n choose to leave the concert! What a mess!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Kpop kingdom wasn't that good but if compared to C.I...BUT C.I are really the worst company that I had ever meet. From the autograph section we already knew what happened! Fans were not allowed to choose their fav boy's signature? Hello,who the hell FT.Island are? M'sian and all other asians showed so much support to but their CD,concert ticket and so many more for what?All the fans have to line up to just to see the boys(live)and you try to make a mess with us? I think u do think that C.I was a really great company huh? korean bands were really that precious izzit?I'm now warning C.I-don try to play a fool with all de fans. They can do anythg without any warning just to spoilt ur stupid N small company! Fans are everthg to a idol but I guess u should juz closed C.I n go back to study more 'bout PR n organization course!!! C.I were totally FUCK OFF!!!!!! what de fcuk man....

jacA said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
jacA said...

Until the actual reason for the cancellation is revealed, please do not blame anyone yet.

but i do hope they make it a reasonable one, or ft island will start losing their fans in Malaysia, seriously.. as i know, some fans had gone through a lot of troubles to attend the concert - some are even so young that i wondered how'd they afford to buy the tickets..
i pity them a lot..

madelyn93 said...

I waited 7 hours at th autograph session and yet no autograph.
I waited A MONTH to go this concert and they were cancelled.

On the other hand, i see myself in the 3 of the pics! *cough*

Anonymous said...

i just wanna say...when da autograph session started...FtIsland having lunch at sumwhr, while we waiting for hours at cineleisure~ i'm so dissapointed! da place for da concert is not bad at all...even destiny child held concert there? wats da managers probs neway? yep...i also heard from the security dat its da artist fault...n plus after read bout kwangju...~~ u guyz know what i mean right? I'm just pity for the fanz who're coming from far away...even tho they dun like the arrangement from CI...but they should at least think for their least perform...dun make us felt soo dissappointed like this! i just dunno wat to say...poor CI, they have worked so much, they even plead to them...i cant be fan for the artist like this sorry...

Anonymous said...

waste money, time and energy~ they should have a very good reason about this! after cancelled da concert...just leave witout a word(same day), no press conference? fishy fishy~~ just wait for da press conference...dun blame others

MY said...





Liz said...

Hi everyone. This appeared in The Star newspaper today:

PETALING JAYA: Fans of South Korean boyband FT Island were left disappointed when the group's concert was cancelled Sunday.

The concert was scheduled for 7.30pm yesterday at the Sunway Lagoon amphitheatre. At 3pm, the organisers put up a signboard at the venue entrance stating that the concert had been cancelled. No reasons were given.

An official of event organiser C.I. Entertainment, Nurul Eeza Zainal Abidin, told reporters later that the concert was cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances.

Asked if refunds would be given, she said “more information will be released in the next few days”.

Liz said...

For those who do not know, The Star newspaper is Malaysia's #1 English daily.

The link to the story is here.

Anonymous said...

I don't know whose fault this is, but WTH with "the show must go on". It maybe terrible management on CI (who know?), but flying out and leaving all the troubles to CI alone are even more unprofessional. Even the cancellation of Rain's concert in US has more valid reasons. TVXQ still performed in the storm at Taiwan concert, and cancel the 2nd one because of the officail warning announcement from Taiwan's government. Shinhwa still performed and give it all in Thai concert with the almost empty hall, eventhough it's a fault of Thai management on choosing the big venue and bad promotion. They are all bigger names than FTI.

Anonymous said...

yuri (kpop kingdom)!!
we need u..
u r so better than CI director.
she's sucks!

derek said...

that is ridicules... thats very unprofessional of the management.

C.I HATER said...

yes, i agree, Yuri ( director of kpop kingdom) , the fans needs you next time if ft island is to have a concert!!! C.I can go to hell man!!!

-XioN- said...

poor FTI.. aint their fault rite??... huhu... but lucky i nvr go.. cause i cant... pls postpone the concert...

I CAN BE THEIR EVENT MANAGER!!!! haha.... or sumthing??.. hehe

Anonymous said...

its not FT ISLAND fault.
i can see hongki face at fan-meeting. he looks unhappy.
its all management fault.
dunnow whether malaysia management or korean management.
but i know its their fault.
FT ISLAND cant do anything.
they have to follow it.
so, its not FT ISLAND fault.
i think fans will not leaving FT ISLAND. they just said only because they r so pissed off right now. Later, after they cool down, they maybe will take their word back (means they will like FT ISLAND back). So, please dont blame the fans. Fans are human who have feelings.

angryfans said...

please handle next korean concert.
dont let C.I sucks handle it again.

jacA said...

ya ppl, i miss yuri.

dbsk's concert organized by kpopkingdom then was the best memory i had.

Anonymous said...

how do you know its not the band's fault. nothing is for certain. i heard a lot of things about the band being too demanding and rude too.

Anonymous said...

We need u now. Where are you?

Liz said...

Dear readers, I know many of you are boiling mad, but please be civilised when commenting.

There are young people reading this blog and K-popped! appreciates it if you comment sensibly.

If we find your remarks demeaning or slanderous, we will have no choice but to delete it.

And if things get too out of hand, we will have to start moderating the comments.

We want you to have the freedom to comment, but please use that freedom responsibly.

Lilbrat said...

Grow up people.

Its time to learn to not put the blame on everybody.

and please, to the FT island fans.
Dont hate the boys just because of this.We dont even know what was the actual reason behind all these.

just..grow up okay?
I dont think i will ever leave being an FT island fan even if this happened.Cause i know i still love the boys.

and by the way,
Im not a great fan of theirs. But i still respect them

Anonymous said...

hey guyz...i juz call the ticket charge n u wanna know bout da truth? the guy at ticket charge said dat FTISLAND actually dun wanna perform in malaysia~ so sad isnt it? what the **** they think they are? They just make fun of us in malaysia...and also to international fans~ i dunno how they r going to survive in japan seriously...o man i'm so frustrated!

jessica said...

hey k-popped sisters! just wanna give a heads-up.. you've actually been linked in the FT Island page at wikipedia as one of the sources on this topic. anyhoooo.. there's some additional nasty rumours about this circumstance at the Wiki page that doesn't exactly put a nice light on your boys. this situation is quite sad actually...

Anonymous said...

i heard that too...sign..its not all CI`s fautl la..well both sides ahve done wrong things. So at least just stand out n do some clearification, dont just leave things like that,undone..its sad. I bought d local fan pakage and didnt even get my ALBUM, and no autograph, 1 of my friend from brunai,she didnt have the album either,but she purchase the pakage, she tried 2 get up the stage,but the korean manager just sort of yell at her...sign.sad, my money 676..all gone.burned.
But as an artist,u guys must behave proffesional too.Once u became an artist,u`re a role model to every youngster.

Issa said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
chea said...

I suggest all of you to stop your speculations and wait for the official announcements. The only concrete information now is that, both parties are at fault and wrong.

FT Island is not involved in this and they weren't demanding. The management company in Korea was unsatisfactory because of the way the management company in Malaysia managed and organized the events, not because of the accomodation and the events' venues.

You people who speculate things without any solid proofs, please be daring enough to use your real name as how you people are daring enough to put up uncontributive and weak informations.

Anonymous said...

conclusion to this problem: its everyone fault

1) C.I ENT: they just lousy... they should have a back-up plan or whatever..
u know.. not everything u planned always gonna be perfect right? like i said... the representative... is very rude to the boys, management and also us! i wish i know his name, ALONG guy. he should not be handled this kind of event. its just not suitable for him. i think the other shorty guy is better... but yeah... he is short. but mayb he could do better.. i just want that guy fired! becoz.. i think i saw he is the one... every event.
someone comment in k-popped:
the autograph session starts at 1.30pm, they only started setting up the stage at 1 something... isn't they plain RUDE of them. don't give us those crappy excuses such as busy or etc.. NO USE. if you take up this event, you have to be reponsible enough to make sure everything runs smoothly for the singers. instead everything from the autograph session, the concert stage and everything is so LAST MINUTE and so unglam!!!

it is true!! they set up so last minute... i arrived at 830pm. they only put posters.

i'm so shocked becoz im wondering... eh? is dis the stage?

from the wikipedia:
Fans who had purchased the Local Fan Packages and the International Fan Packages got all five members' autographs, but after that those few lucky fans who got their CD boxes signed before the band left could only get a signature from one of the band members and the order was random.It was an unfair moment and has obviously shown that fans who did not spend MORE money to buy the fan packages , did not get the chance to get all their 5 idol's signature. Some fans who purchased the fan packages did not even get the CD that was supposed to come with the fan package, due to bad planning and lack of publicity as well as due to information failure. The bodyguards at the event were rough with the fans, even to the point of pushing them along the stage when fans were getting their CDs autographed. Not only the bodyguards were rough, even the staffs were impolite and were very rude, giving unpleasant look to fans.

they are very impolite man!!! and.. why dun you guys think, the venue for the PC, why they choose IZZI as the venue? mayb becoz of the sponsors.. BUT why dun they just do it at the hotel den? they have to move about.... like.. each venue are too far away.. imagine from hotel to cineleisure and sunway?

2) Koeran Manangement (FNC RITE?): i think for them being too demanding.. serious.. grand millennium? 5 star hotel? you guys want what more.. 10 stars hotel??? i think the hotel is really grand n all.. n its expensive~ for me... they really unprofessional... , they should put aside all this silly probs aside... n go on with the concert? since the stage is already finished~!? seriously~ i am really pity the people who set up the stage~ since 27/3.. since their arrival.. n they check all the sound system n all.. n give the things that the sunway people should change... da leader of the sunwawy.. the one set up the stage said.. they already have make a backstage way that can avoid being squish by fans.. fans not even notice... n the guy already give the briefing!! n they not even even apologize to us fans.....

from wikipedia:
Word on the grapevine is that the FT Island management and local organisers C.I. Entertainment had a fallout and the boys’ management is preventing them from performing.

Hearsay, the management is extremely dissatisfied with the arrangements made by the local organisers. They are unhappy with the hotel (Grand Millenium) and venues of the events (Izzi Restaurant for the press conference and Party House for the Global Fan Meet/ Birthday Party). Many speculated that a part of the fault lies at F.T Island's management, as many have noted that their concert in Kwangju, Korea was canceled 2 days before the concert date due to similar reasons.

3) The boys: i have to include them too becoz.... if they really love their fans... they should say something to their management~ u know like post pone n all~ at the fan meeting... they gave us hope... like.. the concert will be this and that... but why dun you guys trying this to prevent from cancelling? i mean.. you guys are the one who perform... u are da one who is goin to be tired.. i mean most tiring~~ n they are da who prepared for the concert. aren't they just tired? i mean its just a waste... but why dun you guys just convince your manager? mayb they just too scared becoz... the are the ones who make F.T Island... but they not even making anything? we dun know.. but why?
if want to compare with TVXQ... YUNHO is injured.. but he dun even cared bout himself.. he just continue the concert... his injuries can be serious n danger himself~~

seriously.... this is wat i think~ i mean... its eveyones fault... dats all i can say~

Anonymous said...

here is the link for da fanmeeting stage b4 they set

Anonymous said...

about that stage thing, yea...we spoke personally to the security..he was actually waiting the korean manager to give an respond to them. Its like on and off on and off....they really do made so much effort for that...sign

Orchid said...

@jessica: Thanks for the heads up.

Anonymous said...

now is like, they`re actually bringing the malaysians down..haih. samo demanded for a 12 seated car. the van that they`re actually gona use, its also use by linkin park 2..n they just went in cooly. no complains too.

stick with SUJU n DBSK..

Anonymous said...

hahhaa, funny, i found a page that 1 of FT members actually post something about DBSK n SUJU...saying ryeo wok should get an lips surgery, ye sung- is that even a face..omg..hee chul- looks horrible with the wrinkles...sad.

Anonymous said...

poor thing to those who set up stage...they even got fire works for them...haih. no refund also...sheesh

Anonymous said...

anyways i called ticket charge today to ask about the refund...he said C-I will announce about it within this week and i also asked the guy what actually happened...he said he was surprised too and the band actually didnt want to perform in malaysia hahaha i'm glad i'm not their biggest fan lol to those who're still supporting fti best wishes to all ftI fans out there~~~

debbie said...

To one of the anonymous(es) above, that one about FTI talking about DBSK and Suju is fake. Insulting big groups like Dongbang Junior is equivalent to SEEKING FOR DEATH. Elves can kill, remember?

And if I meet an FTI fan from any other countries now, I'm seriously shy to say I'm a Malaysian.
I wonder what the boys think of Malaysia now.

I pun tak tau nak happy kerana tak pergi atau sad bersama fans lain.

Anonymous said...

I hope we hear what each side has to say. All of us fans deserve to know why the concert has been cancelled, whether or not we were going to watch or not. We won't stop with refunds and unreasonable explanations. I hope that the organizers realize that.

As for the rumors about the boys being demanding, I don't know. I can't really comment on that. All I can say is that I hope it isn't true. But it's just a rumor eh. No one really knows what's real or not. There are many sides to one story.

I hope this conflict may be resolved peacefully and professionally.

Harmon said...

1. CI is to blame as if they did not make a presentation to FT Island's management about their accomodations.

2. FT Island's management is to blame. If they were not happy with the arrangement, they should not have signed a contract.

3. CI is not the worse company around so please don't said that.

4. Since FT management broke the contract in the first please, CI can sued them.

5. Rumor has it that FT Island will not be coming back to Malaysia anymore. They did not want to come there in the first place.

Anonymous said...

I just hope for true and officially news....NOW!!!

I read all the comments are quite hurtful and I hope that there is not everyone fault....

I really wanted to know the REAL NEWS NOW!!!


I cant stand it anymore.....!!!!

Do you know what is the feeling if we are being accused and be blamed???

DO you people ever wonder what will FT Island and the fans read this what will they feel and think????


Patiently wait for THE NEWSSS....

That is what I hope....

Jillian Kim said...

CI is INDEED the WORST company ever.. if you think likewise, please giveme another company who have done worst than them...

they seriously dun have the ability to cope with it so don't even take on this event in the first place. after this, i doubt C.I will be given any more events to do.. they are totally NEW here, and still say in their website wat kind of events they can do..

i seriously doubt their ability now..

Jillian Kim said...

oh yeah, i forgot to add, C.I can do the events, but very BADLY.

if any management companies loves everything to be done so last minute and rushing over everything then i guess they can choose C.I ent company then...

C.I ent company is the BIGGEST JOKE ever!!

chea said...

Sigh, dear harmon.
Since you yourself said it is a rumour, what good is there to publicize it. Why not just keep it for yourself and wait for the official announcements and no, you got your points wrong. It is the management company in Malaysia, CI Entertainment which has broken one of the rules given by the Korean management company.

Rumours no more, we shall all wait for the official announcements instead of lingering around with confusions. Be patient, my friends.

Anonymous said...

let us make a petition so that Ft ISland will come to Malaysia again!
Primadonna,lets pray our best so that our boys will come here,

Harmon said...

Please, let's be realstic. Why should I keep things to myself when I just said it's only a rumor and my opinion. Please.

What rule did CI break?

They cannot break a CONTRACT btw the companies. It's legally binding.

Anonymous said...

Still can't believe what I'm reading so far. It's just not a good enough reason to cancel the show.

Think fans can understand if some regulatory issues cropped up or if the boys were too sick to perform...but duh?! dun wanna coz not happy?

Not funny to be messing around with international fans. Everyone is fuming online coz we have no other channel to direct our anger. Some fan communities spent weeks preparing for the expectations were darn high.

I am pretty sure it's not the boys' fault since they don't have control over their activities anyway...and they would be more shaken by the turn of events then their fans given their young age. The backlash is multiplying over this 24hr period...

Think FT's management should come up with something good to placate the fans...if not..just to avoid a fan uprising down south...they've just managed to anger fans in M'sia, S'pore, Indo,..anymore that I missed?

FT's management should respect that fans have spent money and taken time off just to attend the concert. Cancellation of the concert is not an option once concert goers have arrived at the doorstep.

The sound system can fail and the lights can go out but the show must go on...they r here to please their fans, not it's gonna take more than a mere press conference to quell everyone's anger.

Anonymous said...

i doubt that the boys didnt want to perform was a rumor...i did call tix charge and asked them what actually happened and he told me that the group didnt want to perform in malaysia in d first place..CI aka the organisers will make public announcement within this week..they're having bad times too..just imagine the blow they received from this event>.< let's just give them some space and time to sort things out...stop lashing on CI already

Anonymous said...

he stage was well prepared since friday 28 march.!!
the stage look fine to me, n all the equipments are there.

visit the link below to see the stage pictures.

there better be a good explanation n appologies to fans asap!!!!

LOOPEY said...

why are all of you blaming the boys? WHY? i know your sad, mad and all, but please be rational, do the boys want this too? NO! i mean they're just bunch of talented kids eager to perform, they wont let us down!

but do you think they have the power to cancel it? even if their protesting against their management, it could end all of this?

its out of their hands, there are nothing much they can do about it, why dont you all just think back--if the boys dont want to perform, they could easily just said no, but no they want to perform, you guys just have it all wrong.

I JUST CANT BELIEVE SOME OF YOU HATE THE BOYS FOR THIS--no official statement yet but you point your fingers to the boys, or to whoever.

maybe you like them because their cute and young and thats it! you dont love them for their music nor their talent, you love them just because their 'cute'

i mean come on! your you think the boys are happy right now? NO WAY! they must be feeling crappy as well, because their cant perform.

i say you werent really their supportive fans in the first place and you dare to call yourself 'primadonnas?'


Aesthetic said...

STOP IT ALREADY. everybody's going through a hard time.

" I JUST CANT BELIEVE SOME OF YOU HATE THE BOYS FOR THIS--no official statement yet but you point your fingers to the boys, or to whoever. "
EXACTLY. sheesh. stop bashing till the real pure truth comes out. really, THINK .

Anonymous said...

im still wonder why the boys dun want to perform? .Are we as a Malaysian people look like "makan orang" i dun think so.

Anonymous said...

kalaulah betul diorang dun want to come to Malaysia again why diorang kata org Malaysia baik n ramah gitu wahahahahahah tak logik langsung.........

-VoNNe- said...

Excuse me,but will all of you stop pointing fingers around until they have the press conference to clear all this mess up???There is absolutely no use if you sit around and point fingers at anybody! We don't know the exact truth of what happened! So just stop all this bashing! We do not want the boys to look over this and find themselves starring at ppl that were suppose to be their fans arguing and bashing the parties involved in this event! So,just stop!okay???

It's the time to be rational now.

Do not rush!

FT Island needs our support now and not more trouble.

Thye need us fans to give them the support they need.

So,let's put aside all this arguments and confilcts for now.

Think for the sake of the boys and think of what will happen if you're pointing fingers at someone that is actually innocent.

Think,before you act or say anything.

PS : Anybody wants to swap hong gi's or jae jinnie's autograph for jong hun's? if interested click on my name and head over to my blog to leave a tag and i'll get back to u!

Anonymous said...

im not gonnna hate the boys but since they arrived the KLIA Airport,in the bus dont you think Hong gi a little bit sombong(arrogant)?

-VoNNe- said...

i think he's most probably tired..

i get moody as well after a long trip and i'll snap at whoever bugs me

Innocent Bystander said...

I truly understand how u guys feel because I am in the same boat as yours. I dont wanna appoint directly to anyone but I hope this matter will be FIXED and CLEARED ASAP! Organizers involved and the artistes themselves should consider about our effort, energy, time and money spent for the concert. Please handle it professionally because it seems like fans have lost trust towards the respective management and ft island. I really feel disappointed, frustrated and CHEATED!

Anonymous said...

even thou the bad event had become a bygone case, i stil fel vry much dissapointed tat each tm i listen their song, it kept reminded me of the bad event, i juz wtc the clip recorded by fans in KLIA who manages 2 capture de boys departure, its so heartbreakin listen to the fans pleadin dem x to go bac..the mngmt rely cold blooded and cruel, feelingless man!!!! i even manage to see won bin kinda sobbing when he past the check in counter. i can empathize him when der is so many fans pleadin dem not to go bac..i tink de truth will nvr be reveal so wateva happens, i juz hope de boys will be bac to perform cos they owe us a performance. really lookin forward 4 tat........

Anonymous said...

waaaaaaaaaaa. even today is tuesday i still cannot forget the pain. I thought i was the one who very disppointed because cannot go for the ft island concert but there is more people out there is broken heart..... i even cant sleep for 2 last night thinking about it even im telling myself not think about it. Seriously... when i hear ft island song my tears automatically falls down.......uhuuuuhuhuhuhuuu.....

Anonymous said...

even he very tired pon..... at least he smile or wave at his fans.... i stilll remember when David Beckham came to Korea , he oways smile with his fans actully to everyone...... even in the bus ,someone try to closed the curtain but he pulled back then because he want the fans happy and try not to disppointed them.

Anonymous said...

Hai. my name is mira. I know u guys fill dissapointed because the concert have been cancel. One thing I want to say is please don`t blame ft island , FT Island manager ,and CI ENTERTAINMENT. How about we wait until the FT Island manager give us the explanation in tv or in internet. please be passion ok and please stick with us and FT ISLAND. What ever happen WE will stick with FT ISLAND AND LOVE THEM MORE AND MORE

Anonymous said...

hai my name is secret heheheheh. I just want to say that FT ISLAND aja aja fighting... to all ft island fans keep support them until when when...... PEACE :)

Anonymous said...

The cancellation is a shock for me too!
I was really hoping to read about their concert the day after and I got the surprising news. Until today, I'm still waiting for the official words.Rumors said its because of the management fault but its not confirmed just as yet. What I'm scared of is that how this will effect Malaysia. Next up,we are going to get a visit from Super Junior, I really hope that this problem will not repeat itself. My heart goes to all Malaysian fans (including me) and especially to all the overseas fans who had sacrificed a lot.

To FTI, I hope you guys will still love Malaysia, the people and Nasi Lemak no matter what.

Anonymous said...

CI Heartbreaker said:

Ok.. That CI most of the staff.. (you know who you are) youa are previously an exstaff of kpopkingdom. You should know well how to deal. You are the one of ppl who together with YURI bring dong bang shin ki down to malaysia in the year of 2006.

I am sure you already got the experience enough before you all left KPOPKINGDOM ...

but now.. what kind of mess you have done...

You really let us down...

Anonymous said...

hey same with me . I also waiting any new news from FTI until today (Friday 4 April 08)that may b saying apologize to Malaysian fans and also to other fans from other country about the concert. I heard they want to make a concert in Thai on 12 April 08 if im not mistake.Want i can do is pray hoping that they will not cancel the concert Thai ... ya who knows....

durh~ said...


to cancel the concert hours b4 is totally disrespectful.

the fans deserve AT LEAST an apology...[whoever fault it is]

u cant be blaming the fans who had lost their passion for the band because of this~

we are betrayed..

why can't they leave all the political arguments behind n just go on with the concert?~

we've paid for it.

Shazeela said...

when are they gonna give us back the refunds??

Rooster said...

I'm just curious, has anybody gotten their refunds yet?

natash91 said...

i know this is old story, but some people who just know about this won't understand and blame FTIsland instead. so yeah, if anyone still blame them and hate them for that, or misunderstand with what happened, just look at this..

it's a fancam before they took off, and there you can see Wonbin was crying while others and Primadonnas tried to comfort him. that just proved that it wasn't only fans who were saddened, but so did they. so anyone, please stop blaming and hating them for this incident...

KKVL said...

Rooster: till today no full refund has been given out..Ticket charge was very nice to give out the ex gratia back in 2008, around april/may(sorry memory fails, it's been so long) which was 40something percent of the ticket worth. But they could oni refund those who bought from them. Those who bought their tickets direct from C.I Entertainment suffered a 100% loss i'm sad to say. C.I entertainment obviously has made a run for it (changed their identities even who knows) ..they've not been heard off ever since.


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