Sunday, 23 March 2008

F.T. Island greets Malaysia

The F.T. Island boys will be in Malaysia for their concert on March 30. Check out the video greeting by the guys.

I think they are adorable and Orchid is impressed that they made the effort to speak in English AND Bahasa Malaysia.

Looking forward to the concert already. Jumpa di sana! (See you there!) :-)

MV Source: Lovefti

Tickets to F.T. Island concert at TicketCharge
F.T. Island spotted in Penang
Ticket prices to F.T. Island's concert
F.T. Island to perform live in Malaysia


Jennifer said...

~*~*That was cute them trying to speak English. :) *~*~

Anonymous said...

cute cute cute..Jae Jin!

Anonymous said...

honggi ><


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