Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Mind Your Korean 11: The Final Class

After many weeks learning the Korean language, Orchid and Liz have finally reached the end of their Beginner Level 1 class. The pair sits through a revision class with 선생님 while Rooster continues to catch forty winks :-).

During class, we went through everything we learned, focusing on Korean numbers - both pure Korean and Sino-Korean - as well as present-tense verbs.

We continued to make sentences that involve time, location and verbs. Key words were given and we were required to create a proper sentence with them. For instance:

Example 1:
저 (jeo = I) / 밤 (bam = night)/ 12시 (12shi = 12 o’clock)/ 자요 (ja-yo = sleep)

Sentence: 저는 밤 열두시에 자요. = jeo-neun bam yeo-du shi-e ja-yo (I night 12 o’clock sleep – literal translation).

Example 2:
미나 (Mina) / 아침 (ah-chim = morning)/ 6시 (6shi = 6 o’clock)/ 일어나요 (ireonayo = wake up)

Sentence: 미나씨는 아침 여섯시에 일어나요. = Mina sshi-neun ah-chim yeo-seot-shi-e ireonayo (Mina morning six o’clock wake up – literal translation).

I think many are finding the “lessons” at MYK a little too hard to follow since we learned so much more in class than what is being shared here. Sometimes during class, we’d veer off topic and talk about different forms of expressions, and ask about words that we hear in K-dramas.

All these explanations and more were not shared on the site, as I would be writing a weekly thesis if I were to divulge everything.

Soon, we will be completing the Beginner Level 1 course, and God-willing, pass the exam and continue with Level 2. However, the Mind Your Korean series at K-popped! stops here.

Thank you for being a part of the lively discussions on the language throughout the series. If you’re interested, K-popped! is taking classes at the Inter-Cultural Language School.

Hit the link and you’ll get to see our 선생님, she is the Teacher in the white shirt (the final picture before the loop starts again) :-).

Now that K-popped! understands and speaks minimal Korean…Seoul, here we come! 아싸!!!

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Gail T. said...

oh, but it was a good run. thanks for the series. if you come across interesting language things, please share. :D good luck on the test and fighting!

Liz said...

Thanks Gail, sure thing :-)

-popjammerz- said...

hey i also learned there!! :)

Anonymous said...

ICLS? I'm about to join the class too--->after I finish my studies...hopefully!!

joker13 said...

which ICLS? uptown or subang? planning to go there after my studies which ends end of this year :p

♥corcraze♥ said...

i looked at the pics,all chinese?no malay?at all?hurmm..


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