Saturday, 29 March 2008

FT Island press conference in Malaysia

After a successful concert tour in their native South Korea, FT Island has now descended upon Malaysia to give us a taste of their music in the FT Island 1st Live in Malaysia concert.

The concert will be held tomorrow (March 30) at the Sunway Lagoon Amphitheatre.

FT Island: 'Apa khabar Malaysia (How are you, Malaysia)? It's really
hot in here, huh?'

The boys debuted in June 2007, but have already scooped up numerous New Artist awards back home. They won at the 2007 Asia Song Festival, 2007 Mnet Music Festival and the 2007 Golden Disk Award.

MC & translator: They didn't introduce themselves formally.
On the right is MC of the event, 98.8FM radio DJ Simon (I think)
who asked all the questions and the lady is the English translator. It was a nightmare
transcribing the recording of the event as the translator did not E-NUN-CI-ATE
her words. She spoke really fast and slurred her speech, and the horrible sound
system didn't help either.

While the conditions surrounding the PC with FT Island in Malaysia on March 28 was a nightmare, the boys still mustered up enough chutzpah in the suffocating heat to answer all the questions thrown at them.

Here’s the lowdown from the Q&A session:

How do you like Malaysia?

Hong-gi: The weather here is nice, and the people are warm and friendly. It's also a very clean country and we are very happy to be here.

Won-bin: The weather is very nice, the people are very warm and yes, the country is very clean. If we get another chance, we would like to visit (Malaysia) again.

Min-hwan: It's a very interesting place and there are many things to see.

Jong-hun: It's my first visit here, but I've actually wanted to visit Malaysia before. We really appreciate being here and hope that the concert will be a success.

Friends: The boys are all close and chummy with each other.
From left: Won-bin (guitarist, vocalist), Hong-gi (lead vocalist),
Min-hwan (drummer), Jae-jin (bassist) and Jong-hun (guitarist, pianist).

What can we expect from the FT Island 1st Live in Malaysia concert on Sunday (tomorrow)?

Hong-gi: First of all, I hope that the concert will bring us closer to the Malaysian fans. We will be using a little English and Bahasa Malaysia during the show. Also, the repertoire will be slightly different from the Korean concerts…watch out for it.

What do you think about the support you get in Malaysia?

Hong-gi: We are very thankful to the media for supporting us and we are happy that many people recognise us. We really appreciate it.

Funny: Jae-jin speaks while Jong-hun (right) and Min-hwan laugh
at his remarks.

As the Hallyu spreads, you have become ambassadors of South Korea. What would you recommend foreigners who would like to visit your country one day?

Won-bin: I would say Apgujeong, the fashion and shopping district in Seoul.

Hong-gi: I'd recommend the tokpoki (떡볶이, which is rice cakes seasoned with gochujang/ Korean chili paste) in Shindang-dong. It's very famous and it's probably one of the best in Korea.

Min-hwan: I suggest one of the best holiday spots in Korea – Gangwon-do, which has fresh air.

Jae-jin: I would like to recommend Hongdae street where the younger generation usually hang out and enjoy themselves.

Jong-hun: I'd recommend Dongdae-mun.

Peace K-popped!: Jong-hun shows some lurve

is well-known for its wide variety of food. What have you tried?

Jong-hun: We've tried Nasi Lemak and Satay and we like it. I would like to try other Malaysian dishes, but not all of us can take spicy food.

What would your message to your Malaysian fans be?

Won-bin: Thank you to all of you who greeted us at the airport and we'll try our best to return the love and warm welcome shown to us at the concert.

Hong-gi: Yes, well said (laughs). Also, thank you to everyone who bought our album. We hope that you'll continue to love our music and we promise to always make better music.

Cool pose: Look at Jong-hun (right)! Ha ha he's so cute. He's known to
be rather awkward and cheesy -- and this pic proves it! The rest of
the boys -- from left: Won-bin, Hong-gi, Min-hwan and Jae-jin -- pretend not
to notice their bandmate's pose

Is there anything else you’d like to add?

Won-bin: Thank you for being here, we'll try our best to return in the future.

Hong-gi: We're glad to get the chance to talk to so many people and please, come to the concert and enjoy it.

Min-hwan: Thank you for loving the song Until You Come Back. There are many more songs in the album (The Refreshment), and I hope you'll love them as well.

Jae-jin: Thank you for the love throughout and we hope to see you again.

Jong-hun: We'll give our best at the concert.

Wow, wau: FT Island boys with the sponsors. The boys are each holding a
mini wau (traditional Malaysian kite)

The boys will be holding a meet-the-fans and autograph session at Cineleisure Damansara, The Curve today (March 29) from 1pm onwards.

The concert will be held at the Sunway Lagoon Amphitheatre tomorrow. Ticket details are at the "More on the concert" links below.

For more photos of the press conference, go to K-popped! Group on Facebook Photo Album.

FT Island Special Album - The Refreshment

Get F.T. Island's Cheerful Sensibility on YesAsia!

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varms said...

The FT Island boys are so cute! Then I sober up and think that they're at least 2 years younger than me... But their songs are pretty good and it's nice to see them play actual instruments!

Anonymous said...

i really love choi jong hun..
he is so cute..after he admitted
that he like TOP of big bang i fell
more in love with him...but i don't want him to be my rival with TOP too..

Anonymous said...

OMG, i went to the fan meeting 2day..yes, the boys are extremely cute BUT the fan meeting SUCKED..i don't even get their signature although i bought the freaking cd..

Anonymous said...

very very very poor organisation i must say.

Anonymous said...

THE BOYS ARRIVED 3 HRS LATE! I actually started to hate them at around 2pm....My legs were numb, ok?......I got there at 8.30 and waited till 4pm.....but all was forgiven when I saw CHOI JUNG HOON. But still, after 7+ hours of waiting I only managed to get ONE autograph which was not even from the member of my choice. The bloody manager slid my album across the table to Hong Ki(not that I dislike him) when Jong Hoon was already about to sign my album. The idiots who bought the fan package instead were considered "V.I.P" fans and were given the priviledge to get AUTOGRAPHS FROM ALL THE MEMBERS.....they even got to go first. They strolled into the building at around 3.50pm with their special tags which allowed them to enter and get their autographs......Who wouldn't be pissed if you waited 7 hours and didn't even get autographs from all the member?? ....If they paid 300 for the fan package, so did I....just that I didn't buy the fan package......I bought the ticket(RM 283) and the album (RM81.90).....RM283+RM81.90=RM364.90 ....isn't that way above the miserable RM300 the "V.I.P" fans paid for??? ....IT WAS SO UNFAIR AND THE ORGANISERS SUCKED BIG TIME! They are so unorganised that they shoudln't even be called organisers.

Anonymous said...

Yes... they arrived 3 hours late!!
The MCs (excluding Saimon) were really rude and mean... I dunno what to say abt them... and then that photographer... plain rude...
Although Saimon was good he did get some .....
He already apologized that he couldn't speak in Malay or English... He only spoke in Cantonese so lots of non-chinese were really angry... I mean who can blame you but you shouldn't scream... so I couldn't hear what he was saying... me n this girl were translating to one Malay girl beside us... but we coulnd't really hear... and the SOUND SYSTEM !! BAD BAD BAD !! Made it even worse... echo too much !!

The 3 hours wait was not the bad thing... it was the rude ppl I was talking abt... Those MCs... gosh... and then the fan club ppl came at like 3 something?? while we were all waiting there for like 3 hours??? and some even arriced at 10 am !!! I asked one girl and she was like,'I just waited here with my fren'...

BUT... the wait was worth it... got to see them UP CLOSE !!! ^^

PLS COME AGAIN!!! wo the bad management ppl... Komapsumnida~~

Anonymous said...

The fan meeting bloody SUCKED.. I waited there since 10:00 in the morning.. Not eating breakfast and all.. So I thought just being there is worth it.. BUT then, the fan meeting kept on being delayed over and over again.. So, I was quite pissed... Then, all of the sudden, all of the screaming fans were like screaming, and there I was looking at them with my own 2 eyes.. So damn CUTE!!!!!!! Just then, I thought that my worth long waiting would pay off.. BUT the sad thing is the first group of people had signature from the 5 members.. N den the next group had to be randomly given and pushed to one of the member... The saddest part is that the last group of people were ignored and being left without getting any signature or even getting up-close with them face 2 face.. Well, u guessed it!!!... I was left behind!!!! Everyone who got left was such in a shock and literally nearly all of them have streams of tears running 2 on their faces.. And that includes me.. That just had me in such a BAD mood that I feel like I want 2 sue the freakin organizer.. EEEERRRGGHHH~ Damn u~.. Sorry 4 that.. Hehehe..

Hmm... is it just me pr does Honggi seems kinda COLD?? I was shocked lookin at him behaving like tht!! All of the other boys were sooo adorable greeting their fans with smiles on their faces!!

Well, I hope the concert turns out well.. Otherwise, I wonder what people are gonna say..

Arie said...

That must've sucked...
Hong-ki looks really pissed lol but Wonbin looks mighty fine *0* Great biceps!!
And poor Jaejin.. he's wearing a sweater! I'd die from heatstroke >__<;;
I don't think I'd stay there, rotting, for 3h... seriously, what a poorly organized event! Though... having the FT Boys image in my mind might have made me stay XP~

iciviuja said...

dang me~! why didn't I know about this earlier!!!! gah it's already too late to go to the concert... T_T me sad! me very very sad!!

Hopefully there'll be A LOT of fans there and that they'll have a really good fun times playing here in Malaysia.. Then they'll come again and I can go! yeesh! but i have to wait for maybe another year to come.. *knockhead*

Anonymous said...

First, I'd like to say that it's 떡볶이.

Second, I know who the organizers are, and give cut them some slack. This was their first production. I know that things probably could've been a bit more polished, but sh*t happens that you can't control sometimes. There's also a lot more to organising such events that people realise, and before people start b*tch*ing and moaning, do understand that you can log in months worth of time and effort for something that may only end up being an hour or two.

With that being said, I do hope that FT Island do end up going back to Malaysia so that those that missed out on the opportunity to meet them get to do so in the future.

Anonymous said...

**There's a lot more...than

Sorry for the typo

Anonymous said...

good for them
they might just take up kpop kingdom's footstep
good luck!

Liz said...

hello everyone, wow I didn't know that the fan meeting was also a disappointment.

For the record, the press conference was held on FRIDAY (March 28), so the boys arriving late for the fan meet/ autograph session on SATURDAY (March 29) was not because of a domino effect from the delayed PC.

However, the FT Island boys had a Global Fan Meet/ Birthday Party on Saturday morning at Titiwangsa. My guess is that the event was delayed as well.

Yes, there are many flaws in the organisation of the events, I do hope that the concert tonight (7.30pm, it says on the ticket. I hope it doesn't start at, like, 10.30pm) will be a success.

Maybe the boys themselves are not having a pleasant experience, which could explain why Hong-gi looks so pissed - from the time he arrived until yesterday? We'll see how he is tonight.

The show must go on...

Anonymous said...

organizers in malaysia kinda suck..
last time tvxq and now ft island..

madlilkid said...

the fan meeting was totally disappointment!!!

but hey, all my friends took the local fan package and what the get is only the cd with 5 sign

fyi, the package is not include the tix price so basicly they paid RM300+RM280=RM580

and the only thing in the package is cd+autograph and birthday party which nearly cancelled, but they did manage to come for 10 mins and eat the melt cake (which they eat the first one and buy another cake when they are informed that the boys are coming)

so... u think RM300 is for only cake and the authograph worth it or not??

and ya... the organizer suck!!!!

and the boys din say sorry for coming late.. i think so since the fans screaming and i cant hear a word... plus the stupid mc.... haizzz....

many fan now become anti fan

and i wish i can refund the cd(yes,i didnot get the sign) and the RM280 tix also!!!

boo to CI enter

Orchid said...

hey all, FT Island boys are cute. Jong Hun, Jae Jin and Min Hwan smiled a lot and looked very friendly and cheery. But Hong Gi was noticeably unhappy. And Won Bin just looked solemn most of the time during the press conference.

Generally the boys REALLY want to communicate with their fans but there is the language barrier. I hope the organizers could look into facilitating better communication between artist and fans.

Also, I hope the organizers would really take punctuality into account. Even when people are EAGER and happy to meet the boys, when they show up late or if the event start hours later than expected, people get angry and this leaves a distaste for the artist (if you are not a die-hard fan, you'd be angry) and organizers.

Some reporters and photogs whom i spoke with have a bad impression of Korean entertainers! Which i am sad to hear. They even say Hollywood celebs are better and more professional.

As for anonymous' statement of MC Simon speaking in Cantonese only...well, i am Chinese and i don't really understand the dialect either. I hope they would consider non-Chinese educated fans who attend the functions and speak in English or even some BM where most will understand.

I do hope logistics and all works out tonight (concert) and i wonder if the boys are frustrated at the bad organization. Why did they show up late at the "birthday party"? They don't have so many events that they could not be there on time. How come let them fly all the way from Korea to come here to spend so little time with fans?

Anonymous said...

to the anonymous who knows the organiser:
their websites have professional standards but definitely not the whole event especially the autograph session
it's just an excuse to say that "it's their first time"
they should have just learn/study PR or events management
see the amount of complaints now
i really hope that they'll do something to calm the fans down

Orchid said...

i'll be uploading MORE PHOTOS of the FT Island boys and their trip to Malaysia (oh i hope they like it here...) on K-popped! Group on Facebook Photo Album.

For those who do not have a Facebook account, you need to create an account, then join the K-popped! Group to view the photos. =)

1. Sign up at

2. Search for K-popped! Group and join

Will post more photos later...ok? See you at the concert!

Joe said...

Then did the MC guy ask questions in Cantonese? I thought the interpretor was an English one..

-VoNNe- said...

i've got jong hun's autograph and i would love to have hong gi's,
do u wanna exchange???


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