Tuesday, 4 March 2008

Likeable or Not stars to play lovebirds to the max

So you’ve been following the KBS drama Likeable Or Not (Astro Channel 303) and Na Dan-pung (Han Ji-hye) has recently ditched her boyfriend. We all know who she’ll end up with, right?

( If you don't, then I suggest you skip the "spoiler" below. I know, I know, when do these spoiler warnings ever work? ;-))

뭐?: 'What? after countless episodes of hating on each other
you want us to like each other now?'

Everyone is waiting (with bated breath, perhaps?) for Dan-pung to get together with the clueless-looking Kang Baek-ho (Kim Ji-seok) for that obligatory happy ending, no?

Well the good news is, you’ll get your wish…and the actors have said that there will be no holds barred when they put on the “lovey-dovey” act.

According to Kim Ji-seok, viewers are beginning to get tired of the pair not being honest with their feelings for each other. Viewers are jaded with the whole “playing hard-to-get” game and have even said that the two characters should not end up together.

However, Kim added that the constant bickering and denial will come to an end soon and viewers will be able to watch the couple together…at last.

Kim also said that the love story is nearing its climax and the actor promises to work hard to deliver a spectacular performance for the drama!

Make sure you tune in for the ending! In Malaysia, the Likeable Or Not drama comes on every Monday to Friday at 7.20pm to 8pm.

Source & Pic credit: KBS Global

Is Han Ji-hye Likeable Or Not?

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lemonade lagoon said...

This has totally NOTHING to do with this entry. Sorry. ^^

I just want to say that the news of the Korean Hana Yori Dango has been going around for some time now. As a huge fan of k-drama and the original manga, I'm super anxious to see how this "third charm" turns out to be. So if you resourceful gals find any news, especially casting news, please keep us posted. Thanks!

You guys are the bestest. :D

Orchid said...

hi lemonade lagoon, appreciate the feedback and request! will read up on Hana Yori Dango. :-)
In your comment above, did you mean "k-drama" or "j-drama"? I thought Hana Yori Dango was originally a manga then they made it into a Japanese drama and NOW, they want to have the Korean drama version. Am i right?

@liz...ah, i am glad to read this entry. i think Kim Ji-seok has a lot of potential, but up 'til now, all i've seen his character in Likable or not do is act goofy and look silly. It's time for him to step up and get the girl (Han Ji-hye) he likes.

Anonymous said...

yea to answer ur questions koreans r trying to remake HYD using a more korean plot+ korean actors...so far the netizens have their choice on YEH and Hyunbin..thats all i knw..i think u should write about it though..i just LUV YEH and i can't wait to hear more news about her!

Remadi said...

I think what lemonade lagoon was saying was that she's a fan of k-drama and a fan of the original manga. At least, that's my interpretation.
It was originally a manga and then it was turned into a Taiwanese drama (Meteor Rain) and two(?) years ago it was a j-drama.
It'll be interesting to see what the Korean version will be like.

lemonade lagoon said...

Remadi got it right. I'm a huge k-drama addict and also a fan of the original manga so it's a double treat for me that they're doing HYD in Kor. (I've seen the F4 Meteor Garden and the j-dorama version).

YEH and Hyunbin...interesting...

Orchid said...

@remadi & lemonade lagoon...ah i see. okay. thanks. :-)

Gloria said...

I am loving this show, although it is totally getting way too repetitive.

Where did you find this interview of Kim Jiseok? Is there a video? He's my fav character on the show!

Liz said...

Hi Gloria, got it from KBS Global (it is stated in the entry, after the article). No, they didn't have a video for it :-).

Dennis said...

this series is very nice and entertaining. the plot is quite common but the performance along with the witty lines and cues make it over the boredom line. great faces and very informative about the Korean culture which i am greatly amazed learning.


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