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Jeon Ji-hyeon's Laneíge story

Jeon Ji-hyeon, Laneige model from Jan 2004 to June 2008

Back in 2004, Jeon Ji-hyeon/ Gianna Jun was selected by Korean cosmetic brand Laneíge as its main model, joining the ranks of Lee Na-young.

2004: Ideal Star Rogue

Jeon was picked because of her "lively, healthy and irresistibly attractive" image.

2005: Stylish Body Smoother

Jeon's representation came under the slogan Everyday New Face!, which is in sync with the brand's efforts to meet the needs of young women who seek something fresh and new everyday.

2006: Glamorous Rock Star

Laneíge, which is under the Amore Pacific umbrella, believes that Jeon is a trendsetter with an image that aptly represents women in their 20s - the main consumers of Laneíge products.

2007: Fall Collection - Snow Crystal Layered

"As an actress, I'm flattered that people say I'm pretty. However, I feel awkward agreeing to that statement," Jeon is quoted in a Laneíge press release.

"I'm trying not to be too proud about being chosen as a model in case everything around me disappears. I always think that I'm not there yet and lack something in order to push myself to do better," she added.

The latest Laneíge campaign headed by the My Sassy Girl star is The Secret of Snow Crystal range. (Advert for Snow Crystal Dual Foundation below).

Since Laneíge means "snow" in French, the make-up line bases its various products on the different forms of snow - from the crystalline snowflake to melted "crystal" water.

Jeon, who will be debuting in Hollywood this year in director Chris Nahon's Blood: The Last Vampire, will cease to represent Laneíge in Spring.

Song Hye-kyo to represent the beauty brand from July 2008 onwards

From July 2008 onwards, Korean beauty Song Hye-kyo will replace Jeon as the face of Laneíge. The Hwangjiny actress is set to represent the brand's Snow Spring Collection: Snow Bloom.

Laneíge Malaysia
Laneíge International

Pics credit: Laneíge International

New Laneíge model struts her stuff
Song Hye-kyo is the new face of Laneige

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ladida said...

i like Jeon's Rock star image; in that pic, she looks like she's just barely 18 but gorgeous. ..Umm, is it safe to assume that your exclusive interview w/her will be posted here very shortly? ;P

Anonymous said...

For the snow something ad of laneige, SHG is the p[erfect choice.

JJH was a perfect choice when they went for the "active, lively and sexy" image. SHG is perfect for this line since they're going for "mature" and "sophisticated" look.

sLaVe said...

JJH for the win.
I loved her commercials <3 I hope she still has some left after she comes back from America. It seems like SHK's been taking some of her deals :T


Clammy said...

JJH... perfection...


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