Sunday, 9 March 2008

Hyun Bin and Ha Ji-won as tax service ambassadors

If you were to be served by your favourite celebrity at the tax payer's counter while filing your taxes, would that be incentive enough to do your dreaded taxes? Well, it might just make paying your taxes less painful.

Star Power!
Hyun Bin says "pick me"! I will make

those people pay their taxes.

Ha Ji-won and Hyun Bin served as the chief at a tax office on the 4th March. The National Tax Service department in South Korea announced that they have appointed 28 celebrities to serve as "chief for a day" at various tax offices to encourage tax payers to settle their taxes.

It was reported that
Ha Ji-won was assigned to Seoul, Gangnam Goo, Ban Po tax office while Hyun Bin will serve at Song Pa tax office. Other Korean stars involved in the project are Ha Ga-in, SeeYa, Ahn Hye-kyeong, Hyeon Yeong and Kim Sung-joo.

Hyun Bin in an ill-fitting sash doing his duty
as chief for a day at the tax office

With one as beautiful as Ha Ji-won behind the desk,
men would gladly pay their taxes

Source: SPN


Anonymous said...

with Hyun Bin behind the counter...I would definitely go even if i'm not required to pay taxes =D

Linda said...

This is not a bad idea at all...great way to get taxes paid!

hanie said...

oppa!!! long time no ya???
do you think our LHDN would like to collaborates with them??? hehehehe

Liz said...

Ha ha ha, Hyunbin's sash is hilarious...macam ketiak bandage only.

Oh yeah, it would be an incentive for me to pay taxes if someone like Hyunbin is behind the counter...but then again, Malaysia is going with the e-filing system, so all I get to interact with is my PC :-P.

Dottie said...

Why does he still have the MNIKSS hair??? Good heavens! I loved him in that by it's been three years, isn't it time for a change, especially in the entertainment industry? Thank God he's cute! XP

sezling said...

omgee hyun bin?!?! I'd so go there to pay my taxes even though I'm not a resident of that country @_@ lol thanks for the news

ladida said...

i thought all celebs have professional accountants doing their, is it me or doesn't Hyun Bin look a lil clueless when it comes to that sort of thing? ;->

nadseventh said...

i miss youuuuuuu hyun bin-ahhhh...

i'll go n pay for my parents if it's for him...


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