Friday, 28 March 2008

F.T. Island in Malaysia

Orchid and Liz got all hot and bothered in an enclosed room with the F.T. Island boys this morning.

Oh, get your mind out of the gutter, it wasn’t a pleasant experience at all. The extremely flawed organisation of F.T Island’s press conference in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia left many disappointed. (We really hope the concert this Sunday turns out well).

The press arrived at the appointed time of 10.30am on March 28 at Izzi Restaurant, Bukit Bintang for registration. We were notified that the F.T. Island boys would appear at 11.30am. Sweet.

The venue: Izzi Restaurant has a conference area
on the 3rd floor. The air-cons are faulty, though.

Unfortunately at 11am, the air-conditioners in the room – which by that time was filled with about 100 people – died on all of us.

No joke. The air gradually filled with CO2 and everyone started to suffocate. We were all “treated” to a sauna that we didn’t sign up for.

One hour later, at 12pm, still no F.T. Island. Worse still, the sauna became unbearable. It turned into an oven and everyone was gradually roasting their kidneys away in the stifling heat.

Some mainstream reporters and photogs were livid (time is of essence to these people as they’ll have to rush off for another assignment – work is work, no?) and jokingly suggested that the press should just boycott the event.

I got a little light-headed and had to step out onto an adjoining balcony for much-needed fresh air. Before dashing out of the room and gulping in the rather polluted air of Kuala Lumpur, I took a peek at Orchid, my trusty photog for the day, who had turned red in the face because of the heat.

FT Island in Malaysia!: The set up before the five boys appeared
before the press

At 12.20pm, after almost 2 hours since registering and 1.5 hours in the oven, the English translator appeared and announced that there was a technical glitch and we had to wait somemore. Hot (literally) damn!

With nothing to do but slowly die in the enclosure, everyone started fanning themselves while straining their necks to find out what the heck the organisers were up to. The organisers seemed all flustered and bothered…the heat (and much more, I bet) got to them too.

At 12.27pm sharp (yeah, I took note of the time – a TWO hour wait, I could’ve watched a movie with that amount of time), the Five Treasure Island boys appeared, looking all dashing and cute. Poor guys, they must have felt the heat too. Lead vocalist Hong-gi didn’t look very happy.

And after all that, guess what? The microphones didn’t work properly during the press conference and the sound system sucked…technical glitch? You don't say!

The sauna/ oven: This conference area turned into an oven after the
air-cons stopped working. Everyone was perspiring.

What was supposed to be an hour with the press turned into a 15-minute session because everyone – including the F.T. Island boys – was being mercilessly roasted in the oven.

Oh, and here’s the best part: the MC of the day – who by the way was pissed with the whole situation as well – didn’t open up the Q&A session to the floor.

Yup, he asked all the questions (some were repetitive) and the press at large was not given a chance to present our questions to F.T. Island!

What kind of a press conference was that? C.I. Entertainment seriously needs to have an internal post-mortem meeting after the dust has settled.

First-time organising flaws aside, K-popped! still has some juicy F.T. Island insights to share with all of you. Yay!

Look out for our exclusive take on the F.T. Island press conference in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia soon…very, very soon.

Annyeonghaseyo K-popped! readers: The F.T. Island boys send you
their love through K-popped! ;-)
(Left to right: Won-bin, Hong-gi, Min-hwan, Jae-jin and Jong-hun)


kpop_rub said...

Aww you poor press people! The heat really gets to me! I couldn't imagine being there. I am looking forward to the interview portion.

inquinn said...

wow poor thing. i was really looking fwd to reading all pleasant stuff upon knowing that they'd actually be in kl for 5 days, thats long! i thought the whole thing was well-publicized (much better than dbsk's in terms of promotion) up till now. i've been to izzy's and i can imagine a room with 100 other ppl and no aircond. that's the worst hongki has ever looked in a picture imho. and only wonbin and him were appropriately dressed for such burning hot room i suppose.

Yvonne said...

omg!!!!!! (im kinda late on this, but where's the concert? will it be in bukit jalil indoor stadium?) i need to go and stalk them

Orchid said...

Hey Yvonne & other F.T. Island fans...

There's a FT Island meet the fans / autograph session on Saturday, March 29, 2008 at Cineleisure Damansara.

Below are the details:
Venue: Cineleisure, Damansara (The Curve)
Time: 1:00pm

@Yvonne, details on concert are on our blog. Check out the links at the bottom of this post.

soohyun said...

ahahah wow. i felt so bad for you while reading this. yet i was laughing about it too. i felt bad for you when you said it was really hot and how you almost died but when you said something like toasting their kidneys(?) i started laughing relaly hard xD
its just the way you describe stuff. hahaha this blog entry def made my day :D
keep up the good work!!
also your pretty lucky to live in malaysia and see the ft island boys... but it mustve been hard.

by the way, i cant seem to find anything on how to write malaysia in malaysian (if there is a language called malaysian)
i checled wiki and all over google.
and since one of my favorite blogs are malaysian.. haha why not ask~
so yea im doing this art project about asia and malaysia happens to be in asia **duh. lol** so i wrote some of the main countries in their language.... sooo yeaa my prob is that i can how to write malaysia in malaysian.. so if you can help me, that would be great! :D
you can contact me on my email...

pleaseeeee help me :(
i really want a good grade >.<


Liz said...

Hello soohyun, and everyone else who is wondering what the national language in Malaysia is...yeah, I'm talking to the both of you over there :-P.

The national language of our country is Bahasa Malaysia...or the Malay language. Hope this helps with your grade :-).

who? said...

i wonder what will happen today. as i type, lots of FTI fans are screaming in sunway.

Anonymous said...

Oh my, that sounds like a beyond miserable experience. The staff should have at least brought in some portable fans. Poor JaeJin -- he should have seriously reconsidered wearing a long-sleeve shirt that day.

soohyun said...

liz, thanxx so much.
but ive been looking all over on the internet, but i cant seem to find a picture or something thats in bahasa malaysia. i need the word "Malyaisa" in bahasa malaysia.
can anyone help??

Emgee said...

in Bahasa Malaysia (or Bahasa Melayu as it is also known as)it is also written as "Malaysia" if you want it to look a bit more exotic you can add the word "negara" in front of Malaysia. It basically means country but its written right before the country's name hence, negara Malaysia

Anonymous said...

what a bunch of princesses! couldn't bear a little heat? meanwhile everyone else had to wait hours for the boys to answer like two questions! it's not only their's their fault too! arrogant koreans pride themselves from a whole bunch of nothing. it's really sad. makes me ashamed of being a korean.


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