Wednesday, 19 March 2008

My Girl co-stars spotted...

Lee Dong-wook and Lee Da-hae, co-stars of the popular 2005 drama My Girl were spotted in Seoul...both at separate occasions though.

The very pan-Asian looking Dong-wook attended a fashion show at Seoul's SETEC center. I thought he was serving his military duty. No? Are there any fans of Dong-wook reading this entry? When will he be enlisting?

Lee Dong-wook looks bored at the fashion show.
He is so fair that his fans call him "tofu".

Lee Da-hae on the other hand, was spotted selling kimchi refrigerators at a department store! I mean she's endorsing Samsung kimchi fridges and part of her job is to tell shoppers how good the fridge is. Da-hae's latest drama is Bulhandang (불한당) or Robbers with Jang Hyuk.

Let me show you how spacious the
Samsung kimchi refrigerator really is your kimchi in plastic boxes like so,
then pop them into the fridge

Pics credit: Newsen

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Gail T. said...

uwiii... i thought they were spotted together. :(

Anonymous said...

LOL Yeah, I thought the same thing too! I got all excited!
It's okay, the time will come he he....

jicks said...

^same same
But oh well we can only hope!

lol @ tofu... his complexion is ridiculously snowy. but this tofu can certainly make it onto my dinner table anytime for a tasting... XP


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