Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Nicholas Teo is LG mobile ambassador

Ah, a classic example of Malaysia meets South Korea. Malaysian Nicholes Teo (27) is the new ambassador for South Korea’s LG mobile!

Nicholas (left) with LG's senior manager for mobile
communications Park Qing Shan

The Taiwan-based singer, who can easily pass off as a Korean, was appointed LG Mobile’s ambassador at a hotel in Kuala Lumpur on March 24.

The Smiling Pasta actor is set to endorse the LG KF510 handphone.

The LG KF510 slider phone

LG handphones are typically endorsed by popular Korean celebs such as Hyun Bin and Kim Tae-hee, so Nicholas set a record of sorts by being the first Chinese celebrity to endorse an LG product.

Congratulations to Nicholas for winning the lucrative contract (a six-figure sum, we hear). Yah, Malaysia boleh! (translates to Malaysia can do it!)

Source: K-popped! reader erv & AsianFanatics

Pic credit: AsianFanatics gallery


erv said...


yea! malaysia boleh. lols. we should really be proud of him as he comes from a small town, Kuching. Hmm..first chinese to be the ambassador of LG. well, let's see how popular he can be in Korea!

kpop-rubba said...

I have no clue who he is but he looks super cute in the picture

charming_khalela said...

love him in smiling pasta :)

MimieJay said...

Malaysia Bolehh!!

lol just want to say it out loud..


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