Monday, 10 March 2008

Yi So-yeon replaces Ko San in space mission

South Korea’s first choice to space, Ko San has been grounded for violating security protocol. He will be replaced by second choice, Yi So-yeon, a female biotechnology engineer.

Spacegirl: Yi So-yeon has replaced Ko San
to become Korea's first astronaut

Ko San, 31, was dropped from the April 2008 flight on a Russian Soyuz spacecraft after he removed sensitive training material from a Russian centre, South Korea’s science ministry said on Monday.

“The Russians emphasised the importance of abiding by the rules, as even small mistakes can bring about grave consequences in space,” an official told a news conference, adding Ko appeared to have made innocent mistakes.

Picked: The pair - Yi (left) and Ko - were selected for training in Russia

Korea’s very first rocket(wo)man is set to blast off on April 8! Twenty nine-year-old Yi, who is finishing her doctorate, will be bringing (among other things) Space Kimchi to the International Space Station. She will be there for a seven or eight day mission.

The pair were selected from a list of more than 36,000 candidates.

Source: The Star Online
Pic credit: Armadillosdream

Ko San's kimchi mission
Spacemen: Korea and Malaysia
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Gail T. said...

tough break for ko san and a chance for the back-up. i remember wondering about the circumstances when a back-up would be needed.

PrincelyLuna said...

mmm ... another case of 'space tourist'? i wonder how much Korea pays for this ... as much as Malaysia? by the way, that Ko San looks a bit like Lee Byung Hun ... i think it's his lips.

ladida said...

poor dude. didn't anybody ever tell him that curiosity kills? anyway, good luck to her

meiruo_chan said...

princelyluna : totally agree with you.

well, for me I don't have any grudge against 'space tourist', but isn't that money is more worth if you spend on something more meaningful i.e orphans, education etc.


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