Sunday, 16 March 2008

Most wanted: Song Hye-kyo

Korean beauty Song Hye-kyo will soon be the “most wanted” talent in Korea when her contract with Sidus HQ expires on April 11.

Most wanted: What will Song Hye-kyo's next step be?

The Full House star has not revealed what her next step is, but word has it that many agencies are wooing her.

The same thing happened three years ago. Competition for Song was so stiff that her deposit reached a billion won. When Sidus HQ eventually bagged the coveted contract with the Korean actress, the company’s stock prices skyrocketed.

Since then, the 26-year-old has tried to diversify as an actress by taking on roles in the period flick Hwangjiny and even toplining the indie movie Fetish.

Many are curious about her next career move. While that remains to be seen, the soon-to-be main model for Korean beauty brand Laneíge will be attending the 2nd Asian Film Awards in Hong Kong on March 17.

Source & Pic credit: Naver News with translations by Joe Gimm

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Lynnwei said...

wow...super!! ^^

thanks for the info!

Pully said...

I sure that we are awe by her beauty. But as an actress, she's pretty plain. Her "Hwang Jin Yi" movie is totally flop. I know it's stupid to compare the drama and movie but compare to Ha ji won's acting. SHK's facial expression is like wooden. No offense !

Liz said...

really, it's that bad, huh? I have the movie sitting on the shelf at home, but have not watched it yet. Will do so when I have the time and see how stiff her acting is :-)


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