Sunday, 23 March 2008

Andy Lau in Korea for Resurrection of the Dragon

Hong Kong superstar Andy Lau Tak Wah flew to Korea on March 22 to promote his latest flick Three Kingdoms: Resurrection of the Dragon.

Andy Lau strolls into Incheon Airport
empty-handed. Hey, where are the
bodyguards, dude?

A happy fan quickly hands him a bouquet
that compliments his purple jacket

His co-star, Maggie Q was a no show because of her reported diva-like demands for the promotion tour.

'I look good holding the flowers, don't I?'

'Thanks for the flowers. Much appreciated.'

Directed by Daniel Lee, the film is based on Luo Guanzhong’s epic best-selling novel Romance of the Three Kingdoms.

'I'm gonna remember your face, you who gave
me these sweet flowers.'

'Annyeonghaseyo Korea. Please go
watch my movie.'

Andy Lau stars as Zhao Yun, a top general who takes a last stand against the invading forces from a rival kingdom. Maggie Q is Cao Ying, a granddaughter of warlord Cao Cao, whose eldest son Cao Pi is the first emperor of the rival kingdom. The film also stars Sammo Hung, Vanness Wu and Andy On.

Source: Wikipedia
Pics credit: Newsen


fraulein said...

I'm partial towards this guy, he has a decent singing voice and decent acting chops.

Those flowers go with Wah Zai's purple alien suit. Did he order them from Andre Kim ? ; )

JGirl4You said...

Cool ! Can't wait for this movie !

zoeve said...

i saw photos in soompi that maggie q arrived in korea to promote the movie.

Josh Tam said...

Andy Lau is an awesome singer and actor and all... but what's with the big sun glasses??!! Haha


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