Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Here is Gummy's MV featuring T.O.P and Sandara Park

It's out people, Gummy's talked-about MV for I'm Sorry (미안해요) that stars Big Bang hottie T.O.P. and Sandara Park.

The track's pretty cool, but I must say that the video made the song all the more meaningful.

T.O.P plays a jilted lover who is angry at his girlfriend (portrayed by Sandara Park) who ditched him without so much as a word. All she left him was a message on his answering machine saying "I'm sorry" and some crytic clue in an envelope.

However, Girlfriend has some issues of her own and true to all K-melodrama, it's a losing battle that she chooses to fight alone.

The hot kiss topic has been overblown as the the lip lock here is mild. Thank goodness, or else fan girls might become suicidal. Meanwhile, there are some scenes where T.O.P. looks like a girl. Yeah, no kiddin'!

Watch the video already!

Source: Momovip of BIG BANG Fansite
MV Source: the7REAL

T.O.P and Sandara Park kiss
Sandara Park: From the Philippines (back) to Korea

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Belle said...

uh oh Liz, take it back that girl comment. VIPs are coming. hehe ^^

anyways, i feel betrayed. tooo much hype but nothing.. which was always been the case with her.. but i still decided to get all hyped up anyway since its TOP but ehhh. and half the time its TOP on the bike with a stupid helmet. i couldnt feel all the hotness.

i love the song though.. and TOP!

Chelsea said...

haha, don't worry. i'm not one of those crazed VIPs that would harass you about that comment. i thought so too. `;P

and it wasn't top riding the motorcycle for most of the MV, hence the helmet and everything. and wouldn't it be bad if they had a scene with top and sandara without helmets and they got into a motorcycle crash.. ohh. bad promoting. haha.

and it was definitely k-melodrama. my girl and i and autumn tale to be exact. haha.

nimyi said...

hello orchid!!!

nimyi said...

still can't believe that sandara is doing well i korea...well..what the heck!!she's korean...
she used to be a celebrity here in the philippines...

amf**...hello shilamoure

agasshi said...

why does one person always have to die in k-dramas/MVs?
when my friend and i moved to korea, we were like, "we better not fall in love with a korean man or one of us will die!" haha
*knock on wood*

MeL said...

@ AgasShi you comment was just Funny!

I love Gummy's voice in this song and also loved that the song ft. TOP...

The video was like a like little KDrama (u know someone having a dead illness blah blah blah) :)

Anyways I really love this song now!!

Annyeong ^^

Clammy said...

We used to joke that Korean dramas must always have: A love triangle, a terminally ill person, an un-approving parent or other relative, an unrequited love, a best friend, and an unrelenting sense of responsibility to something or someone. Items can overlap, insert best looking actors into various places. Mix and match in various combinations to create various dramas. It's less the case now-a-days than like 10 years ago.


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