Monday, 17 March 2008

Shadows in the Palace in Malaysia cinemas

The 2007 mystery/thriller/horror Shadows in the Palace (or Goong-nyeo 궁녀), which stars Park Jin-hee (War of Money) is set to invade Malaysian cinemas in April.

The Joseon Dynasty period film is about a lady-in-waiting (or goongnyeo) named Wolryung (Seo Young-hee) who hangs herself by the rafters. The palace medic Chunryung (Park Jin-hee) conducts an autopsy on the body and suspects foul play as she discovers evidence that Wolryung had a baby.

Hangin': Tired of being bullied by the concubines, a goongnyeo
decides, hang.

Chunryung sets out to investigate the murder and unmask the deceptions within the palace but soon comes face-to-face with a veiled past that is kept secret by those who have far more power than she had expected.

Local movie distributor AOE Worldwide gives a tentative release date of April 24. The movie is directed by Kim Mee-jeong. Check out the Shadows in the Palace trailer (no subtitles) below…creepy, creepy.

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jehan said...

lucky lucky Malaysians... been waiting for it on youtube but unluckily, still no uploads...

miss-showers said...

it's uploaded on veoh....

awesome had me until the end when all I could think was "What?...wait...what happened?"

but you should see it in a's perfect for atmosphere.

meiruo_chan said...

wah...finally it's in Malaysia. I alreday have my DVD copy of this movie. Who wantss?? :) Actually I'm a fan of Park Jin Hee and I just love horror movie. So this one is absolutely one of a good horror flick for me. but i can't watch the extreme part like sewing your OWN leg and chopping one's HAND!!!! I'm scared!!!!

PrincelyLuna said...

i enjoyed the movie until the horror part.... i felt cheated and disappointed cos i thought the movie is a psychological thriller and i was hoping for some logical explanation for all the mysterious things that happened. and i hate horror movie!!


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