Saturday, 15 March 2008

'Likable or Not' actor Kim Ji-suk shows off

KBS Global's daily drama actor Kim Ji-suk is said to be fluent in English. Kim plays the owner of Bonjour Food's son in the drama. Although he is the boss' son, he had to work his way up. In a recent episode of "Likable or Not" which aired on March 13 (in South Korea), Kim's character was interviewed for a permanent job (or higher position) at his father's company. During the interview, he introduced himself in fluent English.

In one of the coming "Likable or Not" episodes, you will get
to hear Kim Ji-suk speak fluent English...

His fluency in the language has sparked interest in viewers. Speaking good English, without the thick slur or accent is a precious commodity for Korean actors.

What is Kim Ji-suk's secret? During junior high, Kim has spent some time in Great Britian. Later, when he returned to Korea, he took it upon himself to pick up another language which is German!

Wow! Kim Ji-suk speaks Korean, English and German.

For those who have seen this particular episode of "Likable or Not", what did you think of his English? Is he really good or was it all hype?

Source & pics credit: Empas

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E said...

his accent is okay ~ it's not the best but it's not horrible either.

Arin said...

haha. that's cool.
I wanna watch! :D

well, I've only seen some Korean artists with good English, like Tim :D. Tablo (Epik High) & Eru aren't that bad too. Oh, and duh, Brian from FTTS xD Eugene! Now that I think of it, many names came up. hahahaha.

Who else?

Anonymous said...

Arin, all those people you have mentioned were either born in, or have spent a significant amount of time in the US.
I haven't heard him but I don't think its fair to compare an actor who has lived in an English speaking country to native actors who haven't.
I am truly impressed with the Koreans who have lived pretty much all their life in Korea and have a knack for English like Younha... This girl's English is impressive but there is no native Korean I have heard better than G-dragon from big bang. The fact that this boy has never lived in the US or any other English speaking place amazes me! His English is better than many people I hear walking down the street or at my local mall :-P

Anonymous said...

^ Well, it goes without saying that Tim, Tablo, Brian and Eugene would have fluent English. I mean, Tim and Brian were born and raised the US. Tablo was raised in the US + Canada. And Eugene was raised in Guam.

I remember listening/watching Ji Suk speak English during Nonstop 5. Of course, there is an accent, but still understandable. :)

Arin said...

kpop-rubba, nah, I'm not comparing them with Ji Suk, but you're right :). Wait, I didn't know that Younha could speak English? That's amazing. And G-Dragon? must be because of the fact that he listens to a lot of English songs + learning English under YG. But no matter what, that's still good. Ok then, who else.. :D

Se7en and Rain are still in the middle of learning since they're going to debut in US soon. I wonder how's their English now since the last time I've heard them doing so. But I really wanna hear BoA too, since she was rumoured to be debuting in US too, which is still doubtful to me. *it'sallbecauseofSM*

Anonymous said...

you should at least give a link where we can see the vid..i havent watch the drama btw

sillyme said...

ive seen the episode. and kim ji suk's english is understandable. :P

Erica104 said...

Well he did great he doesn't have a Korean accent but a global accent. I guess since he speaks three languages he has his own accent.

I think he is amazing, he is great at sports he horseback rides, plays soccer, basketball, ice skates, ski's.

Then he draws, sings, dances, and he cooks, he is funny adorable and good actor. He also raps when he has time no one knows.

Then on top of that he has a law degree.

Anonymous said...

he lived in England for like 5 years so if you listen carefully Kim Jiseok has a British accent,not American when he speaks English in the scene.and he speaks German him.

wei__`x said...

Did anyone here watched Kim Ji-Seok's singing in Episode 50 of likeable or not? There's this scene where he was singing in karaoke and i think the song's very nice. Does anyone have any idea it's sung by who? Pretty please ):

wJ` said...

hey wei_x'have you found the song title?

yunus_sahar said...

what's the title of that song anyone plz?? the one that baekho sang in the karaoke..


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