Monday, 31 March 2008

Shinhwa's final concert...for now

Goodbye: Shinhwa performs for the masses at
Fencing Stadium at Seoul's Olympic Park

Korea's popular man-band Shinhwa held a concert on March 30 in celebration of their 10th year in showbiz.

The Shinhwa Must Go On 10th Anniversary Live concert was a three-and-a-half hour extravaganza that included a few encores.

Song: The guys belt their hearts out...

As the sextet got ready to step offstage, the large screen onstage started playing a video of the band's close friends, who shared the ups and downs they went through with the members for the past 10 years.

Dance:...and shows off some smooth dance moves

Shinhwa members were pleasantly surprised. All of them sat down and watched the video. Deeply moved by the "walk down memory lane" with their closest friends, the guys openly shed tears.

Revolving couch: Now you see them...

They were then presented with a cake and everyone present sang Happy Birthday together with the guys. you don't

The concert was the final performance for Shinhwa for the next 3 years. Members Eric and Kim Dong-wan will be enlisting in the army soon.

Source: KBS Global
Pics credit: Newsen

Shinhwa’s 10th anniversary website


erieynn said...

2 days as shinhwa day in korea...

a lot of fans from various countries around the world coming to see shinhwa..
its like during the olympic, lot of people from around the world just popped out of no where and you'd just know they're coming for the tournament..

so sad that i din manage to go korea (my-shinhwa team, our fan club went there!!!!)... im hoping that ft island concert can cure my broken heart but, i guess not.. huhuhu

i'm staying late just to get the picture and fancam, and been crying till now...

so sad that i have to wait for 3 more years... huhuhu

Anonymous said...

Hmppph, at least their concert didn't get cancelled! =(

n d s v n t h said...

i always know one thing
never regret to be a ShinhwaChangjo
because Shinhwa is just the BEST....


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